New York (USA)


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New York (USA)

  1. 1. NEW YORK
  2. 2. FLAG
  3. 3. CURRENCY
  4. 4. RIVER HUDSONThe Hudson River is a river of 506 km in length, running mostly by thestate of New York, in the United States of America, forming part of theborder between the states of New York and New Jersey. The rivers namecomes from Henry Hudson, an Englishman who sailed on behalf of Franceand the Netherlands, who explored the river in 1609. However, the firstEuropean to explore was the Italian Giovanni da Verrazano in 1524,whose expedition was funded by Florentine merchants of Lyon andFrancis I of France. The first map was drawn officially the same soon afterthe Portuguese explorer Esteban Gómez who sailed on behalf of Spain,naming ”San Antonio River”.
  5. 5. WALL STREETWall Street is the name of the narrow street New York located in lower Manhattan, between Broadway and the East River. Considered the heart of the historic district, is the principal and permanent home of the Stock Exchange of New York.The term is used to refer both to the U.S. financial market and financial institutions. Interestingly, most of the metropolisfinancial firms not quoted on Wall Street, but in other specific
  6. 6. FERRY With about 25 million visitors annually, Central Park is the mostvisited park in the United States, The Fairmount Park inPhiladelphia is 10 times larger than Central Park. Despite this,Central Park is 2.5 times visitantes. Los 25 million annual visitorsto Central Park five times visiting the Grand Canyon National Park,in Arizona. Appeared in numerous films as well as programstelevision, it has become one of the most famous urban parks inthe world. The park is run by the Central Park Conservancy, aprivate nonprofit that has a contract with the Department of Parksand Recreation in New York.
  7. 7. CHINATOWNLike other neighborhoods called Chinatown in the UnitedStates, the Chinatown neighborhood of Manhattan is anethnic enclave with a large population of Chinese
  8. 8. YANKEE STADIUMThe Yankee Stadium is the home of the New York Yankees,the team of Major League Baseball in the United States. Thevenue opened in 2009, replaced the stadium of the samename, located just near the structure. Overall, the buildingboasts similar features to the old ballpark, although 63percent larger and with modern additions. It is the mostexpensive building ever built in the history of baseball, andthe second sports stadium, worldwide, behind WembleyStadium.
  9. 9. BROOKLYN BRIDGEThe Brooklyn Bridge (originally known as "Bridge New Yorkand Brooklyn") connects
  10. 10. TIMES SQUARE The Times Square is an intersection of Manhattan (New York). It islocated on the corner of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. The TimesSquare area is formed by the blocks located between Sixth Avenue andEighth avenues that form the western part of the commercial area ofMidtown Manhattan.As Moscows Red Square, Trafalgar Square in London or the TiananmenSquare in Beijing, Times Square has become a global icon and symbolof the city of New York that is known for its entertainment and advertisinglight.
  11. 11. STATUE OF LIBERTY"Liberty Enlightening the World" (Liberty Enlightening theWorld), known as the Statue of Liberty (Statue of Liberty inEnglish, Statue de la Liberté in French), is one of the mostfamous landmarks of New York, in the United States andworldwide. It is located on Liberty Island to the south of theisland of Manhattan, near the mouth of the Hudson Rivernear Ellis Island.
  12. 12. NYSEThe NYSE (New York Stock Exchange, NYSE) is the biggeststock market in the world in monetary volume and the first numberof companies attached. Its volume in shares was surpassed bythat of NASDAQ during the 90s, but the capital of the companieslisted on the NYSE is five times greater than the NASDAQ. TheNYSE has an annual transaction volume of 21 billion dollars,including 7.1 billion of non-US companies
  13. 13. GROUND ZEROThis is its first use in relation to the Manhattan Project and the bombingof the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thus the OxfordEnglish Dictionary cites the use of this term, defining it as the ground orfloor immediately below a bomb blast and especially in the case of anuclear weapon.Later, after a long period of disuse, the press and the U.S. government toadopt the term became Ground Zero (in its English version, GroundZero) to name the land on which were the two main buildings of theWorld Trade Center in New York, the World Trade Center after theattacks of September 11, 2001.
  14. 14. BRODWAY AVENUEBroadway Avenue ("broad way" in Castilian) is, along with theFifth Avenue, the most famous street in Manhattan. It ischaracterized by cross Times Square, and be a referencepoint for 19 theaters that make up the "Broadway." Of thenineteen, only two of them are physically on Broadway, andthe rest is two or three blocks of the same. It is currently themost cost avenue in the world to rent or buy property.
  15. 15. RCMHThe Radio City Music Hall is an entertainment venue located in theRockefeller Center in New York City, USA. It is considered thecountrys most important theater, and is given the nickname"Showplace of the Nation" ("Site More Tourist Interest in theNation"). It was opened on December 27, 1932, and for a time,was regarded as the first tourist destination in the city of New York.In his stage show "Radio City Christmas Spectacular" has beenpresented annually since 1933. Its interior was declared a citylandmark in 1978s.
  16. 16. UNION SQUAREUnion Square is an important and historic place in Manhattan,New York. Union Square is registered as a National HistoricLandmark on the National Register of Historic Places since01997-12-09 December 9, 1997. Frédéric Auguste Bartholdiwas the architect of Union Square.
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