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Iatefl setting up self access through e-learning


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Iatefl setting up self access through e-learning

  1. 1. Setting up Self-Access through eLearning A practical guide to autonomy and self-access in a digital age
  2. 2. Overview 1 • eLearning – what options are there? 2 • VLEs – set-up and installation 3 • Online Content (demo) 4 •Implementation (demo) 5 •Evaluation and Development 6 • What’s next? 7 • Summary
  3. 3. Self-Access eLearning • Beware – self access does not equal autonomy
  4. 4. The relationship Between Technology and Autonomy • New technology can enhance learner autonomy • How to turn self-access into autonomy? • Implementation requires both teacher and learner education
  5. 5. What is available?
  6. 6. Virtual Learning Environments • (VLE also, LMS or CMS)
  7. 7. Comparison Moodle Blackboard Free / Open Source Commercial Forums Technical support Separate Hosting Hosting included Limitations with site-wide groups Supports larger institutions Some limitations with reporting functions Customisable reports Moodle 2.0 Upgrades reliant on package Note that it is possible to get Ultimately the decision depends on your budget moodle hosting packages (engnet- education offers one, also synergy and your own preference. For a more detailed learning). On the same token, it is comparison visit this site possible to host your own Blackboard site (and many other commercial VLEs)
  8. 8. Moodle Scenario Register a Install Add domain Moodle users Find a Build Review host Content and improve • Initial cost and hours for basic setup • You will need to edit the theme • Knowledge required
  9. 9. Content • Using Moodle’s Content Authoring vs. SCORM • Tips (dos and don’ts)
  10. 10. Implementation and Evaluation So you have the VLE and some content, but how do you get them to use it?
  11. 11. The ADDIE Model • Advantages / Analysis disadvantages • How to implement? Implementation Evaluation Design Development
  12. 12. The future of eLearning What are your thoughts on… – Social – Technological – Academic
  13. 13. Summary • Introduction to setting up eLearning self-access • This speech is available as a vidcast download • Join the discussion and get advice • Slides available here • Contact:
  14. 14. Happy eLearning!