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       Jan 2010

-   Greetings from Head of ED 1

                    Dear colleagues and students,
  Head        English Division I proudly present...
To my dearest

                          ear my studen...
                                  Hello you guys! What's up these days, freshmen? I am just
2.   What will you get?
Like many other clubs in our school, CDC is not only a class where you can learn dance sports
but ...
       My dear readers,
                It is my honor that you are reading my article. By the time you read
Becoming a teacher
Dreams are always one of important things in life. It can change the way of life, way of thinking, even...
Quach Thu Phuong – 09E13

Nowadays, most teenagers live rather sufficiently and comf ortably. They don’t need to
worry so ...
- Hey, you can do it!
-How do you know?                          to satisfy my parents. But I was not
-Just close your eye...
learning difficulties and so on one by
one. The boy who always sat at the corner       -You see, you can make this class b...
A memorable day out
        Last Sunday I went to visit Vietnam
Bus to School?! :-?
        To a first year student like me, life in a big city is very different from that in the
I am now going to class by bus. Besides some problems when travelling by bus, I think
buses are the most suitable choice f...
                       November 20 ...
   When speaking of it, everyone thinks it is the day for teachers and
Schools. ...
Let’s listen to our freshmen share their experience in learning English. You may find many interesting
lessons to improve t...
You’re wondering where to find suit-

                                    able and reliable materials to practise

This letter earned me the second prize, also the highest one, in the Writing Contest held by
English Department 4 years ag...
Do you remember 2 years ago when you read an advertisement for a contest in a newspaper? It was
the Slogan Contest, in whi...
Huy Hoang - 09E1                      Fun Facts
   Have you                                1. Anecdote: Leonardo Da Vinci,...
                                                                                  Thu Huyen - 09E11
             In a r...
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E Magazine By English Division I F E L T E ( U L I S V N U) Issue 1, Jan 2010


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E Magazine By English Division I F E L T E ( U L I S V N U) Issue 1, Jan 2010

  2. 2. Greetings from Dear colleagues and students, the Head English Division I proudly presents you the first issue of our of E-Magazine. All of the articles were written English and carefully collected by our teachers and Division students from the Faculty of English Language Teacher Education. I I hope that you will find our e-magazine useful for your teaching and learning in this university. New Year is coming to our life and on behalf of the teachers and staff in English Division I, I would like to send my best regards to you and your family. Let’s build our community stronger and together we move forward. Yours faithfully, Khoa Anh Viet
  3. 3. To my dearest students D ear my students, Thank god because you listened to me so attentively I would love to say thank you then. Since the moment of that sharing, I could feel the to all you guys for all your closeness and understanding between us. I hope that encouragement to me and all the laughter and happiness you can draw something from my experiences and you show in every lesson. For me, each day working mistakes. with you is as wonderful and festive as a “wedding” ^^. Well, how moved was I when I received your If you were asked whether you have done anything encouragement when I got a fever and sank meaningful in your life, just frankly reply with pride continuously in weariness and boredom. Maybe God that you have made one person’s choice as a teacher told you to send me long messages offering me to be meaningful! called “Daisy” or “Button” ;D (which I still save in my In every lesson, we laugh a lot. I don’t know since mobile phone) to drag me back to the lovely lessons when I have become both “mature” and younger. You, filled with joys and laughter. Needless to say, how can I my students, have made me in that way, I guess. I love forget your encouraging eyes and smiles while you the jokes “There is a fly in your mouth … - Am I a know your teacher would be evaluated :p. Your praise dog?” which made me split my sides with laughter. me for my “attractive appearance” made me happy until Perhaps we will never forget the structure “You must I went to bed (though I know your opinion is a little bit be joking!” with a classical joke “I like fishing in the exaggerating) ^o^. toilet” that you made up :D. No wonder sometimes my Without you, it may be hard for me to realize that it’s roommate thought I have some problems when I burst urgent for me to advance my self. I find me so bad out laughing without any reason :D. She didn’t know when I sometimes got too tongue- tied to speak fluently that then I was thinking of your jokes you made, my even though I want to explain clearly to you. It now dear. Until now, whenever reminiscing of the time I dawns on me that good relationships or encouragement tried to draw a dog turning out to be a cat, a Santa from a teacher are never enough for students. My Clause instead of a snowman, I can’t help double up knowledge must be unceasingly enriched and my skills with laughter. Never before have I enjoyed any more need carefully sharpening. fantastic and weirder game than your “Handsome In a nut shell, thank you very much for all the things handsome – Kim Tae Hee!”. If my mouth happens to be you bring to me. By the way, I know you are trying 3 centimeters wider, it’s your fault! very hard now. However, don’t put yourself under too Working with you helps me understand “myself” in its much pressure. Take a deep breath, put on a smile and true sense. Do you remember the debate on part-time start your work. I assure you that you will find yourself jobs for freshmen? At that time I heard you said and I one day. (Ms Tran Cuc) related to my own experience when I was a first year student like you all. That was the first time I shared with other people about my job of which I used to be ashamed and afraid of mentioning to. From the bottom of heart, I told you about my roughest stage of life when I even didn’t dare to look up and face to other people when talking. I also told you about my loss, my torture of conscience and how I did overcome all.
