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Famous people


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Primary students

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Famous people

  1. 1. Famous people
  2. 2. Read and learn .The sixth level students wrotecompositions about famouspeople. Read them
  3. 3. ANDRES INIESTA Andres Iniesta is a famous football player. He is twenty- seven years old. He is tall and thin. He has got short, straight and black hair and he has got big and brown eyes. He is from Spain. He lives in Fuentealvilla(Albacete). When he plays football ,he always wears a shirt, shorts, socks and trainers. He likes a lots of other activities and other sports too. In his free time ,he sometimes visits sick children in hospital and poor children too. He has got a girlfriend and a daughter. DANI
  4. 4. CRISTIANO RONALDO Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous football player.He is twenty- six years old. He is tall and thin. He has got short straight and black hair .He has got small and blue eyes. He´s from portugal. When he plays football in Real Madrid football team, He usually wears a white t-shirt ,white socks and shorts and yellow trainers. Nevertheless,He sometimes wears a blue t-shirt , blue shorts and blue socks and He can wear a red t-shirt , a red socksand red shorts too, because Real madrid footbal team, has got three uniforms. He likes lots of other sports ,particulary table tennis. He has got a gildfriend, her name is Irina Shayk.Andrea& Martín
  5. 5. Sara Carbonero Sara carbonero is 27 years old. She is from Spain. She lives in Madrid. She is tall and thin. She has got long straight and brown hair and big and brown eyes. She always wears a dress down. She is a famous journalist. She likes enjoying with her friends. Her boyfriend is Iker casillas. He is a famous football player in Real Madrid football team. Iker is 30 years old.Iria & Adan
  6. 6. CASILLAS He is Iker Casillas Fernández. He is 30 years old. He is tall and thin. He has got short straight and brown hair. He is from Spain. He lives in Madrid. He often wears a wristband and coloured T-shirts. He always wears a t-shirt ,shorts, socks and trainers. He loves playing footbal. In his free time he likes reading books. Her girlfriend is Sara Carbonero Who is a famous journalist. They have got a pet. Its a little dog.Jenny&Pablo
  7. 7. Shakira Shakira is one of the most famous singer in the world. She´s from Colombia. She is 29 years old. She is tall and thin.She has got long, wavy and fair hair. She has got big and brown eyes. Shakira always wears black dress and jewellery. She likes animals and football. In her free time, she sometimes visits sick children. In 2011, Shakira visited Rocking Rio. There, Shakira sang waka waka. Her boyfriend is a famous football player. His name is Gerard Pique. Eric&Lorena
  8. 8. DAVID GUETTA David Guetta is a famous DJ. He is from France. He was born in Paris but he lives in EE.UU . He is forty-four years old . He is tall and thin he has got long straight and brown hair .He has got big and blue eyes . David Guetta is a handsome man. He always wears a leather jacket ,a white t- shirt ,blue jeans, white socks and white and black trainers. He never wears a shirt , corduroy trousers or boots . He sometimes visits his friends . He has got a girlfriend,her name is Cathy . Andre&Diego
  9. 9. That’s all Sixth of primary