Beijing (China)


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Beijing (China)

  1. 1. This is Beijin!!!
  2. 2. Where is Beijin? ● This is China ● This small red point is Beijin ● It´s the capital of China ● China is in the west of Asia ● And beijin is in the west of China
  3. 3. That you know of Beijin● The temperatures in Beijin are very good - not very cold in winter,not very hot in summer:10º-25º
  4. 4. Currency● The official currency of Pekin and of the whole China is called Renminbi (RMB), which means " currency of the people ". His basic unit is the yuan (CNY) and both terms are used indifferently.
  5. 5. What languages are spoken in Beijin?● In Beijin, the Mandarin is spoken - a variant of the original Chinese
  6. 6. How to get there● Normaly you can go on aeroplane but if you are in China now you can use a train
  7. 7. Inportan monumentThe Prohibited City was the imperial Chinese palacefrom the dynasty Ming until the end of the dynastyQing. He is in the center of Pekin, China, and atpresent it shelters the Museum of the Palace. Foralmost 500 years it was the home of the emperors ofChina and his court, as well as ceremonial and politicalcenter of the Chinese government
  8. 8. Important tower● Tower Door Tianan men● Zhong Lou (Tower of the Bell)
  9. 9. More monumentsThe great Chinese wall The bridge of 17 arches
  10. 10. Typical festivals● New Chinese year or spring holiday (Chunjie)● This year there are good● Luck for the snake
  11. 11. Holiday of autumns middle or of the Full moon (Zhongqiujie)
  12. 12. The people of BeijinThe people of Beijin is very happy and most of them like to go to many parks and centres to do relax activities in big groups
  13. 13. Things to do there● If you are in beijin you can visit the diferent monuments and go to many circus and shops
  14. 14. Beijin population● In Beijin there are 20 million of people now● There are many people for a small city
  15. 15. now● Now in Beijin there is a big problem● There is a toxic fog in Beijin and the people can´t go out of their house
  16. 16. Not the most ancient city● Beijin is an ancient city but also really modern.● There are many new buidings and shop
  17. 17. Tipical food ● The baodu pekinés is a traditional food of the Chinese capital, done with boiled corns. In Chinese, bao means "to sauté" and du it refers to the internal eatable coating of the stomach of lamb and / or veal
  18. 18. photos
  19. 19. If you like Beijin v=485mPaLrPn0
  20. 20. More information