  4. 4. CDC Hello you guys! What's up these days, freshmen? I am just "fresh" like you all and I found that life at the University may be both fascinating and disastrous in many ways. A new life in a new city and a new university makes you confused. Stressful environment with continuous assignments and deadlines and low marks, tough lessons can let you down. Is this situation so bad? (I hope that you do not have to cope with all those things above!!!). Some of my friends complain that they are really bored and don't know what to do in their free time except for sleeping and eating! Do you need some new taste to spice up your life now? Let me introduce to you an interesting rendezvous: Cheer Dance Club family! What's hot? Established 3 years ago but it's not until this school year that this club attracts a lot of students in our university. This year, with the new and active leaders, dancing club was revived again. The 2 leaders of the club are also our beloved and devoted teachers, Anh Duc and Thu Hien. This club offers a basic course and an advanced course for upper level. After a 10-days-course, you can have some basic knowledge of dance sports and make some simple moves. After one course, you'll be surprised seeing yourself moving gently, bending and swaying gracefully, which you could never imagine before. And soon after that, you'll find yourself addicted to dancing! Of course, dance sports is not a child's play. If you want to master it, hard practice and determination are required. Don't give up if you think you don't have what it takes. Your effort will pay off. When it comes to what students like most about this club, many will say it's the teachers! Anh Duc and Thu Hien are very friendly and enthusiastic. They don't mind dancing with every student who cannot make it right, though they are terribly tired and their voices are hoarse because of counting. They know how to help us get rid of shyness at first. They can heat up the atmosphere, throw parties to connect all members together like a warm family.
  5. 5. 2. What will you get? Like many other clubs in our school, CDC is not only a class where you can learn dance sports but also a small community for you to join in ^^ Because dancing is closely connected with music, you can enjoy marvelous melodies and beautiful songs while practicing dancing techniques, a good way to relax after class. Sometimes you might laugh at others and yourself also in the warm-up lessons: jumping up and down with one leg, moving your hips in an eight- shaped circle...Thuy Linh (09E17) thinks the funniest thing at this club is there are not enough "gentlemen" for all the "ladies", so you have to take turns in playing the man's role :D. You can truly enjoy yourselves and have a great time relaxing here. As a kind of sports, dancing can help you improve your health, especially stamina and flexibility, and get into shape! (However, it takes time! ) For freshmen like us, it's also a good place for making friends. In the friendly atmosphere, you can be befriended by other members in the club. Moreover, it's where you can meet and talk with students from universities in Hanoi: FTU, HANU, HNUE...If you are not good at finding a small talk, you"ll find it easier to ask your partners about their universities, their lives and even their YM IDs also while hand in hand practicing! Besides chatting, they can give you many useful pieces of advice about our university, outside- class activities, subjects, teachers, and study experience. (I was advised to try to be a "tutor" in pronunciation class by a 2nd year sister and I think she was totally right!). They may even become your close friends one day, who knows? Lan Anh (09E25) said that: "Nowhere can you find a more fun, friendly and comfortable club like this, where both the teachers and the learners are still students. Furthermore, learning dance sport is really interesting and beneficial, so i found this club really worth joining in". That's what dance sport can give you: As a dancer, you must be totally self-confident and active in front of other people. I believe that self-confidence and activeness are what freshmen like us need most to identify who you are at the university. How to get involved? If you are a freshman interested in dancing who is looking for a way to spend your free time effectively and want to join in a cheerful society, a warm family, then, just come and explore yourself with CDC, you will never have to say sorry! Come to the multi-purpose gym room in our university on Tuesday or Thursday at 6pm to register and join us! See ya!
