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TOEIC Vocabulary: Learn 5 Words Today (12 September 2014)


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TOEIC Vocabulary - Free TOEIC exam practice exercises and tests online

Practice here:

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TOEIC Vocabulary: Learn 5 Words Today (12 September 2014)

  1. 1. TOEIC Vocabulary Learn five words today! Practice here:
  2. 2. (1) exemplary 1. extremely good and deserving to be admired and copied; serving as a model or example 2. (of a punishment) serving as a warning or deterrent 3. serving as a sample, instance, type, etc. 2 TOEIC Vocabulary Practice here:
  3. 3. (2) consider to think carefully 3 TOEIC Vocabulary Practice here:
  4. 4. (3) malevolent causing or wanting to cause harm or evil to another or others; malicious; evil 4 TOEIC Vocabulary Practice here:
  5. 5. (4) descry 1. see (something unclear or distant) by looking carefully 2. discover by looking carefully 5 TOEIC Vocabulary Practice here:
  6. 6. (5) discredit 1. damage the credit or reputation of (someone); disgrace 2. cause (someone or something) to seem dishonest or untrue 6 TOEIC Vocabulary Practice here:
  7. 7. Thank you Practice here: