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Newspaper ruben & unai

  1. 1. Actuality Sports What had happened in Chile? Paul the Octopus(3) PNV and Psoe’s Torres’ signing(5) deal (page 3,5) (page 1) Cinema Horoscopes Review Which will be yourCar future? Saw VIreview (page 4) (page 2)Today, we have thenew sport car AudiR8. (page 6) Funny Excuse Games School Recipe Mike is the winner If you are bored, try trip We are to cook a of our competition, doing it! very tasty orange we will view her We spend a nice trip cake. excuse. in Barcelona (page 12) (page 6) (page 7) (page 8 to 11)
  2. 2. Page 1Catastrophe in Chile The 33 Chilean miners who have one miner telling local Chileanbeen trapped underground for more than news station TVN that he felta month are no longer celebrating their "abandoned" by his wife.miraculous survival, and are reportedlygrowing irritable and rebellious trapped Those miners could be trapped700m below ground. until Christmas or until the end of the year, but they hope they will be alive. The miners are eating what the The health minister, Jaime Mañalich,authorities lower down a hole that they said the men – who had not previouslyare digging. The health minister said the been told how long the operation couldsurface team wanted the trapped miners take – had accepted the news calmlyto set up routines, entertain themselves during talks with the Chilean president,and attempt to simulate day and night. Sebastián Piñera.The miners have been receiving glucoseand rehydration tablets lowered down anarrow shaft. Other supplies includedsmall lights, eye patches and medicine. Some of the miners have alsogrown frustrated that they haventreceived letters from their relatives,PNV and PSOE’s deal Government managed to close on Wednesday an agreement with the PNV topave the way to the Executive in taking forward the General State Budget for 2011,sources confirmed the negotiations. Urkullu considered this agreement as a "historicalfact". The deal valued at 472 million euros to the Basque Country the transfer of activeemployment policies, as revealed by the president of the PNV, Iñigo Urkullu, instatements to the door of Congress after closing the deal with the executive, which heconsidered "a historical fact "because the PNV called for such transfer since 1988. Urkullu insisted it clear that this agreement is not a blank check to thegovernment to support the 2011 budget, but from this Wednesday the direction of thePNV open budget negotiations themselves to reach an understanding with the Socialists.Urkullu said he spoke by phone with Zapatero to convey the decision to accept the offerof the PSOE
  3. 3. Page 2 In this latest installment of one of the mostinteresting and bloody sagas of the moment, theprincipal character follows the plot of Jigsaw (JohnKramer), who takes justice into his own hands. In the sixth installment of this gruesomesaga, jigsaw tests to William Easton, the vicepresident of a medical insurance company,Umbrella Hearth. The reason why Jigsaw chooses William isthat he decides who dies or lives, because helooks for errors in the cases of the patients, and hetries not have to pay to treat their diseases. The experts of cinema says that this filmwould be perfect to people who loves horror films,blood and who likes this saga. Tobin Bell - Jigsaw/John Kramer Betsy Russell - Jill Tuck Costas Mandylor - Mark Hoffman Shawnee Smith - Amanda Young Peter Outerbridge - William Easton Samantha Lemole - Pamela Jenkins Athena Karkanis - Agente Lindsey Perez Mark Rolston - Dan Erickson James Van Patten - Dr. Heffner Tanedra Howard - Simone Marty Moreau - Eddie Billy Otis - Cecil Adams Mpho Koaho - Timothy Young Devon Bostick - Brent
  4. 4. Page 3 Shauna MacDonald - TaraPaul, the Psychic Octopus, who correctly called the winners of lastsummers World Cup, has died. He would have been 3 in January."Management and staff At this summers World Cup, he maintained a perfectat the Oberhausen Sea record, correctly predicting all of Germanys resultsLife Centre were before picking Spain to beat Netherlands in the final.devastated to discoverthat oracle octopus Paul, Pauls method: His caretakers at the Sea Life Centrewho achieved global placed a mussel in each of two clear plastic containersrenown during the within his tank, and each container was marked with therecent World Cup, had flag of the competing soccer team. Paul always took hispassed away overnight," first mussel from the container bearing the flag of thethe aquarium in team he "knew" would win.Germany said in astatement Tuesday. Nofurther details weregiven.Born in January 2008 inWeymouth, England,Paul accurately forecastthe results of all but twoof Germanys gamesduring Euro 2008 (heslipped up on predictingthe defeats to Croatiaand Spain).