  6. 6. Foreword My dear readers, It is my honor that you are reading my article. By the time you read these words, this writing will have been two months old and winter reigning. So put your warmest clothes on, my dears! My purpose is to show you an aspect of the Campus, and I will try to expand this aspect as the time goes by. Enjoy the article! Chapter One: A brand new life The day I started to live on campus was one week after the day I checked in because I spent the period between those two days staying at home. I have realized that the emotions were very different from each other. On the check-in day, accompanied by my mother, I felt really excited because I was going to start a new life. Brand new things are always exciting, aren’t they? On the same day, I met my roommates – “Strangers or the closest friends-to-be?” thought I. However, on the very day I started the campus life, these emotions changed completely. Excitement was replaced by disappointment. After saying good-bye to my father, I sat alone in my bunk bed, missing my parents, my friends and my hometown. I was surrounded by totally strange sceneries, never-before-met people, different daily activities, and especially by the sad yellow sunshine like a late good- bye to the last summer of childhood… I was falling, in the middle of nowhere. How did I get over it to write these words with joyfulness and optimism? The answer was right beside me and no surprising to you, I think! My classmates and my teachers have been showing me that studying in the university is very interesting with the lively effective lessons, the open conversations between teachers and students and the essential understanding tightening the relationships. My roommates lifted me up with their very manners, making me feel like home when I was homesick, cheering me up when I was upset. Now I know that we are A FAMILY! I also had to say “Thanks” to music for strengthening my mind when needed. Let the music heal your soul! Since then, my life has totally changed – my Campus Life! Parents are no longer beside me, telling me what to do or not to do. HURRAY! I am FREE! Totally FREE! From now on, I will spread my wings and fly away freely. For many mornings since then, nobody has shouted to wake me up when I oversleep. Nobody has yelled at me to make me go to bed when I have many overnight-chats. And nobody has screamed out my name to have me join meals when I cancel some. Oh dears, am I going down? Is that a common reality or a particularly unsolvable problem? The answer may come up next time! To be continued…
  7. 7. Becoming a teacher Dreams are always one of important things in life. It can change the way of life, way of thinking, even change the character of people… For me, the dream of being a teacher helps me be more confident to try and achieve the things I want… I remembered when I was a four- year- old girl, I wished I could fly in the sky like the birds or become a giant person. It seems to be a little funny because it‘s simply a thought of a child. Then when grew up, I didn’t know when those silly thoughts disappeared. At high school, maturity led me to more practical dreams but I thought they were still impractical. There were a lot of jobs I like and wanted to do in the future: a famous journalist, a tour guide, a successful businesswoman…. Complicated? I think so, but people always joke that “no one levies on dream, so you don’t need to worry” Oh yeah…! So I thought about all jobs I heard about. Then I was admitted into HULIS like my parents’ wish. I can’t deny that before I have never thought of being teacher, and even hate it. Now, however, it’s incredible when for no reason at all I want to be a… teacher, yes, a teacher! The images of a teacher existed in my mind before, but now it becomes really clearer than ever. The way teachers say, the way teachers smile, the way teachers talk to students and the way teachers bring the knowledge to students, etc. make me like this job. Before, sometimes I wondered that why teachers always smile though the work is hard, but now I understand the reason is happiness. I realize that no difficulties are insurmountable if we love the job and are happy to do it. There are a lot of poems praising teachers but the poem: “A teacher for a reason” makes me remember forever. A Teacher for All Seasons A teacher is like Spring, Who nurtures new green sprouts, Encourages and leads them, Whenever they have doubts. A teacher is like Summer, Whose sunny temperament Makes studying a pleasure, Preventing discontent. A teacher is like Fall, With methods crisp and clear, Lessons of bright colors And a happy atmosphere. A teacher is like Winter, While it’s snowing hard outside, Keeping students comfortable, As a warm and helpful guide. Teacher, you do all these things, With a pleasant attitude; You’re a teacher for all seasons, And you have my gratitude! (By Joanna Fuchs) I think the dream of being a teacher will be a motive power helping my wish come true!!^,^!
