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Published in: Travel, Spiritual
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  1. 1. The country’s name is France
  2. 2. The capital: Paris It is the capital of France, with a population of 12.067.000 inhabitants, 2.211.297 of which reside to the municipality of Paris.Some important buildings are the Museum of the Louvre, the Tower Eiffel, the Cathedral of Notre Dame
  3. 3. LanguageIn France speak French
  4. 4. Typical Food The typical food is cheese , wine and champagne
  5. 5. Important cities of FranceThe important cities of France are for example FrenchGuiana ,Marsella,Montpellier,etc...
  6. 6. The weatherThe weather is very cold,but in summer the weather is50 %
  7. 7. The monumentsFrenche as well, the monuments of France are the TowerEiffel, the Notre Dame’s Cathedral, Arc the Triomphe,Pantheon, National Asembly,The Louvre Museum.
  8. 8. The reliefThe relief of France are for example the high altitudeMountains the Alps and Pyrenees in addition thelongest river is the Loire.
  9. 9. CLOTHESThe typical clothe of France is the beret in additionHandkerchief around his neck.
  10. 10. POLITICFrance is semi presidental representative democratic republic .The president of France is Nicolas Sarkozy.
  11. 11. CONCLOTHIONIn conclothion, France is very beutiful,but is veryexpensive