  5. 5. Page 4Aries Leo SagittariusAdventurous day. Do you People power. To feel Relationship elevatorfeel like having an your best today, spend going up. Today youlladventure? Well today, more time socializing with want to spend more timeyoure more likely to have others. Attending a party with someone you findan adventure when you go would fit the bill perfectly! special. Thats becauseon a short journey. No But, thats not the only today the stage is set forneed to go very far, just solution. You can also go your relationships tosomeplace youve wanted to any crowded public improve and mature. Ifto go before, yet never place where you can possible, try planningbeen. Today is also a mingle with lots of people. something unique withgood day to surprise a Great day to go to a that someone special. Andclose friend with news or a popular restaurant, movie dont let outside influencessmall gift. theater or store. interrupt your time together.Taurus VirgoDifferent strokes fordifferent folks. Today, Out in front. Today your leadership skills are Capricornmore people around you stronger than usual. So Better shape. Great day towill differ in their beliefs much so, that you should focus on bettering yourfrom yours. Rather than put yourself into situations health. Thats becauseclash with all of them, where you can take a today your health andlisten respectfully to their greater leadership role. physical wellbeing are inopinions. Then only if Youll find youre stronger focus. To helpabsolutely necessary, try especially effective when achieve the best resultsexplaining your position. you get out in front and today, try to focus mostlyGreat day to expose lead others by example. on eating healthy foods,yourself to other points of Great day to invite friends and on getting enoughview. to join you. rest for your body to rebuild its naturalGemini defenses.Shiny happy person. LibraToday your individualitywill really shine. So for the Make up your mind! Today spending too long Aquariusbest day possible, try making decisions wont The language of love.showing off the qualities benefit you. In fact, it Today romance is a muchthat make you different could cause you some greater possibility! Soand unique. That could unnecessary grief. Thats what can you do toinvolve wearing your because today youll tend improve your chances?favorite clothes, sharing to overanalyze your You neednt say a word.your hobbies and options. The simple Thats because today yourcollections, or even telling solution to this problem is nonverbal signals are theothers your most unique to make decisions more key to improving yourdesires. quickly, especially on chances of making a loveCancer unimportant matters. connection. WhenOn one hand, youll want Pisces Scorpioto take part in social Back to the simple things.activities. And at the same Today, simplicity is yourtime, youll need some Can you avoid money? key to having the mosttime alone. Fortunately, Today you may want to successful and satisfyingyou can and should do try! Thats because today day. That means youllboth! Today plan time with your judgment regarding want to avoid situationsothers, and also try to find the use of money is at that seem overly complex.someplace quiet where below normal levels. Try Instead, choose to doyou can spend an hour putting off any major things in the simplestalone. purchases or investments. manner possible.
  6. 6. Frank Arnesen defends ChelseaspendingChelseas sporting director Frank Arnesen has defended thecapture of Fernando Torres, saying it does not stop the clubproducing its own talent.Chelsea’s football team after been in Liverpool’s team. Now Fernando Torres earnsabout 200.000£ in a month. Chelsea have been criticised for spending huge sums on players rather than producing new talent through the clubs academy, which is one of the best facilities in the Premier League. Arnesen, who has been responsible for the clubs academy, told us: "Torres signing, is fantastic.” "This will give us inspiration. If you can get Torres in, a European champion, a world champion, one of the best strikers in the world, he comes to the club and everybody is happy." Also he said “If you want to win trophies you always need to have the best players. If you want young players then you will probably not win a lot of trophies” .In addition to signing Torres on transfer deadline day, Chelsea also paid Benficaabout £21m for Brazilian defender David Luiz.
