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New England Primer


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This is a brief look at the New England Primer and its impact on education.

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New England Primer

  1. 1. This is a reprint from the 1800s much like the original Puritan book.
  2. 2. Notice the old style long “s” between the “r” and the normal “s.”
  3. 3. The woodcuts (pictures) helped teach Puritan doctrine with reading.
  4. 4. This was a very popular text for over 150 years. It influenced everything.
  5. 5. This 1843 reprint of a 1777 edition was still in use 200 years after the Puritans began using it. Its influence on the nation was great.
  6. 6. Notice the lessons in this edition.
  7. 7. Notice the prayers here. We are still influenced by the text.
  8. 8. This is a picture of an early school room.
  9. 9. Life was uncertain, as the text here indicates.