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Guia partes del cuerpo vocabulario


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Para alumnos de 5to basico en adelante

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Guia partes del cuerpo vocabulario

  1. 1. By : Viviana Sandoval A. Lic en Inglés Estudiante Guía vocabulario “Las partes del cuerpo” Pay attention to the following words and their meaning1) Complete the crossword with each definition belowACROSS2. It contains our fingers3. We use it to hear5. It is in the middle of the face6. We use it to run7. We use it to touch9. It contains our vertebral columnDOWN1. It covers our head usually made up different colours3. we use it to see4. We use it to taste the food8. It conects the head with the body10. We can use it to hug As you should know each person develop the so called “human senses”
  2. 2. 2) Write down a creative sentence concerning each sense ______________________ ________________________ ______________________ ________________________ ______________________ ________________________ _______________________ ________________________ _______________________ ________________________ _______________________ ________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________3) Fill in the gaps with the parts of the body you can recognize