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Everything you need to know about our White Pine community reading programme for this year.

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White pine welcome

  1. 1. 27 November, 2013 WHITEPINE 2014 Screenshot image from the Ontario Library Association Forest of Reading website. Welcome to ESA’s White Pine 2014 Join our Community of Readers E-mail: enid.wray@tdsb.on.ca Welcome to our White Pine Password: ask Ms. Wray 2014 Community of Readers.   You will receive - shortly - an eGeneral details about the mail inviting you to join our programme may be found at the Tumblr blog. If you are not Ontario Library Association already a member of the Tumblr Forest of Reading website community, I believe you will have Specific details about the White to create a Tumblr account to Pine books - both fiction and non- participate. It’s simple and free to fiction - may be found at the do so. listings for the individual “trees.” I have already posted a Welcome I have created a password note, and brief descriptions of protected Tumblr blog to facilitate each book to the Tumblr blog. discussion of our books online. You may add comments to these The pertinent details regarding stub postings, using Disqus. You the blog are as follows: can also share your comments on various social media sites, if you URL: http://www.tumblr.com/ feel so inclined. blog/esaforestofreading2014 1 Again, I believe that you will have to create a Disqus account in order to be able to do this. Disqus is also simple and free to sign up for. If you need it, “whitepine” is the Disqus shortname for our blog. I have posted some sample comments to the first of the books I’ve read - Running on Empty by Don Aker - but I plan on starting a new posting for each book I read. Look for a lengthier post about Running on Empty, coming soon (if it’s not already there by the time you receive this note.)
  2. 2. 27 November, 2013 WHITEPINE 2014 ESA White Pine Facebook Group more ways to communicate and talk about books The majestic Eastern White Pine... the provincial tree of the province of Ontario. I have also created a closed Facebook group for communications purposes. Logon to Facebook and you should be able to access ESA White Pine group. Indeed, if you are receiving this e-mail, then I will have invited you to join the group via e-mail. Warning! I don’t really “Facebook”... but I promise I’ll try to check in on this group every couple of days. Honestly... e-mail is best for getting hold of me if you have any questions or difficulties. An ESA White Pine Book The Festival of Trees Club talking about books face A Writer’s Festival for Teens to face I’m hoping that we will be able to organise a few meetings of the group - opportunities to talk about the books face to face...  our own Book Club.  This schedule is TBA. Read the books and you will also be eligible to come with us to Harbourfront Centre on May 14th for the Festival of Trees. Celebrate the nominated books and meet with your favourite authors. If you read 5 of the 10 fiction books, you are eligible to vote for your favourite next spring.  Online voting will begin on April 1st. Please be sure to check in with me, in the Library, as you read each book.   The Forest of Reading Ontario’s Community Reading Programme The Ontario Library Association The OLA is the oldest continuously operating Library association in Canada. The OLA is also the largest library association in Canada. 2 The Forest of Reading® is Canada's largest recreational reading program! This initiative of the Ontario Library Association (OLA) offers eight reading programs to encourage a love of reading in people of all ages. The Forest® helps celebrate Canadian books, publishers, authors and illustrators. More than 250,000 readers I will be tracking your reading.  And yes, there will be prizes at the end of our journey. And... please do bring additional friends on board.  Have any interested readers contact me, either in the Library directly or via e-mail at enid.wray@tdsb.on.ca. Looking forward to a great reading adventure. I’ve got one book read so far, and am looking forward to getting started on my second book. participate annually from their School and/or Public Library. All Ontarians/ Canadians are invited to participate via their local public library, school library, or individually. The White Pine reading programme is designed for high school students. If you know someone - younger or older - who loves books, encourage them to participate in one of the other “branches” of the Forest of Reading.