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AAIM project Advanced Analytics in Mahara


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This presentation outlines how we have developed 4 new analytic reports for the open source eportfolio platform Mahara. These reports are going into "core" Mahara fromv ersion 17.10

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AAIM project Advanced Analytics in Mahara

  2. 2. Context of the project HEFCE Catalyst Fund: ● short-term ● project-based activity ● emphasis on collaboration “The benefits arising from Catalyst funding to students, to the public and to universities and colleges as a whole should outweigh those to the institutions receiving funding.”
  3. 3. ● Address recognised limitations in Mahara’s reporting capability ● Engage the community internationally ● Contribute to the maturation of an open source learning technology system Aims of the project
  4. 4. Steered by peers: reference group drawn from 6 UK HEIs: ● University of the Highlands and Islands ● Cranfield University ● Gloucestershire University ● University of Warwick ● Edinburgh Napier University ● Royal Veterinary College Open development Developing code as contribution to the core open source software Development partners Catalyst Open survey: responses received from institutions in seven countries: ● Australia ● China ● Czech Republic ● England ● Ireland ● Scotland ● Switzerland 1 2 3
  5. 5. Activity by users Activity within “Pages” Development of reports and reporting capability: Project Outputs Enabling timeframe filtering within all these reports Group activity Collaboration activity
  6. 6. Currently, only the most recent modification date of a page/artefact is retained The project development will: ● add new tables to the database to store & retain a record of all modifications ● make this data available within the four reports to be developed ● make this data available for download Reports: Timeframe Filtering
  7. 7. Enhancing existing “Most popular pages” report All pages created, edited, visited or commented on during the set timeframe are returned Reports: Page Activity
  8. 8. New report, showing all user accounts in place at any point within the timeframe Captured actions are: ● create / modify an artefact (including personal pages and collections, group pages) ● post to a forum ● make a comment Reports: User Activity
  9. 9. Reports: Collaboration Activity New report Shows, for each week within the timeframe, relevant actions taken by all users within the selected institution
  10. 10. Enhancement of current “Groups” report Shows activity for all Groups that exist at any point within the selected timeframe Reports: Group Activity
  11. 11. Direction of Travel Analytics vision: providing meaningful data for students and teachers to guide learning - personal dashboards & visualisations Recognising that Mahara is likely to be just one part of the picture: API access for aggregation of data with other sources Underpinning principle: measuring what we value, not simply valuing whatever we can measure
  12. 12. Steering through core software change management Intended inclusion in October 2017 Mahara release (v17.10) Next steps Promotion of a direction for further development Evaluation and presentation of the Mahara reporting developments via case studies
  13. 13. David Walker @drdjwalker Antony Coombs @antonycoombshe Innovation, collaboration and openness: advancing analytics in Mahara Mark Glynn @glynnmark Lisa Donaldson @dubdonaldson