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TOEIC Vocabulary: Learn 5 Words Today (11 August 2014)


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TOEIC Vocabulary - Free TOEIC exam practice exercises and tests online

Practice here:

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TOEIC Vocabulary: Learn 5 Words Today (11 August 2014)

  1. 1. TOEIC Vocabulary Learn five words today! Practice here:
  2. 2. (1) rhetorical of, relating to, or concerned with the art of speaking or writing that is effective or intended to influence, persuade, or impress people and that may not be honest or reasonable 2TOEIC Vocabulary Practice here:
  3. 3. (2) vex make someone angry, annoyed, confused, or worried, especially with trivial matters 3TOEIC Vocabulary Practice here:
  4. 4. (3) demure (especially of a woman or her behavior) reserved, modest, shy, and well behaved 4TOEIC Vocabulary Practice here:
  5. 5. (4) indigenous existing, growing, or produced naturally in a particular place or climate; native 5TOEIC Vocabulary Practice here:
  6. 6. (5) explicit fully and clearly expressed or demonstrated, leaving no room for confusion or doubt 6TOEIC Vocabulary Practice here:
  7. 7. Thank you Practice here: