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GRE Vocabulary: Learn 5 Words Today (04 October 2014)


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GRE Vocabulary - Free GRE exam practice exercises and tests online

Practice here:

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GRE Vocabulary: Learn 5 Words Today (04 October 2014)

  1. 1. GRE Vocabulary Learn five words today! Practice here:
  2. 2. (1) attribute 1. a trait or quality 2. a characteristic 2 GRE Vocabulary Practice here:
  3. 3. (2) coherent 1. consistent or logical 2. understandable 3. capable of explaining one's thoughts or ideas in a way that is easily understood 4. unified; sticking together 3 GRE Vocabulary Practice here:
  4. 4. (3) garrulous talking much or too much, especially about things that are not important 4 GRE Vocabulary Practice here:
  5. 5. (4) underscore 1. to emphasize or stress something 2. to draw a line under a word or words 3. to stress 5 GRE Vocabulary Practice here:
  6. 6. (5) burnish 1. to make something brilliant or shiny by rubbing it 2. to polish 6 GRE Vocabulary Practice here:
  7. 7. Thank you Practice here: