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The press eneko & iraia

  1. 1. E&I’S PRESS Gossiping. Celebrities. Page 2-3 The weather Page 11 Opinion Aitana TV guide Page 13 Page 4 paragraphes 1 Pages 12 & 14 Politics Page 5-6 How fairy tales really end Pages 15 & 16NEW Supermarket in Portugalete Page 7 Horoscopes Page 17 MORE AND MORE AMUSED THINGS!! SEE THEM! Sports E&I’S PRESS Page 8-10
  2. 2. Celebrities. Good model?Not all of the celebrities are good This are some examples but themodels. Some of them, have come list is longer. Unfortunately, moreto fame thanks to scandals and celebrities, when they’ve a lot oftheir bad lifestyles. money, they spend it on buying drugs, going to parties or buying unnecessary things too. Taking drugs is dangerous for their healthParis Hilton, has been arrested and it is worrying because thesesome times because she drove things are always on the TV andwhen she was drunk and drugged. teenagers who admire someShe goes to parties with her sister celebrities can try to copy theand they have got famous in this behaviour of their idols.way. Some families are worried because their sons are beginning to have bad behaviour because they have some celebrities as good models and it is worst.LindsayLohan, has also driven drunk andshe has been drugged some times.Lohan has been accused ofstealing a necklace that costs 2,500$.Chris Brown, the ex-boyfriend ofRihanna. He is known in theentire world because he hasabused of his girlfriend. Belen Esteban breaks his relationship with Fran.
  3. 3. Some TV programmes…Today we can see some series or programs that the could helpknowing more.“Physical or Chemical”. It is aboutteenagers life, what they do in class andoutside the class. If you are teenager maybe you enjoy because you can feelidentified. Every Tuesday you can see iton Antena 3 channel. “The Internship”. This one is about a teenagers that are on a internship and they are looking for what have happened to their families and why are they there. Is a mystery series that is recommended for all ages. You can see it on internet, because the series has finished last week.“Pekin express”. Beijing Express is areality show in which ten couples musttravel 10,000 km to win a prize of 100,000€, plus the money to be won at every stage.You can see it on TV or online. It is veryentertaining and has many funny moments.
  4. 4. Parliament has abolished the bullfights by 68 votes to 55. The law will take effect in January 2012.Time is running out ofbullfighting in Catalonia. The This vote puts an end to aCatalan Parliament has process that the Catalanaccepted the Peoples parliament has lived withLegislative Initiative calling intensity for a year and a half.for ban bullfighting in the The fight will now continuecommunity. For Catalans who in other places: The pro-like bullfights, they only have bullfighting groups have1 year to enjoy that torture announced they will ban thecalled “art”. Constitutional Court, and the PP will attempt to changeThe President of the state laws to avoid the ban.Generalitat, José Montilla,has appeared at a newsconference after the votinng.He has clarified that he hadvoted against, and asked thatthe prohibition of bullfightsdoes not become a newconflict between Cataloniaand the rest of Spain.
  5. 5. ZAPATERO DROPS SALARY TO THE EMPLOYEERSThe president Given the the noJose Luis circumstances he contributoryRodriguez must reduce pensions and theZapatero social expense. ones which areannounced a hard Specifically he minimum. Anywayplan imposed by announced a %5 from January thethe European reduction of 1st of the 2011 on,commission to expense from the “baby’sguarantee the June on and the cheque” is goingstability of the freezing of to be abolished,coin. salaries from that means that 2011 on. In 2011 the benefits ofThat was the evaluation of 2500 euros whichreason why he pension’s is going were given byasks a national to be suspended birth are going tocollective effort. too, except for disappear.
  6. 6. NEW SUPERMARKET IN PORTUGALETE.If you don’t want to do Eroski have opened a very bigalways the same when you go supermarket which has moreshopping, I propose you a new than 10,000 square metres.plan. The most known internationalSince April the 22nd Ballonti and national brands (Forcommercial centre is opened example: Primark once of thein Portugalete. It is situated most important brand inin a new industrial revitalized Ireland and England) will havearea which is incorporated in a sales area too.urban space. On the second floor, you canAltogether 125 shops have find a very large gastronomicopened their doors along 22nd variety; it has 3,500 square51,560 square metres metres plus 1,100 which arecompany complex, occupied for outdoors principal’s operators ofthe fashion and the In Ballonti supermarketcomplements, leisure and there are some cinemaentertainment industry and it screens, a bowling alley calledalso offers a very important “Bugybowling”, Indoorcatering offer. Karting, Quasar elite andIn the supermarket, there more entertainment whichare all kinds of are funny to spend a niceestablishment: afternoon with your friends.
