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321 unit 9 logistics


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321 unit 9 logistics

  1. 1. Unit 9 LOGISTICS
  2. 2. LOGISTICS•In broader terms, logistics refers to the whole process to complete an operation from start to end •ABC Co. will hold the regional workshop next month. Jane needs to handle the logistics.
  3. 3. LOGISTICS•By that, Jane needs to •Confirm the date and time of the workshop •Book hotel rooms •Arrange meeting facilities •Send cars to pick up meeting attendants
  4. 4. USEFUL PHRASES•If you bear with me for a moment - please wait for a moment•To look into it - to investigate what happened
  5. 5. CLARIFYING THE SPELLINGAble, Baker, Charlie, David, Easy,Fox, George, How, Item, Johnny,King, Love, Mike, Nancy, Oboe,Peter, Queen, Roger, Sugar, Tear,Uncle, Victor, William, X-Ray, York,Zebra  
  6. 6. EFFECTIVE PHONING•How can I help you today?•What seems to be the problem?•I’ll just make some notes as you are speaking.In Company Upper intermediate Macmillan Publishers 2004
  7. 7. EFFECTIVE PHONING•Could I just go over/check (your order) again?•I can suggest/recommend …•Would you mind sending me a copy of your receipt?
  8. 8. EFFECTIVE PHONING•I can see how this creates a problem for you./ I agree wholeheartedly.•I don’t blame you for being angry./ If I were you, I’d feel the same way.•We do pay serious attention to all customer comments.
  9. 9. EFFECTIVE PHONING•I’ll call you back on …/I’ll get back to you on …•I’ll look into it straight away.•I’m sure we can sort this out for you.
  10. 10. EFFECTIVE PHONING•Could I help with anything else today?•Is there anything else I can help you with?•Please ring/call us again if you need further assistance.
  11. 11. AUDIO 36•Tiny by comparison, but much more personal: more time to discuss customer needs & deal with problem in shop•Use bar codes & database•By tracking them
  12. 12. VOCABULARY•If only - used to introduce a (rather unrealized) wish: I wish •A: You should go to Harvard. •B: If only.(= I wish)•Personal touch - what you do to make someone feel special •The host adds his personal touch by writing handwritten thank-you notes to every guest.
  13. 13. AUDIO 40•There was a mix-up. The order was sent by sea, instead of international courier.•To send 400 by courier immediately
  14. 14. REPORTED SPEECH•To relay a message from A to B, you need a reported speech•When a reporting verb is in past tense, the main clause is shifted to make it ‘more past’•A reporting verb is bold-faced while the shift in main clause is underlined
  15. 15. REPORTED SPEECH•Can you tell me what (has) happened to it? •I asked the warehouse to check what had happened to it.•It went 2 weeks ago. •They told me it had gone two weeks ago.•We sent it by sea. •They said they had sent it by sea.•Do you know where it it? •I asked if they knew where it was.
  16. 16. Say vs. Tell•We say something.•We tell someone something.•We say something to someone.
  17. 17. How to Leave a Voicemail Message1. B/F2. E/G3. A4. C/D/H• Sequence: 3-2-4-1