  8. 8. Quach Thu Phuong – 09E13 Nowadays, most teenagers live rather sufficiently and comf ortably. They don’t need to worry so much about finance because their parents have the ability to financially support them. Is it the reason why many teenagers lack responsibility for their life? Even though they only have some difficulties , they can be discouraged. A minor failure also can become a big nightma re to them. They even always complain and blame for circumstances. They think that they can’t learn as well as some other people since they don’t have condition, chances and much mo ney to take extra lessons. Step by step, with this negative thinking, they become lazier, more passive and they always fin d “excellent” reasons to plead for their stupid acts. I don’t deny that many students have trouble compared with other students. However, this doesn’t mean they accept their fate resignedl y. Why do some poor students get outstanding achievements in studying at university as well as in their future job? Why do the disabled still live and work normally as others everyday? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Maybe they are fully aware of their life. They have dreams, hope and belief. And importantly, they have extraordinary will. After failure, they keep standing up and trying their best to make their dream s come true. I was moved when watching “Shining prospective” program on channel VTV 3 about a girl friend. She couldn’t do anything when her father had terminal liver cancer and passed away. Worse still, her mother suffered from a heart failure, which was far beyond her family’s budget . Thus, the only thing she could do for her mother is passing the entrance exam and becoming a good student of a famous university. However, her mother no longer lived to see her success. That day was the greatest misfortune in her life . It is a story about endless perseverance. I think that if they can do it, we can also do it as long as we decide to try our best and know how to grasp the opportunity . Of course, luck is one of important factors to be successful in life.
  9. 9. - Hey, you can do it! -How do you know? to satisfy my parents. But I was not -Just close your eyes and believe in really good at those things. No matter yourself! how hard I tried, I could not catch up with my peers. I felt disappointed She smiled as usual. This smile about myself. Another miserable had a special power. Whenever I saw thing: I did not have many friends or it, I felt like the whole world was want to make friends with anyone for watching and supporting me. I stepped fear that I was not as outstanding as out, and started playing the first notes them. People called me “introvert” or of my performance “Nothing but the “nerd” because I rarely said anything music...Play with your heart....” In my to them, just burying my head in mind, her far-away voice kept me books. focus on the pieces of music.When the final notes resounded, so silent was the audience that my heart sank down and it seemed to hardly pound. But then, it was relieved when they burst into clap. I could see my teacher’s face in the crowd, full of rejoice and proud … Four years ago, I found myself completely lost. I was nobody. Life ”It would be better to keep your didn’t appear to have any meanings, mouth shut and let the whole world just grabbing the books, running to think you’re a fool, rather than open school on time, doing the homework, your mouth and prove it”. That and listening to my parents telling me “proverb” set up obstacle in my mind, what to do. They always wanted me preventing me from talking to anyone. to be top of the And then she came. She was my new world but in their teacher, taking over from the old one ways, not mine. who was on maternity leave. I didn’t After going to know why she always paid attention school, I had to to me. Perhaps I looked like a fish out attend some extra of water. During the first few weeks, classes, just to raise she tried to get close to all mem bers my scores in math, of my class, asking about personal physics, and interests, family background , chemistry and so on
  10. 10. learning difficulties and so on one by one. The boy who always sat at the corner -You see, you can make this class better. of the class – me – was the last one she Let’s embellish that life with some pink interviewed colour rather than monotonous white. -I want to talk with you after class, ok? She knew I had a remarkable talent for -Hmm... Look like I cannot say no hah? music. Not only did she give me some tips to learn more effectively, she also -It’s your choice. I just want to know you encouraged me to play the piano and better. (She smiled) participated in the music contest of our That talk seemed to be unforgettable. I school. Had it not been for her could remember exactly her every word - encouragement, I would have never won How do you feel about our class? She the second prize in that contest. asked.I pondered for a moment and then One day I asked her how to make friends took a glass, pouring water into it until it with other people, and how to know how a was full. good friend was. She smiled and said: - Our class is like this glass. There is no place for me. Pouring any more water just makes everything worse “Open your heart and give them a chance. Sometimes, you have to build a wall around yourself, not to isolate you from other people, but to find who are brave enough to break this wall, to care for you.” Now she is married. I know she has found the one who broke her wall to care for her. Although she is not my teacher any more –which means I don’t have many chances to talk with her – I often ask for her advice when I have to decide something important. This 20/11, I will pay a visit to her cozy warm house, to thank for her meaningful advice, which helps me much She smiled. To my surprise, she took a to become a mature “me” as today. petal of a rose on the table, and then put it on the glass. The water was still.