  7. 7. SPORTSTennisFeliciano Lopez lost to the Scot Andy Murray.Spanish tennis players David Ferrer, Pablo Andujar andDaniel Gimeno-Traver have been classified for the secondround of the tournament in Valencia, to overcome GuillermoGarcia-Lopez, Nicolas Almagro and Dmitry Tursunov. On aday which had previously dismissed Feliciano Lopez losingto top seed, Andy Murray.Moto GPJorge Lorenzo, the new champion GP motorcycle racing. On his victory in Portugal, the pilot of Palma de Mallorca said it was a "great day" because he is sure that Valentino "gave all." Two days after winning the Portuguese Grand Prix MotoGP, Lorenzo visited Tuesday in Milan, 68th International Bicycle and Motorcycle, where he had the opportunity to greet the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.BasketballGasol become the best again.Los Angeles Lakers erased from the court without regard to the Memphis Grizzlies(124-105) in a match that took a clear direction from the secondquarter when the premises had already acquired an income of 29points.Pau Gasol was again the best of the Lakers with 21 points and 13rebounds, while Kobe Bryant scored 23 points in 24 minutes.
  8. 8. MARADONA TAKES PART IN A CHARITY ACT TO GIVE MONEY TO THE CHILDREN’S CANCER.This Wednesday Diego bone marrow’s donors inMaradona went to a charity Russia.act in Moscow to earn moneyfor cancer organizations. When Maradona was in front of the people, he said whichMaradona had foreseen to his secret to be successful intry to score ten goals, football is:shooting in the distance of 16metres. “You must score a lot of goalsEvery goal represented and you must defend the25,000 or 30,000 dollars. nationalIf the Argentinean scores all T-shirt too. And when yougoals, he can get 1 million are in the field you have todollars for the cause, but, think only in the victory andMaradona got 500,000 think that those who aredollars which were for the waiting for you in yourfirst information’s base for country are very proud of your hard work.”
  9. 9. The weather The summer is finished althought still we can improve the last sunshine.Tomorrow in Portugalete will worse te weather. Tomorrowwe will start the morning with a soft rain, here called“Sirimiri”. At the time of two o’clock, the sun will notappear because of the clouds. Tomorrow several hour willbe cloudy. And and night may start raining again.Warning! If you go to the mountain be carefull and just incase say to sombedy were you go. Tomorrow will be a lotof fog. Twhi TBqc t h e e ha eu y e a r es o r tn u n Bm ee ro Bilbao Le eii ko t Stz ar nt ui Gn- m ei a o r l ku Ba il bo Dao um rg Oz ro ok
  10. 10. IT’S NOT FAIR! In some places such as in Colombia, everyday the children endanger their lives to go to school. They have to use a cable over 200 metres of height to get across a 30-metre-long distance to go to the nearest school. We think it is completely unfair that the risks we take are to forget a book at home or to fail an exam, and in some other places the children’s lives depend on arriving alive to school. Ballonti High School Bolivia.(Portugalete, Basque country) Our way. Their way.
  11. 11. AITANA WHO WAS 3 YEARS OLD, DIED WITH MISTREATMENT SIGNS.Last October 26th the little They called the police, andAitana, went to the “Luis the policemen arrestedÁlvarez Cruz de Las Galletas” Aitana’s stepfather becauseschool for the first time. Her they thought that he hadteachers never perceived any committed Aitana’s injuries.signs which said that herparents treat it her badly The girl was taken to the Laexcept for some scratches, candelaria hospital, andbut her teacher assures she doctors who work in thisknocked into a swing. hospital said that Aitana didn’t have a torn vagina, andOn Friday morning, Aitana the arrested man always saiddied in La Candelaria he hadn’t done Aitana anyuniversity hospital, after injuries and he explained thatovercoming some heart the knocks were becauseattacks since Tuesday. Aitana fell down a lot and the reason for the burns wasThat night, Aitana’s that she loved having verystepfather took her to the El hot showers.Mojon hospital and thedoctors saw a little girl with Finally, they set him freea lot of knocks, burns and because he told the trutheven the beginning of a torn and he was innocent.vagina.
