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A flyer for Peeter Mehisto's lecture at Sophia University, Japan.

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Dr. PEETER MEHISTO Peeter Mehisto is an internationallyCLIL renowned CLIL specialist and winner of several educational awards. He is the author of several books andThe Core of CLIL articles and has worked as a teacher trainer, program implementer and CLIL practitioner. He has taught at elementary, secondary and university levels. thDate: Sunday 9 of SeptemberTime: 13:30 – 16:45Location: Room L-821 (Central Library) Sophia University Yotsuya Campus (5 minutes from Yotsuya Station)Places available: 60To register, please send your name and affiliation CONT ENT AND LANGU AGE IN T EG R AT ED LEARN ING Teacher Training & Education Sophia Linguistic Institute for International Communication Room L-514, Central Library 7-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8554