  11. 11. A memorable day out Last Sunday I went to visit Vietnam so confused, he listened carefully and patiently. Museum of Ethnology. It was the first time I When he said a word I have not heard, he went there. I saw a lot of foreigne there. Luckily, I had a chance to talk with a foreign explained its meaning, spelling it for me without getting angry or irritated. There were tourist who is middle – aged man. He comes two words I remembered most. from Australia. His name is Matthew. He is a ship captain. He lives in Sydney. During his The first word is “nuclear”. He said ten-day vacation in Vietnam he visited many that it has 2 meanings. The first one is used famous places such as: NHa Rong Harbor, Cu for bomb which can destroy massively. The Chi Tunnel, Ho President’s Mausoleum… other is used for one kind of family which has The most special thing is that was the two generations: parents and their children, without grandchildren. first time I talked with a native speaker. I said “I am very bad at listening English, so I hope The second word is “inscribe”. I didn’t you will speak slowly in order that I can know what it meant so he wrote by hand on a understand what you say”. He agreed “Yes, it wooden pillar to illustrate for his explanation: is ok”. We had 30 minutes to talk together. He “It means you write about important events, shared that he had 3 daughters. One is a for example, World Cup to…”. I acclaimed nurse, one is a doctor, and the other is a cheerfully: “to memorize”. He nodded “Yes, student. The oldest daughter got married 1 you are right”. month ago. He always feels happy because his daughters often take care of him. Besides, he We also shared about cultural custom in expressed his admiration to Vietnamese people. Vietnam and Australia. In the end, we had to He emphasized Vietnamese people’s strength say goodbye. We shook hand and took a photo and bravery; especially tin two big wars together. With a gentle smile, he said sincerely, (protect our country from France and USA’s ” I wish you happiness”. I don’t know how to invasions). express my feeling but I will remember his word forever. That is one of the most I was most impressed by his behaviour. memorable days in my life. He treated me as if I was his granddaughter. Although I made mistakes in spelling, Dx_E3 arranging English words order, he tried his best to understand my idea. Despite of being
  12. 12. Bus to School?! :-? To a first year student like me, life in a big city is very different from that in the countryside. Everything seems rather strange and it takes me a long time to get used to the lifestyle here. I am living with my sister in Thanh Xuan District, about 6 km to my university (HULIS). At first, all members in my family thought that it would be better if I went to university by bus. I also agreed with that opinion because of its low price and convenience. However, the fact is opposite. Firstly, the bus is full of On the other hand, the more people, so it seems that we as I travel by bus, the more passengers don’t have enough interesting things I find out. space to breathe. That will get Going by bus is not only worse if there is a traffic jam. cheaper but also safer than As you know, it is popular by car. One special thing is that most streets in Hanoi are people’s behavior in the bus. always crowed with too many The younger always give human-beings and vehicles at others (the elderly, children, any time, except for the the disabled, etc) their seats midnight. I often wait for a without hesitation. You also long time to reach my house, have more chances to know which seems very terrible. strange people. Perhaps you Moreover, we have to depend may make friends and on the time each bus reaches become someone’s best the bus stop in order to come friend one day. On the bus, to class or work place on time. anyone can get to see many Therefore, we don’t have more sceneries. You can also much time to do other fall asleep if you want and activities before lessons or a needn’t ask for directions, hard-working day. For etc. example, if I have lessons in the morning, I have to get up early so as not to miss the bus. Thus, I don’t have any time to review what I was taught in class.
  13. 13. I am now going to class by bus. Besides some problems when travelling by bus, I think buses are the most suitable choice for anyone. I used to talk to a strange person in the bus a lot and now we become friends. This is really wonderful. Therefore, I have a piece of advice that someone who has never travelled by bus, give it a try. Surely, I think you will like the bus soon. Vũ Thị Diệu Linh- E4
  14. 14. th November 20 ... When speaking of it, everyone thinks it is the day for teachers and Schools. However, as for me, it is not only a day for teachers but also one of the days for my family. When I studied at primary school, secondary school, and high school, it was about one kilometer from my house to my school. Now, when I go to university in Hanoi, it is over eighty-five kilometers from my house to the university. I must live far from my house. I miss my family very much. Homesickness is inside me. I miss the time when I lived with my family, talking, chatting, and even quarrelling. Now I realize that whenever I live with my family, it is a wonderful time. Eighty-five kilometers is not too far. However, it is too difficult for me to go home. I am carsick, so my father doesn’t allow me to go home by myself. As for me, it isn’t the most important reason. It is the money I must pay to get a bus or car to go home that I am worried about. It is about 200.00 vnd. Maybe to those who are quite rich, it is not a matter. However, in my family’s circumstance, it is different. My father’s left leg is atrophied, so he cannot go out to work. My mother must work hard to earn money for us my two younger sisters and I to study. Therefore, I live very economically. I am a timid girl. I seldom demonstrate my feelings such as crying, talking about my family with my friends. Whenever I miss my family, I phone to ask for their news. I usually ask, “How are you today?”, “Have you had lunch or dinner yet?”, or “Do my sisters study well?”. Talking to my family, I hear familiar voices, so I feel very happy. When the conversations end, I want to say, “You all should take care of yourselves!”. However, this sentence is always stagnant. Maybe in the past when I lived with my family, so intimate sentences were not necessary. Therefore, when I have a new lifestyle in Hanoi, I cannot get used to it. Tet holiday is soon to arrive. Never before have I expected Tet to come like this. I expect to go home very much. What a wonderful time I will have! Lê Vân Anh- 09E2
