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English uruguay

  1. 1. URUGUAYHaga clic para modificar el estilo desubtítulo del patrón Anna, Jose and Kathy 29/03/12
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONOur group is compsed of 2 members :Anna and Kathy.Our project is abaout Uruguay.First of all Uruguay is in South America. It is between Brazil and Argentina.Then the 3 rivers most importants of Uruguay.Then 3 monuments of Uruguay. para modificar el estilo de Haga clic subtítulo del patrónAfter this the money.We will continue with the food.The transportation.The football.The typic music of Uruguay. 29/03/12
  3. 3. InformationHaga clic en el iconopara agregar unaimagen Monte video is the capital of Uruguay Montevideo has got approximate 1.000.000 inhabitants. In Uruguay live approximate 3,460,607 inhabitants. 29/03/12
  4. 4. The “Rio Negro” is one ofRIVERS OF URUGUAY the three important rivers of uruguay because it separate the country in Haga clic en el icono two parts. para agregar una imagen The “Rio Uruguay” is the most abundant river and it separate Uruguay from Argentina. The”Rio de la Plata” is the is the worlds widest river. 29/03/12
  5. 5. The “Monumento a losMONUMENTS OF URUGUAY ahogados” is a hand out of the water by people who died drowned. Haga clic en el icono para agregar una imagen The “Monumento a la carreta”is an exodous to the east town. The “Monumento a Artigas” he was the liberator of Uruguay, there is one monument in all the cities. 29/03/12
  6. 6. The money of Uruguay isTHE MONEY OF URUGUAY called “peso uruguayo” Haga clic en el icono para agregar una You can see in the photos there are coins and bills imagen all they are “pesos” When you go to Uruguay you have to change the euros to “pesos”. 29/03/12
  7. 7. On the first photo you THE FOOD can see a “pasta frola” it is one of the 3 foods typicals inHaga clic en el icono Uruguay.para agregar una On the second photo you can seeimagen “alfajores de maicena” they have “dulce de leche” and coconut. On the third photo you can see 2asado” it is roast meat. 29/03/12
  8. 8. The name of the UurguayanTHE FOOTBALL team is “Asosiacion Uruguaya de Futbal”(auf). Haga clic en el icono They has won 4 world cup, the first one in 1924, 1928, para agregar una 1930, and in 1950. And they won the “Copa America” imagen They have 15”Copa Amrica”, the counrty in South America who has won more. Selection of Uruguay is the country that has more championships in all the world. 29/03/12
  9. 9. In these pictures you canMUSIC OF URUGUAY see a man, he was famous in Uruguay. Haga clic en el icono para agregar una imagen His name is Alfredo Zitarrosa, he played the guitar and sang. He died 17 years ago. The typical music of Uruguay is called “folclore”, its a very beautiful music for me. 29/03/12
  10. 10. CONCLUSION Haga clic en el icono para agregar una imagenIn clonclusion we would like to go Uruguay because its very beautiful.And we would like to explore Uruguay. 29/03/12