  7. 7. Page 5 Page 6 The Audi R8 is a sport car with a longitudinally mounted mid- engine, and uses Audis trademark “quattro”, and the r8 has got an all-wheel drive system. It was introduced by the German automaker Audi AG in 2006. The car was exclusivelydesigned, developed, and manufactured by Audi AGs high performanceprivate company, “quattro” GmbH, and is based on the LamborghiniGallardo form.It costs around $110.000 (81.000€ or 68.000 pounds)Mike arrives 2 hours late to the school, and his teacher asks him why is he late.-Why are you late, Mike?-Well, because my dog eats my breakfast, and I have gone to the shop to buy more milkand biscuits…-But you are 2 hours late, it’s so much.-Oh…Is that when I was arriving home with breakfast. A car run over my knee and anambulance comes to carry me to house. But when I was in the ambulance, the enginebroke down.-Is it a joke? You don’t have anything in your knee!-I know but I don’t finish telling what happened to me yet.-Well, tell me exactly what have happened.-In the ambulance, they can’t put me a bandage, so they told me that I have to call to thehospital in the afternoon. After that, I call my mum to carry me to the school in her car,
  8. 8. Page 7but she says me that she can’t left the office. Finally, I came to school walking. I spend20 minutes to come here and now I am here telling you why I were late.Ingredients:1 • 4 Eggs • A packet and a half of yeast • 1 glass of sunflower oil • 2 glasses of sugar2• Grated orange3• 3 glasses of flour4• 1 glass of orange juice1231st step: First of all, you have to beat 6 eggs in a dish until become orange liquid. Afterthat you have to mix the sugar with the well-worn eggs. We shake all of it again.42nd step: Now, we add a glass ofsunflower oil in the dish. When wehave all of it, we have only to mix itwith 3 glasses of flour.3rd step:5The recipe now has to become a littlebit thick. Whip the mixture well andafter that add the packet and a halfof yeast.4th step:6When we have all of ingredients together in a dish, move the recipe to a bowl wherewe are going to put in the oven. The oven will be preheated at 180º. We’ll cook it in theoven around half an hour to become tastier.
  9. 9. Page 81st day: We took the bus to Barcelona at 6a.m. We spend 7 hours more or less in the travel. We arrive in Barcelona at 1 p.m in the afternoon; because we stopped to eat some sandwiches before arrive there. Then we visited Cavas Codorníu, a company that that makes very famous and good cava. The tour guide of the company gives us some grape juice to taste it. After that we went to visit the sea’s cathedral and we haveeaten next there the lunch. Then we have a walk around themonastery, it’s wonderful! Finally we went to the Ramblas Street toenjoy some. At night we arrive in our hotel, and there were a lot of peopleof other differentcountries.
  10. 10. Page 92nd day: We must woke up at 8 o’clock in the morning and we took thebus again to go to the science museum. There were a lot ofinteresting things. There were a lot of people from different highschools. We ate the lunch in apark next the museum, andwe took the bus again.Then we arrive in SagradaFamily. It’s a very beautifuland worked building. Insidelooked like a very bigchurch made by veryimportant arqitects.However the building wasbuilt by Gaudí. Then, we have visited Güell Park in Barcelona. It is very big and it was very easy to get lost. There were some mini shops that sells souvenirs. Finally, we took the bus again to a hotel in Salou, and we went to a one disco.
  11. 11. Page 103rd day: In the 3rd day, we also must woke up at 8 o’clock, and we go toTarragona. In Tarragona we saw the roman wall, the roman circusand the coliseum. The wall was like other walls, without very special things. The circus was wonderful, but the tourist guide said that in the roman age was bigger, 300 metres long, and now there is only a part. This day, we had the afternoon free to visit Salou. Some wentto the hotel swimming pool, and others one went for a walk. At thenight, we weren’t allowed to go to the disco, but we do a party in ourrooms.
  12. 12. Page 114th day: Page 1 That day, we went to Port Aventura, which was the best thingwe visited in our opinion. We entered at and our teachersallowed us to go to the place we wanted. At we went outside the park, and we eat. Together, we enter again to the amusement park. The worst things were the queues, that lasted more or less 1 hour. The best stalls were the Dragon Khan and Furius Baco, but the last one was closed. The Huracan Condor was very exciting too. Finnaly we returned to the hotel to have dinner, and after thatwe went to the disco again, but we stay there until day: The last day, we visited the Camp Nou, the football field whereBarcelona FC plays. After we visited it, we took the bus to cameback to Portugalete. We left Barcelona and arrivedPortugalete at
  13. 13. Page 12Spot the differences