L01 introduction to AS Media Studies


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L01 introduction to AS Media Studies

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION To discuss the media and our relationships with it. To set up and begin using blogs to record learning. STARTER • Why did you choose Media Studies as one of your A-levels? • What jobs might Media Studies help you work in? • What do you already know about the course? • What is ‘the media’ and how important is it? Discuss these questions in pairs.
  2. 2. What is your experience of different • Newspapers • Magazines • Books • TV • Film • Radio • Ads • New media Media types? What can you do / not do?
  3. 3. OCR AS Media (This year’s work) Video (Thriller) • Coursework. • All video + audio material must be original. • It is the opening titles and scene of an entire film. • Tasks may be done individually or as a group (>4) • 20 marks planning & research. • 60 marks construction. • 20 marks evaluation. • Total /100 marks. Textual analysis Representation • Section 1 of 2hr Exam. • ‘Unseen’ moving image extract. • 30 mins of 2hrs for viewing and making notes. • Analysis of camera shot, mise-en-scene, editing and sound. • How social groups are represented through the media text. • 50 marks awarded. Film Institutions & Audiences • Section 2 of 2hr Exam. • One compulsory questions based on a case study of the film industry. • Demonstrate understanding of processed of production, distribution, marketing and exhibition. • 50 marks awarded. G321 FOUNDATION PORTFOLIO G322 KEY MEDIA CONCEPTS (TV DRAMA)
  4. 4. • What does my media profile tell you about me? • How might this itself (like social media) be an edited construction of the truth?
  5. 5. Your first directed study task • You should put together a ‘My Media’ collage for yourself and add it to your study blog. • Write at least a paragraph explaining your use of media and ability to create different media types using computer software. • You should then email me a link to your blog.
  6. 6. Blogging • How many of you keep/have kept a blog? • What was it about? • Which blogging website do you use? Why?
  7. 7. Setting up your blog • Once you have set up your account and signed in to Blogger – you will see this page. • You are going to set up multiple blogs – 1 will be your final production evaluation blog, 1 will be to record your day to day learning.
  8. 8. Using the media studies blog http://oajwms.blogspot.co.uk/ Make a note of this on your mobile phones!!!
  9. 9. An exemplar blog • Have a look around the posts for this AS Media Studies blog. What ideas does it give you?
  10. 10. Emailing me work • Open up your Outlook. • Start composing a new email. • Click on the To button to open up your distribution list. • Search for ‘Larry Smith’. • Send me an email with the name of your favourite film as the subject line.
  11. 11. Media Intervention • Will be run on Mondays period 6 (15.10 – 16.10). • This will be a fantastic opportunity for you to learn and develop new practical skills and knowledge to benefit AS Media in a relaxed environment.