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Marrakech (Morocco)


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This presentation was made by Pablo T. Check out the pictures because they are his!!

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Marrakech (Morocco)

  1. 1. Marrakech
  2. 2. Situation•Marrakech is in the medle Morocco In the foot of the Atlas Mountains
  3. 3. The pound• There pound is the dirham
  4. 4. His History• Marrakech was funded in the year 1062 by the almoravides• It is with to Meknes, Fez and Rabat, one of the four imperial cities of Morocco.
  5. 5. Geography• Marrakech has a semidesertic weather with hot summers and soft winters• Averaged temperatures: – in summer: 23º Celsius – In winter: 12º Celsius• Has little rainfall
  6. 6. Points of interest• Parts of the city: -Medina -Ville Nouvelle• The desert• The palmeral (Palm grove)• Atlas mountains
  7. 7. Medina•Is the oldest part of the city, it´s a fortified quarter•Fonded in the 1062 by the almoravides•Actually the Zoco is here (The tradicional market). Where is possible to find very interesting handycraft.
  8. 8. Nouvelle Ville• It´s the modern city• Nouvelle Ville has all the commodities of an occidental city (Internet, Cofees, Discos, Gyms etc…) In the gate of the Sahara desert
  9. 9. The desert•A lot of turist go there to ridecamells in the dunes and see hisbeautifully shadows•The day is really hot but the night istoo cold
  10. 10. The palmeral•It has thousands of palms•It´s a oasis with wather in the underground•The date is the sweet fruit of the palm
  11. 11. The Atlas Mountains toubkal• The highest point of Morocco, the is about 4100m, is in the not far of marrakech• It´s a very interesting trekking area
  12. 12. More images to see
  13. 13. Video
  14. 14. Fonts•Information: Wikipedia, my parents andmy personal experience•Photos: My camera Pablo Torres 2ºB