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El172 unit8


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El172 unit8

  2. 2. TO SIGNAL SIMILARITY •AND •B1 loves to smile, and B2 enjoys laughing. •Both ... and •Both B1 and B2 like bananas. •Transition: can start a sentence •Similarly, B2 likes bananas.
  3. 3. •Alike/similar •B1 and B2 are alike. •As well/too •B2 likes bananas, as well/too. •Also •B2 also likes bananas. •Like •Like B1, B2 likes bananas.
  4. 4. •But •Snoopy is friendly, but Garfield is tricky. COORDINATING CONJUNCTION
  5. 5. COORDINATING CONJUNCTION •Yet •Garfield eats and sleeps all day, yet he is grumpy.
  6. 6. Subordinate conjunction While/Whereas However On the contrary In contrast On the other hand
  7. 7. •While is more common than whereas •Whereas appears in academic writing but is rare in spoken English
  8. 8. •Snoopy is warm and friendly, while Garfield enjoys messing with Odie.
  9. 9. •However/on the contrary/in contrast/on the other hand •Beginning of a sentence: comma after •Middle of a sentence: semi colon [;] before and comma [,] after TRANSITION
  10. 10. •Garfield eats and sleeps all day. However, he is grumpy. •Garfield eats and sleeps all day; however, he is grumpy.
  11. 11. •On the contrary: reject the statement that precedes it, and introduces an opposing idea •Garfield is not selfish; on the contrary, he loves to share lasagna with his friends.
  12. 12. •In contrast: differences between 2 things •By nature, Blossom is usually in a good mood and loves to smile. In contrast, Bubbles tends to cry often.
  13. 13. •On the other hand, contrasting aspects of one idea •Buttercup is a sweet-natured girl. On the other hand, she can be quite fearsome when furious.
  14. 14. •Sometimes, in contrast and on the other hand are used interchangeably
  15. 15. •Snoopy differs from/is different from Garfield. •The difference between Garfield and Snoopy is that... •Unlike Snoopy, Garfield loves lasagna.