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Athens (Greece)


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Athens (Greece)

  1. 1. ATHENS
  2. 2. LOCATION ON A MAP Athens is located in Greece. Athens is the capital of Greece.
  3. 3. IMPORTANT FACTS The history of Athens spreads more than 3000 years, which turns her into one of the mostancient inhabited cities. During the classic epoch of Greece that was a powerful city. It was acultural center where there lived many of the bigartists, writers and philosophers of the Antiquity.
  4. 4. LANGUAGES SPOKEN In Greece and Athens the most language spoken is the Greek, but there are other local dialects based on the Greek. It is also spoken English and French.
  5. 5. CURRENCY The currency in Greece and Athens is the euro (€), like in Spain, but the history of the currency in Greece and Athens has been too variated, there were coins like the tetradracma and the estatero.
  6. 6. WEATHER INFORMATION The climate in Athens is subtropical semiarid. Winters are a little cold and rainy, but the summers are hot and dry. It rains about 70 days a year, although the rainfall is very moderate and occur only in winter.
  7. 7. HOW TO GET THEREIf you want to go toAthens from Spain thebest ways to go is byboat, by ferry or byplane.
  8. 8. THINGS TO DO THERE In Athens you can visit a lot of different islands like Crete, Melos.. You can visit a lot of monasteries. You can go to the beaches. You can go shopping..
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