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Why is the vle not dead in dcu? edtech 2016


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Virtual Learning Environments (VLE's) have been the subject of much discussion, referred to as outdated and no longer needed (Wheeler, 2009).

DCU were one of the first universities in the world to adopt Moodle over 10 years ago. It is now one of the core pieces of infrastructure within the university and it's value to the university is going from strength to strength. Over the last three years we have seen a 20% growth in the use of Moodle, year on year. At a time when technology has evolved so much and students expect so much more - why is the VLE not dead in DCU?. We have not out grown Moodle, it has grown with us.

While "out of the box" Moodle is quite good but we have made a conscious decision to adapt Moodle.In addition to installing some plugins available through the community, we have developed plugins to customise Moodle to meet our needs to address both pedagogical and administrative challenges.The talk will outline how we have streamlined the assessment process, made group work easier, provided e-voting for the students union elections etc. They are just a selection of modifications that will be outlined in this paper.

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Why is the vle not dead in dcu? edtech 2016

  1. 1. @glynnmark Why is the VLE not dead in DCU?
  2. 2. @glynnmark #heie Background O'Rourke, K.C.; Rooney, Pauline; and Boylan, Frances (2015) "What’s the Use of a VLE?," Irish Journal of Academic Practice: Vol. 4: Iss. 1, Article 10. J Clay, S Wheeler, G Attwell - ALT-C, Manchester, UK, 2009 - Blin, F.; Munro, M. (2008) “Why hasn’t technology disrupted academics’ teaching practices? Understanding resistance to change through the lens of activity theory”, Computers & Education: Vol. 50: Issue 2 Donlon, E; The VLE is Dead: Life in Post-Apocalyptic Learning Environments, NIDL hot topic session, March 2015
  3. 3. @glynnmark #heie How do I know it is not dead? 51% 27% 202% 37%
  4. 4. @glynnmark #heie Moore’s adoption cycle Early adopters Mainstream
  5. 5. @glynnmark #heie Core Reasons
  6. 6. @glynnmark #heie Populating modules Student Record system Loop • Students from SRS • Teachers from CRS CRS • Coordinators • Teachers Loop Faculty School Programme Module
  7. 7. @glynnmark #heie Databridge MITM Course Database Timetable ePortfolio PrMLMS GAFE SRS
  8. 8. @glynnmark #heie Exporting data
  9. 9. @glynnmark #heie Assignment Data Average* Highest You Pass
  10. 10. @glynnmark #heie Quick Links - evolution
  11. 11. @glynnmark #heie Quick Links • Key services • Personalised links • Activity tracked
  12. 12. @glynnmark #heie Groups 61799 Group 98 Mggroup 119107 Group 83 Assignment 1 118375 Group 83 Assignment 1 123079 Group 83 Assignment 1 113689 Group 48 Assignment 1 113674 Group 48 Assignment 1 • Random • Student’s choice • Lecturer’s choice
  13. 13. @glynnmark #heie Embedding Core Skills Course within a course
  14. 14. @glynnmark #heie Total Moodle Activity
  15. 15. @glynnmark #heie Google Analytics reports
  16. 16. @glynnmark #heie Gartner Hype Cycle
  17. 17. @glynnmark #heie Conclusions Underlying infrastructure is crucial Identify the “what is in it for me?” factor Use data to support you and others Customise to suit your needs
  18. 18. @glynnmark #heie Additional slides Extra notes
  19. 19. @glynnmark #heie Google Calendar Integration
  20. 20. @glynnmark #heie Events reminder • E-mail reminders of key events if NOT completed
  21. 21. @glynnmark #heie Reminder block
  22. 22. @glynnmark #heie Assignment Data
  23. 23. @glynnmark #heie Google drive Integration
  24. 24. @glynnmark #heie Course evaluations and surveys • Central distribution • Central controlled • Maintain privacy • Easy reporting • Flexible survey