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Garden Maintenance Melbourne - Enhance Services


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We at Enhance Services offer you statewide commercial, business and industrial sector services. We are purely a Victorian company offering various services of gardening and commercial cleaning services in the whole of Victoria. We fulfill accreditation of CM3. Also, we follow strict OH & S policies as well as risk prevention strategies to protect our clients.

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Garden Maintenance Melbourne - Enhance Services

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  2. 2. Enhance Services offers a variety of property services from commercial cleaning through to gardening and property maintenance. The business boasts well established partnerships with medical and childcare centres, industrial and manufacturing businesses. Renowned for providing a reliable service whilst delivering cost savings and attention to detail, the team at Enhance Services offer daily, weekly, monthly – cleaning services, gardening property management and maintenance support.
  3. 3. EnhanceGardening Whether you are interested in gardening services, landscapedesign or maintenance services, our experts will help you create the perfectenvironment for your workplace, commercialfacility,office or home. We can provide custom landscapedenvironmentsthat best reflectyour building’s purposeor design. We are happy to give a quote on all garden work, including the preparation of landscape plans– so that we can turn your ideas into reality.
  4. 4. Our well-presented and skilled gardeners will ensure that every detailis considered and regular work performed to ensure that your buildingsare kept to the highest standard.And our gardeners are equippedwith all tools needed to perform the job. We can also work in conjunctionwith our cleaners to develops a facade that presents your facilityin both an appealingand professional manner. Regular maintenanceof gardens, gardenbeds and surrounds will ensure that your asset remains the pride of the neighborhood. Enhancegardeners will tailor a gardening program to suit your needs.
  5. 5. Enhanceoffers tailoredlandscapingservices including:– LandscapeDesign LandscapeMaintenance Design Consultation Custom Planting Tree & Shrub Care Bed Care & Mulching LandscapeFencing Patios, Steps, Walkways, & Walls Custom Decks Irrigation Lighting
  6. 6. We believe that a residential garden should be designed to grow. Perhapsthe most obvious enhancement you can do to your home is to improve its curb appeal.It is not an additional feature that you shouldconsider; rather it is the most importantelement that improves the aestheticsof your property.Landscape Gardeningwith strikingstreetscapesand alluringbackyard environmentswill over time become precious.
  7. 7. EnhanceServices Address: 118 Summerville Rd, YarravilleVIC 3013 ContactNumber: - 1300730207 EmailID: Website:
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