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Adverb clause


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Adverb clause

  2. 2. ( WHAT IS IT? ) ⊛An adverb clause is used to modify the main clause ⊛It may answer the question ⊛Why ⊛When ⊛How
  3. 3. ( WHY ?⊛We came home hungry because the ) restaurant was closed. ⊛Why did we come home hungry? ⊛We came home hungry >> main clause ⊛Because the restaurant was closed >> adverb clause - answering the question why
  4. 4. ( WHEN? ⊛After drought has happened for a ) long time, famine ensues. ⊛When does famine ensue? ⊛Famine ensues >> main clause ⊛After drought has happened >> adverb clause >> it answers the question ‘when’
  5. 5. ( STRUCTURE ) ⊛Main clause ⊛Subordinating conjunction ⊛Adverb clause
  6. 6. The traffic becomes congested when it rains heavily.
  7. 7. ( Structure )The traffic becomes congested when it rains heavily.
  8. 8. The traffic becomes congested when it rains heavily.
  9. 9. ( PUNCTUATION ) ⊛When an adverb clause appears at the beginning of a sentence, it is usually separated from the main clause by a comma. ⊛ Since he gains a lot of weight, he decides to start working out.
  10. 10. ( PUNCTUATION ) ⊛A comma is usually not necessary when the adverb clause follows the main clause. ⊛I didn’t call you last night because it was late.
  11. 11. 5 Types of( ) Adverb Clauses Time Contrast Reason Purpose Condition
  12. 12. ( TIME ⊛Adverb clause - time - explains the ) time/duration when the main clause happens ⊛Answer the question ‘when’ ⊛When it does not rain for a long time, drought happens. ⊛When does drought happen?
  13. 13. ( ⊛When, before, after TIME ) ⊛Whenever ⊛As soon as ⊛As, while ⊛Since ⊛Until
  14. 14. ( CONTRAST ) ⊛Unexpected result ⊛ Even though he worked very hard, he did not get the promotion. ⊛ Although he came early, he missed the flight.
  15. 15. ( CONTRAST ) ⊛Although ⊛Even though ⊛Though
  16. 16. ( CONTRAST ) ⊛Direct contrast, opposite ⊛ While the central part of the country was flooded, the north remained dry. ⊛ Jack likes to play sports whereas Jill prefers music.
  17. 17. ( CONTRAST ) ⊛While ⊛Whereas
  18. 18. ( REASON ⊛Answer the question why - cause ) ⊛The traffic is congested because there is an accident. ⊛Why is the traffic congested? ⊛Since she studied hard, she received a scholarship. ⊛Why did she receive a scholarship?
  19. 19. ( REASON ) ⊛Because ⊛As ⊛Since
  20. 20. ( PURPOSE ) ⊛To answer why - result ⊛We must pay attention in class so that we can pass the exam. ⊛I should not overspend in order that I will not have credit card debt in the future.
  21. 21. ( PURPOSE ) ⊛So that ⊛In order that
  22. 22. ( CONDITION ⊛The first conditional ⊛The situation is possible when the ) condition is fulfilled ⊛If we study hard, we will get an A. ⊛Unless we are careful with our money, we will have financial difficulty. ⊛If/Unless + present tense, future tense
  23. 23. ( CONDITIONS ⊛The second conditional ) ⊛The present situation is impossible or unlikely to happen ⊛If I were taller, I would play basketball. ⊛Unless we invited them, they would not come to our party. ⊛If/Unless+ past tense, would + V1
  24. 24. ( CONDITIONS ⊛The third conditional ) ⊛The past situation is unreal ⊛If I had studied hard in high school, I would have received a scholarship. ⊛If/Unless + past perfect [had +V3], would have + V3.
  25. 25. ( CONDITIONS ) ⊛If ⊛Unless