  12. 12. Racism STOP IT.Now a days racism remains in our society. It comes from manyyears ago. The racism is usually against the black people but italso against Chineses, Rumanians etc…Our opinion is that the racism is very common because a lot ofpeople has grown neglecting other people that has a differentcolour or religion, or because they are from another country. Ifwhen we were babies we had learned that everybody is equal,racism wouldn’t affect us so much.Holding our hands, the World will be better.
  13. 13. How fairy talesreally end…The little mermaid was so pretty and she had a trouble freelife, but it doesn’t exist. They just wanted to hide wathreally happened with her, but how we were small, they couldfool us, not now. The Little MermaidThe little mermaid was going to married with her boyfriend, but while shewas swimming on the ocean, some people saw she and as she was thinkingabout her stuff, the pirates caught. She lost the knowledge, and when sheawoke, she saw all the pirates around her with fork and knife.She said that she was pregnant, but the pirates didn’t believe her. It wasclear they were going to kill to eat, so they took her to the kitchen. In thekitchen she found with some of her friends that they had disappearedsome days before, Sebastian, Flounder or Ursula. They were died, and thewere going to become delicious sushi.Finally, a child who was eating at a Chinese restaurant, ate the maincharacter of his favorite Disney movie, The little mermaid. =
  14. 14. Belle’s new face.When Belle and Beast married, they went on the honeymoon toGreece, and they were in the “Greek islands hotel”.The first day, they went to the beach and they practised surf,and when they returned to the hotel, they asked for a bottle ofchampagne, and they went to their bedroom to celebrate theirwedding night.In the hotel where they were staying, they saw more prettygirls, and Belle thought that she was uglier than the others.Beast didn’t think so, and he only wanted to stay with Belle inthe hotel, because for Beast his wife is the prettiest girl in theworld. They wanted to have children, so, during the holidays,Belle became pregnant.When the baby was born, Belle thought that she was very fatand ugly and she decided to do more plastic surgeries, on thenoise, mouth, eyes, tits…
  15. 15. Funny excuse - Sorry, I’m late- What happened today?- It’s a long story…- Tell me. I have time.- First, I woke up early to have a shower but there was not any hot water I had to go to the beach. There, on the sand, I put my clothes on but a very strange bird took them away. My parents weren’t at home and I had to walk for ten minutes to arrive at my aunt’s home. She opened the door, but sadly she has given all the clothes of my cousin, who is now 20, to a NGO. I had to go to my house again and tried to enter by opening a window. When I had put some clothes on I went to the Bus station, but, when I arrived, the bus had gone and the next bus was arriving 20 minutes later. I asked the driver to take me to the High school but he was deaf and he took me to another school which is very far.Then I told him that he was wrong, and he brought me at this school but the travel very long and the price was very expensive. I enough money and he became very angry. I told him that when I finished the classes I would go to pay, but he didn’t believe me and he phoned the police. The police came and I started crying immediately. Finally I only had to clean the bus. When all was okay and I was late 35 minutes, I met my grandma. She came with heavy bags and I had to help her. As usual she had cupcakes at home and she offered some to me. I was late, but you cannot imagine what eating one of her cupcakes is.. so I have brought you one, to understand me.- Oh my God. Is it true that all this happened to you?- Yes, It’s.- Give me a cupcake and I will decide If I believe you or not.- Take it, but if you take with a hot chocolate… mmm That’s the best.- Wow, It’s incredibly tasty.
  16. 16. Chocolate cake. “Sachertorte”Ingredients:4 oz semisweet dark chocolate5 eggs3/4 cup sugar1/2 cup vegetable oil1 cup all-purpose flour1 teaspoon baking powder1 teaspoon vanilla extract3 tablespoons water12 oz apricot jam2 tablespoons butter7 oz semisweet dark chocolateMethod:1.Preheat oven to 350deg and grease a mold for chocolate cake,and sprinkle with flour2.Break the chocolate into small pieces and melt it with thewater in a boiler3.Separate egg whites and egg yolks. Whisk the eggs whites withan mixer until forming stiff peaks, add gradually half of thesugar while mixing.4.In a separate bowl whisk the egg yolks with the remainingsugar for one minute using the mixer. Add gradually thevegetable oil, one tablespoon at a time, whisk well between eachtime oil has been added. Add the melted chocolate and mix well.Transfer to the bowl containing the whisked egg whites.5.Sift in the flour and baking powder, add vanilla extract. Foldeverything carefully together using a spoon.
