September 2013 ESA Library Newsletter


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Monthly newsletter from the ESA Library

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September 2013 ESA Library Newsletter

  1. 1. Pursuant to the passage of Bill C-11, teachers and educational institutions may now purchase DVD’s at the same price as the personal consumer. No longer must we pay for the institutional license to screen film materials for an audience. This makes our dollars go further! An educational institution may hold a public performance of a cinematographic work on its premises for educational purposes, and not for profit, for an audience consisting primarily of students, teachers or other persons who are directly responsible for the curricula of the institution as long as the work is not an infringing copy. (NFB) National Film Board News Library SEPT 2013 NEWSLETTER Welcome Back from the ESA Elizabeth Downie Media Library It’s good to be home and back at ESA... I’d like to take a personal moment to say “hello” to everyone after my year off living in beautiful British Columbia. While my family and I had plenty to keep us busy and entertained - more on that later - we did miss our friends, family, colleagues, students, and our beloved cottage. Everyone has been asking me “What was the best part about living in BC” and I’ve been struggling to come up with an answer. As a geographer, and environmentalist, obviously the physical landscape was breathtaking to behold and explore. As a book lover, and Librarian, the opportunity to shop at Munro’s Books - yes, of my beloved Alice - and to meet writers like Esi Edugyan, and poets like Brian Bett (among others) was equally enthralling. I have spent some time considering this question and I have decided that the photo above represents what had to have been the best experience of the year. I took this shot standing on the near bank of the river. That puts the grizzly bear approx. 25 feet away from me. We watched this bear for some time, feeding, walking, playing in the water. Spectacular. Phenomenal. It was an experience that left me profoundly aware of how intricately woven is Mother Nature’s web... in a way even I had never fully appreciated before. And that’s just the hour and some we spent with the bear! The entire day trip was 11 hours from start to finish. Drop into the Library for tea and treats, to talk about books, or anything else, and I’ll share more stories - and photos - of my year in BC... if you like. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the Library. Do drop in for a visit. ESA Reads is Back! Reminder that Staff members may still sign up to participate in ESA Reads. Tell us about two books - one fiction, one non fiction - which had a profound impact upon you at some point in your life. Sign up by filling out this Google Form (also available on the Library AW site.) On the Orford River, on the Bute Inlet, in the Discovery Islands, British Columbia. News
  2. 2. Other News... Tidbits that hopefully will interest someone... Green Teacher Launches New Website The redesigned site allows better access to free content from current and past issues, easy sharing on social media and is searchable by topic and grade level. Green Teacher webinars are also easier to access. Go to Green Teacher. Please see me if you need the login credentials for any materials at Green Teacher. Freegal Music 4.0 A relatively new streaming music service available through Public Libraries. Freegal provides access to over 3 million titles, including the entire Sony Library. The Toronto Public Library has not yet signed on, but if you have access to a Library outside Toronto (i.e. Gravenhurst, Kingston, Burlington, etc.) you can access Freegal. Download the free App at the App Store, search “Canada” and see if there’s a Library near you offering the service. A great explanation of how Freegal operates may be found at the Portage (MO) District Library. Free Technology for Teachers An excellent EdTech blog written by teacher Richard Byrne. Consistently ranked the best resource sharing edublog. Subscribe to Free Technology for Teachers to receive the daily blog blast. App of the Week I plan to send out a weekly e-mail highlighting an App which has interest from an educational perspective. I will archive these items on the new Library EduBlog as well. Recommendations are always welcome! Send me a link. Sign up for the App of the Week e- mail on the ESA Library Daily Blog. Happy App’ing. Library Websites Many Library functions are now available online so that they are accessible 24/7 from anywhere you - or your students - happen to be. The main landing page for all online resources is the Elizabeth Downie Media Library webpage. In addition to linking to the official TDSB and ESA websites, this page links you to a variety of blogs, wikis and social media feeds designed to support students and teachers. I will introduce the various parts of the online Library Resources as I work with classes in the Library. Teachers are encouraged to explore the resources on their own. Each blog and/or wiki is designed to support particular aspects of the Research and Inquiry Process, 21st Century Literacy Skills, Educational Technology, etc. A quick summary of what each blog, wiki or social media feed provides may be found in the ESA Library Online Handy Dandy Guide (click here. The file is also posted as a PDF at the Library AW site). NFB Campus Online media for the classroom. Access a large, and ever expanding, collection of NFB films and interactive features via your computer... and stream them to your class. CAMPUS also provides a variety of additional educational tools to support you. Access CAMPUS via the TDSB educational subscription to NFB CAMPUS. Additional information, and Login credentials, may be found in the CAMPUS Quick Start Guide posted on the Teacher Share drive. StoryToolz Billed as “Resources for Authors” Storytoolz is multi-functional. Initially designed to provide students with ideas for how to get started with their writing (Story Starters) the other tools are potentially as, if not more, useful. The “Readability” tool analyses samples of student writing by reading level, analyses sentences and word usage. The “Cliche” tool does just as it sounds, analysing writing for the use of cliches. Toronto Public Library Card Blitz All students at ESA are strongly encouraged to have a Toronto Public Library card. The TPL card allows access to TPL resources - including research databases - which are not available through the TDSB. Incoming Grade 9 students will be “blitzed” during their Library Orientation sessions. All other students should see Ms. Wray in the Library for an application form. Students who do not live in the City of Toronto are eligible for a TPL Library card because they attend ESA. See Ms. Wray ASAP.