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PhD Admission for the Semester April 2010


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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PhD Admission for the Semester April 2010

  1. 1. Personal DetailsName Md Mamunur RashidDate of Birth 1 November,1970Place of Birth Dinajpur, BangladeshCitizen Bangladesh Management CounselorPresent Position Bangladesh Institute of Management Dhaka, Bangladesh Present Address: Hokkaido, Kitami-shi, Toryo-cho 111-2-10-16
  2. 2. Degrees ObtainedNovember 1993Bachelor of Science in Mechanical EngineeringBangladesh Institute of TechnologyRajshahi, BangladeshDecember 1996Master of Science in Mechanical EngineeringBangladesh University of Engineering andTechnologyDhaka, Bangladesh
  3. 3. Work Experiences Period from up to Post Organization Place Assistant Jamuna FertilizerMay-1997 Feb-2004 Mechanical Bangladesh Company Engineer Bangladesh ManagementFeb-2004 Present Institute of Bangladesh Counselor Management
  4. 4. Summary of the Master’s Work Numerical Simulation of Non-Newtonian Fluid Thesis Title Flow through Concentric Annuli with Center Body Rotation Professor Showkat Jahan Chowdhury Supervisor(s) and Dr. Jamal Naser
  5. 5. Summary of the Master’s Work Schematic diagram of ω the numerical Ro Ri model
  6. 6. Summary of the Master’s WorkNon-Newtonian Fluid Properties : Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC) Water :CMC 1 : 0.02 w/w Power Law Index, n 0.75 2 Consistency Index, K 0.04 N-s/m Density, ρ 1000 Kg/m 3Newtonian Fluid Properties: Glucose Syrup Water : Glucose 1:1 w/w Power Law Index, n 1.00 2 Consistency Index, K 0.01 N-s/m Density, ρ 1134 Kg/m 3
  7. 7. Summary of Master’s Work Numerical Velocity profile (axial)
  8. 8. Summary of Master’s Work Numerical Velocity profile (tangential)
  9. 9. Publications of the Master’s WorkM.M. Rashid and J.A. Naser. (2001). Computational FluidDynamics For Newtonian Fluid Flow Through Concentric AnnuliWith Center Body Rotation, Proceedings of the FourthInternational Conference on Mechanical Engineering, December,26-28, 2001, Dhaka, Volume-II, Section –IV (Fluid Mechanics), pp.119-123. (full-length paper)M.M. Rashid and J.A. Naser. (2002). Non-Newtonian Fluid FlowThrough Concentric Annuli, Proceedings of the First BSME-ASMEInternational Conference on Thermal Engineering, 31 December,2001-2 January 2002, Dhaka, Bangladesh; pp. S46-S51. (full-length paper)
  10. 10. Publication During Work at Jamaun Fertilizer Company andBangladesh Institute of ManagementMainly on various issues of Engineering Management For Example: M.M. Rashid. (2004). Analyzing Management Information Systems of the Jamuna Fertilizer Company Limited: A case Study, Proceedings of the national paper meet on fertilizer sector at IEB Rangadia, Chittagong, Bangladesh, July 09,2004, Paper No 1A, pp. 73-79. (full- length paper) M.M. Rashid. (2006). Technology for Disable People Achieves Millennium Development Goals: Bangladesh Perspectives, Proceedings of the Twenty-first Indian Engineering Congress, December 22-24, 2006, Guwahati, Assam, India, pp. 315-318. (full-length paper) Please refer to the application for other publications.
  11. 11. Serious lacking of Product development skills and know-how EnergyPac Rahimafrooz Beximco Jute Atobi Millers PumpTraining onproductivity, quality, Manufacturingengineering Industry in Bangladeshmanagement
  12. 12. Doctoral Study Plan Application of Computational Intelligence in Topic Customer Needs Assessment for Product Development
  13. 13. √ × Voice of Customer: …Methods/Tools: CustomerScientific Analysis SegmentsQFD NeedsTRIZ FeedbackAxiomatic Design SatisfactionKnowledge-Based …DesignSimulationBrainstormingLCADesign for X ProductCAD/CAM/CAEPrototyping Development OrganizationalDesign of Experiment Aspects:Six-Sigma Strategic GoalsLean HierarchyMass Customization CoordinationValidation TeamingVerification Peripheral Support… Aspects: … Competitors Supply Chain Regulations Environment …
  14. 14. MainChallenge Product Family Customer Segment 1 Satisfaction Affordability Production Rate Technical Ability Customer Segment 2 Value Chain Competition
  15. 15. Study PlanLiteratureReview Systems Development Systems Implementation Writing and Publishing ThesisApril April April April2010 2011 2012 2013
  16. 16. Acknowledgments:I would like to thank Professor Jun’ichiTamaki and Dr. Sharif Ullah for acceptingme as a research student.My appreciation goes to InternationalCenter of Kitami Institute of Technology forhelping me in many ways.