  15. 15. Let’s listen to our freshmen share their experience in learning English. You may find many interesting lessons to improve the four skills or you may want to add more ideas in the next volume of our magazine. This corner is solely devoted to STUDY. Yet, you will find it no less interesting than other corners, especially when you have chances to read your friends’ writing or even the writing of your teachers when they were your age. Now, let’s discover what we have here!!! IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS WITHIN 50 MINUTES Just for one question "what is your method of learning 10 minutes is not little but not too much for you to prac- English?", people will have thousands of different an- tice, so it is important that each person finds the method swers which are based on the experience of their own. in accordance with circumstances and your own ability. Some practise the English skills by listening to music and watching foreign films while there are people buried in the 2. Practise reading - 10 minutes books like a storehouse of infinite knowledge without knowing what the stops are. Choose your favorite theme to read; however, be sure to note selected topics and articles that fit your level (from Have you ever thought that with just 50 minutes a day, beginning to advanced) to avoid boredom and increase you will have a great command of English yet? Do not sur- the effectiveness of the practice. prise and please try referring to the learning experience below to see how all the story is! 3. Practise vocabularies - 10 minutes All that experience is useful but the most important is to You should spend 5 minutes to write all new words that develop the habit of studying English every day - a simple you have met in the previous 20-minute listening and thing but the key to better your English skills. reading practice. Always keep a book with you to take notes new words and their meanings. Sometimes you All those learning English must recognize that English is should review to remember them longer. Set for yourself a timeless treasure and if not having the right direction, the "Top 15 words per day" to record new words, difficult you can get lost in the maze of knowledge. Therefore, you words is also an interesting way to learn effectively. You should not try to learn so many things at once in a short should try doing a small calculation with this method: time. Please see the practice as a small daily habit and everyday you can learn at least 15 words, each month at effective learning will help you clearly see the changes least 450 words and each year 164,250 words. Such a each day. number is beyond your imagination with just 10 minutes a day, isn’t it? 1. Practise listening - 10 minutes 4. Practise grammar - 10 minutes Only 10 minutes of daily practice , you can furnish your- self with listening habits reflected in English. Each people This is the time to remember what you have learned in has different choices to practice listening English effec- class or for your self-study. So 10 minutes is the time you tively and conveniently. You can refer to the suggestions can get book to review grammar and language focus below to do it. which you have studied. In addition, you can refer to the websites to learn English online. Each day, there will be • News channel on TV and the Internet: there are now a focal point of grammar introduced (Tip of the Day). Re- many information channels using English. Practice listen- view quickly and then focus on the structure or vocabulary ing with the information helps you reach common English that you have met in the 10-minute practice of listening which is used daily or English in some specific areas such and reading. as politics, economy, culture and tourism. Knowledge about the society along with the ability to listen to your 5. Practise speaking - 10 minutes English will be improved dramatically. Speaking daily is especially important even if you only • Listen to music: Listen to music helps you familiarize spend 10 minutes on it. Try to speak really, summarize yourself with the flexibility of the English title difficulties what you have heard and read. If practicing individually is such as the accompanying music, connected sound, into- difficult, you can study together with friends. nation up and down, etc as the characteristics of the songs vary greatly. You can listen and sing the vocals to Only with 50 minutes a day, every day for at least four practice your English skill. days a week, you can create a habit of learning English. If you keep this habit, your level will progress very quickly. • Using CDs, VCDs and tapes of the curriculum taught in English I WISH YOU SUCCESS! Nguyen Thi Nga - 09E6
