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  1. 1. THE MOST POPULAR MOVIE What’s the most popular film? Decsribe the results of this survey. The most popular film 4,5 4 3,5 3 2,5 2 Serie1 1,5 1 0,5 0 forrest 2012 millionaire orphanage new moon notebook gump slumdog the the Useful language This graph shows . . Half of A quarter A third Most of Over/ more than 20/30/40 . . % of Extension Writing about graphs http://www. glish/graphs/ ALL THESE EXERCISES AND TASKS ARE DUE FOR 31ST JUNE Complete the following text using the appropriate present or past passive form of the verbs below. receive use release base add The Twilight Saga: New Moon is a 2009 American romantic fantasy film based on Stephenie Meyer's 2006 novel New Moon. It is the second film in The Twilight Saga film series and is the sequel to 2008's Twilight, which ......................on Meyer's previous novel The Twilight Saga: New Moon ......................on November 20, 2009. The film fans, but critical reception was less favourable Visual effects in “New Moon” have more bite Computer-generated-imagery magic protect the actors. In one scene, Bella jumps off a high cliff and nearly drowns in the ocean. In reality, stunt doubles jumped off a platform, and Stewart splashed in a swimming pool. Cliffs and menacing waves ....................later. These three adverbs accompanied some of the verbs above- Any idea? well- digitally-also
  2. 2. 3. Read and leave a reply (80 words) Every movie sequel tries to be bigger, badder or bloodier than its predecessor. In the case of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," the follow-up to last year's blockbuster hit "Twilight," bigger and badder meant adding werewolves to a vampire story. "New Moon," which opened Friday and already is breaking box-office records, has more stunts and special effects than the first movie, creating adrenaline-pumping scenes "to keep the boys happy -- boys who are dragged to the theater by their girlfriends," said Susan MacLeod, the movie's visual-effects supervisor Leave a Reply - Explain when and where you have seen this movie (if not, tell her if you are going to watch it) - Tell her if you agree or disagree with her(give reasons or examples) - Compare this film to another film where visual effects or special effects are used (describe scene briefly) - Make a recommendation about a new film Share your view Message Post a comment Name: Mail: ALL THESE EXERCISES AND TASKS ARE DUE FOR 31ST JUNE MAKING QUESTIONS 1. Prepare a survey on students’ likes and dislikes. 1st step: write questions (Do exercise 3- Student’s book- page 114) Example: What is your favourite film character called? 2nd step: make the answers true for you 3rd step: find out what your classmates answered and show your findings using a graph (similar to the one on the most popular film)
  3. 3. More questions - Write questions about the film Spider Man 3. Use the Past Simple Passive (exercise 6 page 115). Then match the answers to the questions (exercise 7) - Look at the fact file about the film Invictus, the Human Factor. Write questions. Use past simple passive Director: Clint Eastwood Example: Who was the film directed by? Writers Anthony Peckham (book: John Carlin) Por quién fue dirigida la película? Studio Warner Bros. Pictures / Spyglass Entertainment / Malpaso Productions / Reve- It was directed by Clint Easwood lations Entertainment Main roles Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon Release 2009 Have you ever been to a film studio? Yes? no? Complete the paragraph (exercise 8- page 115) ALL THESE EXERCISES AND TASKS ARE DUE FOR 31ST JUNE ESL Movie Scavenger Hunt Part One: The Internet Movie Database The IMDB is a great movie resource! You can get information on more than 150,000 movies at this site. You can read reviews, watch film clips, find out about different directors, comment on new releases, buy movie-related stuff and more. First, go to the above address. Then, follow the directions below and have fun answering the questions. 1.) Click on Tops at the Box Office. • What is currently the most popular movie in the US? • How much money has this movie made? • What is it about? • Find a movie in the Box Office Summary would like to see. Are there any comments on this movie? If so, what are people saying about it? • Find a movie in the Box Office Summary that you have seen. Read the comments on this movie; then, submit your own. • What three movies have grossed the most money in US history? • How much money did each movie make in the US? • What three movies have grossed the most money in international history? • How much money did each movie make internationally?
  4. 4. Worksheet 70: REVIEWS Fill in the blanks with a participial or -ed form of one of the verbs in the the -ing adjective list. Some of the words will be used more than once. confuse embarrass frighten shock depress excite humiliate surround disgust fascinate interest A Walk in the Clouds is an exciting movie starring Keanu Reeves. The movie takes place after World War II in the wine country of California. The characters are by beautiful scenery. Keanu’s character is married to a woman he met before he went overseas. They don’t really know each other, nor are they in the same things. He is a traveling salesman, and on his first trip after returning home he meets a woman on the train. Every time he runs into her, he gets into trouble. She is to have caused him so many problems, but he notices that she is very , and finally she tells him that she is pregnant and unmarried. This is an © 1997 Prentice Hall Regents. Duplication for classroom use is permitted. especially position to be in because her parents are very strict and will be by this news. She is very and doesn’t know what to do. Keanu’s character offers to pose as her husband, who will then have a fight with her and leave the woman. Her family, however, will believe she is married and that the husband is a person. They will feel sorry for her. Before the two can carry out this somewhat plan, they start to really fall in love. Watch the movie to find out the ending! Fun with Grammar 225
  5. 5. TASK: “ Con el cine en los talones” english version You will produce an 8 minute cinema film. A panel of experts will be invited to talk about the film you choose. During the programme, apart from summarising the plot and giving some information about the setting, characters and soundtrack, you will have to talk about special and visual effects. At the end, experts will give their opinions about the best and the worst of the film. (Don’t forget to compare it to other films by the same actor/director/ or of the same genre. Finish inviting the readers to watch the film. - The task can be done individually or in groups (2-3 people) - It can be a radio or a TV programme. - Apart from the recording you will have to hand in the script of the programme and a facts- heet including the following information What is the TV programme called? What kind of programme is it? who is the audience? young people? teenagers? adults? What kind of films are presented? Useful links: DUE FOR 31ST MAY ALL THESE EXERCISES AND TASKS ARE DUE FOR 31ST JUNE
  6. 6. TRINITY EXAM: INTERVIEW INTERVIEW (8 MINUTES) CONVERSATION & TOPIC DISCUSSION PORTFOLIO DISCUSSION 1. greetings and introduction 2. Topic - Choose a topic you know and you like- - prepare a talk on that topic (4 minute long) - use the following form to prepare your talk (the examiner will ask you for it before starting) - the examiner will decide the order on which you will talk about each of the points 3. Examiner will choose a topic and will ask you questions or you will have to ask him/ her something topic presentation: it’s important that you organise your thoughts and ideas before the exam. Example: Types of films Where I buy them My film collection My favourites Why I buy them, instead of downlading I wanted to improve I was subscribed my English to Speak Up