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  1. 1. FLAG
  2. 2. Egypt ● The geography of Egypt shares two continents: Africa and Asia. ● Egypt is located in the northeast of Africa. ● And bounded on the north by the Mediterranean Sea.
  3. 3. Cairo ● Cairo is the capital of Egypt.
  4. 4. Climate ● The climate of Egypt is desert, witch mild winters and hot summers. ● In summer high temperatures are mitigated by winds Etesian
  5. 5. Vegetation ● The vegetation of Egypt is largely limited to the Delta and the Nile Valley and the oases exist. ● Of the few native trees, the most widespread is the date palm.
  6. 6. Animals typical in Egypt ● The classic animals living in Egypt are camels, beetles, etc.
  7. 7. Monuments
  9. 9. Temple LuxorLUXOR TEMPLE
  10. 10. sphinx
  11. 11. Currency ● The Egyptian pound is the current legal currency of Egypt. curre ncy ● The pound is divided into 100 piasters or 1,000 milliemes.
  12. 12. Typical foods● Koshari which are layers of macaroni, rice and lentils with tomato sauce.● Fattah which are layers of dry bread soaked in broth, rice and meat seasoned with garlic and vinegar and covered in yogurt, nuts and raisins.● Hanan are pigeon stuffed with green wheat grains or rice.
  13. 13. Desserts● Om Ali which is a mixture of bread or pasta with milk, nuts, coconut and raisins, and that can be taken hot or cold, what we now call the arro milk.● Kumafa are noodles baked with sugar, honey and nuts.
  14. 14. Dessertes
  15. 15. Beverages● The Egyptians used to take food to accompany:● Belonging Karkode is a hibiscus flower and can be taken hot or cold.● And also taking odo type juices as mango, guava, banana, orange, strawberry, carrot, lime, tomato, sugar cane, granda, lemon, etc.
  16. 16. Beverages
  17. 17. Trasidcional dances. ● Belly. ● m/watch? v=yl_83ceJrT4