  17. 17. EnEko´scinEma Despicable The sorcerers ME apprentice Room: 5 Room: 8 Monday to Friday Monday to Friday 18:00 - 20:00 - 22:15 17:30 – 19 :30 Weekend Weekend 16:30 - 18:30 - 21:45 16:00 – 18:00 – 20:00Eat, pray, love Letters to Juliet Room: 3 Room: 1 Monday to Friday Monday to Friday 22:10 18:30 – 20: 15 Weekend Weekend 17:00 - 21:00 17:30 - 19:45 - 22:20
  18. 18. ANALYSING ADVERTISEMENTSStudy the advertisement carefully and answer the questions below. 1. What product is this advertisement for?It is for some bread. 2. What pictures are used in the advertisement? In the picture which is used, we can see a baby who is sleeping on a slice of bread. 3. What colours are used? The colours are very light, especially we can see Pink and White. Pink colour means beauty and is used to soften the picture. White colour means purity and is used to give clarity to the picture. 4. What kind of typeface and symbols are used? Typeface: the words are small and italics.
  19. 19. School tripOn April the 11th we went to Barcelona. We took the bus at 6.amand the travel was very long and boring. Two hours later, wemade a stop to visit Codorniu, a famous winery which producesspecial cava. Then we had lunch and after 3 hours, we arrivedat Barcelona and there we saw a monastery, the Cathedral ofthe Sea and the Ramblas street, where we bought somesouvenirs. We finished very tired and we went to the Hotelwhere we spent the first night.The second day, we woke up early and we took the bus again togo to the Science museum which has a lot of silly things in ouropinion. In the evening we went again to Barcelona to visit theSagrada Family. It was really beautiful. The windows were verycolourful, the only thing that wasn’t so good was that therewere a lot of people. Next to it, we went to Güel Park. From thepark, we could see almost all Barcelona and there we took somephotos as in the series “Los Serrano”. At night Dan, let us go outuntil 12:30 if we wanted.The third day we went to visit Tarragona. In Tarragona we sawthe wall, amphitheatre and the circus. It’s incredible how thesebuildings can be preserved , because the theatre was very nice.In the evening we had free time to go to the beach or to go tothe swimming pool. It was the third day and we were tired ofbeing all the day on the bus. At night we hadn’t permission to goout but we didn’t care because we made our own party in theroom.The next day, the fourth, we went to Port Aventura. All ofus were waiting that day and in our opinion Port Aventura hasbeen the best of the trip. Port Aventura was full of people andthe queues were horrible so sometimes we decided to jump in
  20. 20. the queue so that we could ride in more attractions more times. Atnight, the teachers gave us the permission to go out until Wewent with them to a disco called Snoepy’s and we were there dancingand knowing new people. When we came back to the hotel we didn’twant to sleep because we wanted to use the last night, so we tried tobe asleep. The last day we took the bus and we said goodbye to ourdear hotel. On the bus a lot of people were sleeping because theydidn’t sleep that night.The thing that we liked the most is… Codorniu Sagrada Family CYESalou Hotel Güel Park
  21. 21. Port Aventura Tarragona’s amphitheatre
  22. 22. Cerelour are some cereals which give some colour to your life, you won’t see everything in black andwhite and you will be happier. We’re advertising these cereals because they are delicious and theygive you energy and optimism for all the day.· If you are a mum, surely that you want your children to go happily and ready to school, THOSEARE YOUR CEREALS!· If you’re a student, you must eat something energetic at the first hour in the morning, THOSEARE YOUR CEREALS!· If you love going to the gym, but sometimes you’re tired, eat Cerelours and you will be more activeso, THOSE ARE YOUR CEREALS!· If you work cleaning the streets, and you’re fed up with being cold and hungry, eat Cerelours andyour problems will end because THOSE ARE YOUR CEREALS!· Or if you work in an office and your boss doesn’t allow you to have free time because he is a veryedgy man, THOSE ARE YOUR CEREALS! Give him Cerelours and your boss is going to become nicer!
  23. 23. The Cerelours are thought to make people who eat them happy.Buy them…Only 2 pounds, and if you are one of the 20 first buying Cerelours you are going to take part in a draw of 1 week in the best hotel of London PASS TIME Easy Normal 39.99 €