  16. 16. You’re wondering where to find suit- able and reliable materials to practise your skills? This’s the answer for you. It’s Hi much easier than you’ve expected. Let’s all. My thank your lovely friend for her sharing! name is Nguyen Thi MinhThu. I’m from group E14 and I would like to share some useful study sources Have with you. you ever heard As you know, the Internet EC – an English nowadays plays an impor- club at our university? tant role in our life. Everyday Inspite of being a new we search for information and club, it soon proves to be a many other interesting things good environment for fresh- happening in the world. It’s men like us to practise English, also an effective study tool. improve our pronunciation, and However, you sometimes waste gain more confidence in communi- time surfing webs without find- cation and presentation. You can ing anything for your study. I’m exchange knowledge, experience glad to introduce a useful web- and interests with other members. site to you: You can even get more valuable www.englishtips. org. things such as the love of an or- You are free to download suit- phan child after a visit to an or- able materials to prepare for phanage held by EC. Being a international English tests member of EC, I find it really such as IELTS, TOEFL, good. Come to join us and FCE, CAE. Besides, there master your English. are many other interest- ing things waiting for you to discover. STUDY RESOURCE
  17. 17. This letter earned me the second prize, also the highest one, in the Writing Contest held by English Department 4 years ago, when I was a freshman at this university. It was a sweet memory and an important achievement of mine at college that I’ll never forget. Hope that my dear students can learn something from this piece of writing. However, don’t learn the run-on sentences which appear quite a lot in this letter  (Ms Le Huong Thao). A LETTER TO MYSELF Dear Myself , Another busy week is over! I’m lying on my bed, enjoying a pleasant weekend night. From the radio comes the sweet voice of Kelly Clarkson with our favourite song ‘Break away’: “ I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly I’ll do what it takes till I touch the sky I’ll make a wish I’ll take a chance I’ll make a change And break away” All kinds of thoughts raced through my mind. And then... I think of you. I’ve known you for 19 years and I can say with the greatest pride that I understand you better than anyone else. I know your strong points and week points, I hear your dreams, I share the same feelings with you. I am always happy to be your best friend. But my dear, do you know that right now I’m so worried about you? I know you to be a creative girl who has come up with hundreds of original ideas and plans. However, have you ever spared a moment to count up how many of these ideas and plans have been put into practice? I’m sure if you have, the total number could be counted on the fingers of one hand. It’s hard to understand, isn’t it? But maybe both you and I know the reason why. It’s because you lack determination and persistence. Do you remember 3 years ago when you were so interested in rock and wanted to become a rock- chick girl so badly that you eagerly attended a guitar class? And then? You quitted the class after only two lessons, complaining about the backache and painful fingers you had to suffer from when learning to play the instrument, and that you fell too far behind the class. Thus, you also regretfully quitted the dream of playing the guitar and performing rock songs in front of the whole high school.
  18. 18. Do you remember 2 years ago when you read an advertisement for a contest in a newspaper? It was the Slogan Contest, in which you had to make up creative slogans in order to advertise for a product you liked. You’ve always been keen on advertising and longing to become a famous advertiser, right? Therefore, you were very excited about the contest. You even made up a number of slogans right after you read the advertisement, most of which I thought were impressive and likely to win the prize. But you got so carried away by other kinds of work that you forgot completely about sending the slogans to the newspaper. And you never got the prize. Do you remember early this semester when you set out a serious plan for extra physical training every afternoon after class? You are never good at running, but you never want to fail the end-of- term running test. You were very determined at first, yet you gave up after one week of training. And you are still in the constant worry about failing the test. Do you know that your life is peaceful in a way that is dull? Every day you go to class, you have meals, you study at home, and you go to bed. Whereas, it should be exciting and full of activities for such a special girl like you: imaginative, funny and crazy about Eminem and Linkin’ Park. You often complain that you haven’t found the meaning of life and achieved anything really significant. But my dear, how can you achieve if you never stick to your goal? How can you reach the destination if you never get started? Time waits for no one. You are young and energetic, and so many dreams are waiting to be ful- filled. Don’t waste your days setting out plans and then regretting not completing them. I remember someone says, “No one is boring in this world. Every one has a history in themselves”. Why don’t you write a history of your own? Why don’t you just get started, pursue your dreams and make them come true? I’m sure only when you do this will you find the true meaning of life. My dear friend, just because I write this letter to you don’t think that I don’t love you or I am disappointed with you. On the contrary, I love you very much. I love everything that belongs to you. And as I wrote above, I’m just worried about the way your life is going on. My dear, why don’t we light a fire of determination in our hearts? Why don’t we do something different? Why don’t we make a change and break away, as Kelly did? “I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly I’ll do what it takes till I touch the sky I’ll make a wish I’ll take a chance I’ll make a change And break away” Why not, Myself? Love you, Your best friend.
  19. 19. Huy Hoang - 09E1 Fun Facts Have you 1. Anecdote: Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the greatest artists in the world, had a understood very ridiculous way of sleeping. Instead everytHing of sleeping on end for 6-9 hours a night, about yourself? or 1-2 a noon, he slept every four hours, each time the duration was 15 minutes. By this way, according to researchers, You believe that you’ve known every- Leonardo increased the time of living thing about your body? Read the facts awaken in all his life by 30 years in com- parison with ordinary people. below and I am sure that you will change your mind. 2. Interesting names of places - You cannot lick your elbow. -Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauota- - You cannot find any other species on m a t e a t u r i p u k a k a p i k i m a u n g a - earth that have face-to-face sex apart horonukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu (85 letters), a hill in New Zealand, has been from humans. listed in the Guinness World Records as - A sex fact for you: Males, on average, the longest place name in the world. The think about sex every 7 seconds. name is translated into English as "The - Humans and dolphins are the only hill of the flute playing by Tamatea — species that have sex for pleasure. who was blown hither from afar, had a circumcised penis, grazed his knees - It’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes climbing mountains, fell on the earth, open. and encircled the land — to his beloved." - You can’t kill yourself by holding your breath. - In Wales (a part of the United King- - Our eyes are always the same size from dom), there is a village named Llanfair- pwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllan birth, but our nose and ears never stop tysiliogogogoch (58 letters), which growing. means “Saint Mary’s Church in the hol- - The smallest bone in the body is in low of white hazel near a rapid your ear. The biggest bone in the body whirlpool and the Church of Saint Tysil- is in your thigh. lio near the red cave”. - The air released from a sneeze can ex- -Chargoggagoggmanchauggagog- ceed 100 mph. gchaubunagungamaugg (45 letters), a - The surface area of a human lung is lake in Massachusetts, is often cited as equal to a tennis court. the longest place name in the United - Food stays in your stomach for 2 to 4 States. hours. - A place name in Bangkok: Krung Thep - Your funny bone isn’t bone at all. It’s a Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin nerve that runs just under your skin in Mahinthara Yuthaya Mahadilok Phop each elbow. Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udom- - Like a fingerprint, every person has a ratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Wit- unique tongue print. sanukam Prasit.
  20. 20. BY Thu Huyen - 09E11 In a restaurant, a cus- Thu Huong - 09E11 tomer asks a waiter: Thu Thao - 09E16 - Could you bring me four peppers? But the waiter doesn’t hear that clearly. The waiter mistakes four rolls of toilet paper for four peppers so he brings the paper to the PITIFUL customer. The waiter said: For the first time, a peasant - Here you are! You are the special customer, came to the city. He was not ac- lady. You need four rolls of toilet paper while quainted with wearing shoes, so his you are having a delicious meal! new shoes made his feet hurt. He The customer: hah, hah…… took them off and kept them in his … hands. He walked in bare feet on the pavement. He thought to himself: FUTURE FOOTBALL PLAYERS --The city people are so pitiful! Two boys were playing football on the street. An old They have to wear shoes all day.... man told them: Wearing shoes is a torture, but --Don't play on the street. It's very dangerous! --There aren't many vehicles on this street. It's they can only take off their not dangerous as at home. I will become a famous shoes when going to football player afterwards, and I won't give you com- bed. plimentary tickets. Don't be sorry then! Two days later, the boy was hit by a car when he was playing football on the street. His right foot was bro- TWO STATUES ken. He met the old man again in the hospital. The old At the corner of street stood a big litter bin. In man was a doctor working there. He said to the boy: the litter bin, there were two chipped statues. One " Hi! Famous football player, why do you come here?" was the Venus, and the other was the Genie of the earth. The statue of the Genie said: --Hi. Beautiful Lady! Why do you come here? --A jealous young wife who was angry with her There husband threw me here. And you? Why did you are a lot of leave your altar? people in a flight The statue of the Genie replied: and a mischievous I --A trader was bankrupt. He blamed it on me.... N boy. The boy makes It's very hard to understand human being! A FLIGHT much noise and runs everywhere. He sings, yells and goes to seats. Tense of After seeing that, an old verb woman asked: -Hey, boy, why don’t you In the English grammar lesson, the teacher asked: go out and play? -What are the simple past tense and the simple fu- ture tense of “marry”? A pupil answered: -Teacher, “love” and “divorce”.