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Supplemental instructions 2 next steps


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Second stage for students being tracked

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Supplemental instructions 2 next steps

  1. 1. Water and Food Security ! Supplemental Instructions 2: Next StepsSupplemental Instructions 2: Next StepsFirst… Think about what you have read at the World Water Day: FAQ’s site. • Choose one or two of the sub-topics that most interest you - choose ones that pique your interest, or get your dander up - and continue with some additional research. • In most cases this additional research need be no more than clicking through the hotlink on the World Water Day: FAQ’s page (each little sub-section has a hotlink at the end of it... this takes you out to additional text or multi-media information sources).Second… Open a second browser window/tab and go to your NoodleTools account.Open the project list you have already created for this task. Enter these new informationsources into your Works Consulted.Third… Begin reading your additional information. Record your notes using yournote-making template. Remember that the important points are: • keep track of the source of your note with the note; • differentiate between your own summary/paraphrase vs quotes copied from the text; and, • in this assignment, to also be sure to record any reactions/responses you have to what you are reading as you go.You are going to be writing an opinion piece… knowing how you respond to the materialwhen you encounter it is important in helping develop your opinion and knowing whatto zero in on to try to persuade someone else of that opinion.Fourth… Think about what you have researched. Think about how you feel about theissue. Think about what one or two major points you would want to make to someone ifyou had the chance to speak to them about the issue.Fifth… We are going to try a mini-pilot using a teaching tool which ESA has recentlyacquired: Turnitin. Turnitin will: • allow you to self-check your research report for issues relating to plagiarism... and fix them yourself before you submit it to me for marking... • after submitting your report to Turnitin... you will be able to view what’s called an “Originality Report.” This will allow you to check for any errors or omissions in your referencing (embedded citations)... and to add/correct them as necessary; • after submitting your report to Turnitin... you will be able to check for any quotes which you may have inadvertently used improperly... and allow you to make them “legit” by adding in necessary quotation marks and referencing.
  2. 2. Water and Food Security ! Supplemental Instructions 2: Next StepsGo to <> and create a student account. Follow this path: • > Create Account > Fill in e-mail address and give yourself a password > Create a Student Account. • Once you have created your student account, you will be asked to join a class. The class details you are going to enroll in are as follows: Class Name: Water Report (case sensistive) Class ID: 5073760 Enrollment Password: FoodSecurity (case sensitive)Sixth… Logout of Turnitin... and log back in. Make sure your account access works.After you log in, you should see a screen which looks like this:Click on the hotlinked “Water Report.” This is where you will “Submit” your completedreport, and where you will “View” your originality report. When you go to submit yourreport... be sure to choose the “single file upload” option from the drop down menu.If you are experiencing any difficulties with signing up and/or logging into Turnitin...STOP what you are doing and find/contact me ASAP.Seventh… Bring your updated notes - and your updated Works Consulted entry - toschool with you on Tuesday May 1st. Find me during the day - outside class time - to goover your work and receive further instructions.You may find me: • before school in the Library • during the morning in the Library • at lunch in the classroom • after school in the classroomSee you with your “Next Steps” progress next Tuesday.Cheersme