Boreal report 2011


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Boreal report 2011

  1. 1. CGC The Boreal Forest: A Research Based ReportThe year 2011 has been designated as The International Year of Forests by theUnited Nations. The Boreal Forest is, arguably, the most important global forest.Certainly it is the most significant continuous forested region in Canada. Your task is toprepare a formal written research report about The Boreal.Your starting point: The Ecological Framework of Canada Ecozones of Canada: Boreal Shield Ecozone job is to prepare a summary report that:(i) provides background information on the Boreal Forest, including • Canadian and global extent of the boreal forest • countries/regions of the world where the forest can be found • characteristics of the boreal forest (i.e. climate, seasonality, soils, species (flora and fauna)) • environmental importance/significance of the boreal forest • threats to the boreal forest(ii) describes the action response to the situation by local/global government(s) and/or NGO’s (non-governmental organisations like the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, The Nature Conservancy, Ducks Unlimited, the Canadian Model Forest Network, Global Forest Watch, the Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, etc.) • kinds of actions engaged in and/or undertaken • agencies/organisations running the programmes • accomplishments/successes•Your Works Consulted must include at least four (4) other resources (web resources, newspapers, journals, periodicals, etc.).•At least one (1) source must be accessed from the TDSB databases available through the ESA Library portal. This is a rich research task. Start early. Dig deep. Don’t forget to include an introduction and conclusion to your report.
  2. 2. CGC The Boreal Forest: A Research Based ReportAdditional Recommended Resources•2011 International Year of Forests ••Natural Resources Defense Council: The Boreal Forest, Earth’s Green Crown ••The Boreal Songbird Initiative ••Tree Canada: Canada’s Forests ••Boreal Forests of the World: Management and Sustainability, Canada ••Forest Fire in Canada ••Canadian Forest Service: Boreal Forest ••Canadian Boreal Initiative ••Sustainable Forest Management in Canada: Canada’s Boreal Forest ••Nature Canada: 2011 International Year of Forests • Guidelines• Your typed, double-spaced assignment should be approx 2 - 3 pages (500 - 750 words).• Your written report should be submitted using proper MLA formatting. Refer to page 34 in your student workbook.• Your report must be fully and properly documented with a Works Consulted.• Your Ecozone Basics Organiser, Report Outline, jot notes, Rubric and Self-Assessment must be submitted with your final written report. This assignment is due at the start of class on ________________________
  3. 3. CGC The Boreal Forest: A Research Based ReportEcozone Basics: Complete this organiser as you read through the Ecozones Canadawebpages and submit with your final written work. Landforms & Landscape Climate Vegetation Wildlife Resources and Industries Land Area Population
  4. 4. CGC The Boreal Forest: A Research Based ReportResearch Process Self Assessment: Complete the following and submit withyour finished report. Research Knowledge and Skills Score 1-5 CommentsI have taken care not to plagiarise or beintellectually dishonest in my researchI have analysed and evaluated print resourcesusing a variety of criteriaI have analysed and evaluated electronic andinternet resources using a variety of criteriaI have taken effective notes to record theinformation found in the resources I have usedI have taken care to differentiate between thesummary, the paraphrase and the direct quotein my notesI have recorded my own responses to theinformation found in the resources I have usedI have completed the Draft Organiser beforewriting my storyI have written an outline of my story with anintroduction and a conclusionI have taken care not to plagiarise or beintellectually dishonest by summarising,paraphrasing with careI have taken care not to plagiarise or beintellectually dishonest by using properembedded citationsI have taken care not to plagiarise or beintellectually dishonest by citing all facts, ideasand/or expressions that were not already mygeneral knowledgeI have generated a full, properly organisedWorks ConsultedI believe that my work accurately reflects myabilities at the present timeSCORING CHART: 1 lowest score 5 highest scoreADDITIONAL COMMENTS: