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  1. 1. DUBAI
  2. 2. Location
  3. 3. Currency ● Dirham dirha m
  4. 4. Flag
  5. 5. Coat of Arms
  6. 6. History ● At the beginning of the 19th century, Dubai was ruled by Mohammed bin Hazza and maintained a unit of Abu Dhabi ● Piracy of the Qasimi prevailed as a common problem in the region, as well as efforts by European Nations to seize control of the sea routes to the India.
  7. 7. HistoryIn 1958 the first oilfield in Abu Dhabi were found, and in 1966 took placethe same in DubaiRashin Sheikh bin Saeed Al Maktoum termed «Fateh oil field», «Fateh»means "good fortune" in its translation to the SpanishThanks to the oil Dubai is a city very rich both politically and economically.
  8. 8. Today● Tax exemption has given rise to many big companies begin to think of Dubai as a venue for their operations.● Dubai to have so much wealth can afford large buildings such as:The Palm Islands and The World
  9. 9. The Palm Islands● They are a group of three artificial islands currently under construction, which are among the largest in the world in its kind.● On these islands, will be constructed type commercial and residential infrastructure, as it is expected to become a tourist destination● .There are three islands which are: Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Deira
  10. 10. Palma Jumeirah ● It is the smallest of the 3 Islands, with 5.6 km2, its length is 5 km and its width of 5.5 km. The first phase of the development of the Palm Jumeirah will provide 4,000 residences within the next 3 to 4 years.
  11. 11. Palm Jebel Ali●It is the second of the artificial islands according to their size ●Its design is most interesting as seen from the air, be read a poem by 84 lyrics created by 404 homes on the water, one of them will say so: "Takes the wisdom of the wise, this leads to aman of vision to write on water. Not everyone whorides the horse is a jockey. Great men are major challenges".
  12. 12. Palm Jebel Ali
  13. 13. Palm Deira● Finally the Palm Deira is the largest of the Islands and overcomes them much in terms of its size. Its size is not greater than the Paris.● Currently, just works are starting to build it and probably not be completed until 2015.
  14. 14. The Palm Islands
  15. 15. The World● Also in the sea, the Palm Jumeirah and Palm Deira, is located a set of 300 artificial islands called "The World" due to the fact that together create the shape of the world● It is still under construction● Each island will be a property and depending on its size, the owners be able to build a residence on it
  16. 16. The World
  17. 17. Policy ● The Dubai Government operates under a system of constitutional monarchy, which governs the Al Maktoum dynasty since 1833
  18. 18. Economy ● In 2008 gross domestic product of Dubai was 82,11 billion USD is worth mentioning thatalthough the economy boom began in the periodsubsequent to the development of the oil industryin the country, oil not has great importance in thegeneration of money, since barely represents 7% of the economy of the Emirate
  19. 19. Tourism● Tourism is an important part of the Government of the Emirates strategy to maintain the flow of foreign money in his possession.● The tourist attraction of Dubai is based on purchases, but there are also many visitors who travel there to see its architecture, both ancient and modern
  20. 20. Dubai
  21. 21. Tag ● The code tag in Dubai is strictly governed by islam, although there are some exceptions such as Muslim clothing, which is not mandatory
  22. 22. Religion ● Islam is the religion of official State, where sunni Islam is the most practiced.
  23. 23. Education● The school system in Dubai does not differ to what exists in the rest of the United Arab Emirates. In 2012, there were 80 public schools administered by the Ministry of education and 152 private schools. Most of the public schools use Arabic as a main language, with emphasis on English as a second language.
  24. 24. School School
  25. 25. Sports The most popular sports in the Emirate include soccer, golf, tennis, cricket and rugby
  26. 26. Culture ● The United Arab Emirates (UAE) have a diverse and multicultural society
  27. 27. Music, dance and theatre● These artistic movements have influences of different African cultures, that Dubai has kept close contact due to its high commercial maritime activity. Traditional musical instruments tend to vary in the complexity with which they are made, usually with natural resources and animals
  28. 28. Architecture● Like other cultural traits, the architectural forms present in the majority of the buildings in Dubai come from the fusion of several adopted styles from other cultures. Features of countries such as Iran and India, such as the sensors of wind and carved doors, can be seen respectively
  29. 29. Climate● Being located in the tropics, it has a tropical desert climate. Summers in this area are extremely hot, humid and abundant gusts of wind, with temperatures that can exceed 40 ° C, while at night they descend below 30 ° C.
  30. 30. Photos
  31. 31. Aquarium
  32. 32. Photos