People in the street


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People in the street

  1. 1. The girls asked eight important questions to diffrent people in the street. 
  2. 2.  by:Agata Wiś niewska and Kinga Pawlak
  3. 3. How do you access the behavior of young people and children in our country?  I access it positively Good Different Girls behave better Rather good It’s good Children are good It’s getting worse So-so Not bad
  4. 4. Do they respect adults?  Rather yes I think they are not interested in adults So-so Not everyone respects adults It depends on the situation It is differently Most teenagers – yes Not everyone It depends, there is a lack of the politeness So-so
  5. 5. Do they use proper words?  So-so, more teenagers use bad words No Not everyone So-so It’s a massacre It depends on the situation Not all of them So-so It depends what kind of family they come from and what kind of language their parents use Not always
  6. 6. Do they behave proper in public places?  It depends but rather yes. I don’t like young people’s behavior in the bus while comong back from school Yes Not always Some of them – yes It should be better I suppse – yes Yes – especially at the shops Rather yes with small exceptions So-so Younger children yes, the older ones not always
  7. 7. What are the reasons that young people more often turn to cigarettes and drugs?  Too few conversations with their parents Bad behavior. They follow the example of their parents Wrong parents’ way of bringing up Wrong parents’ way of bringing up They have no other interests, no values, parents bring up their children in a wrong way They have no hobbies, no interests The style of life has changed in a bad way. The poverty is blame, too. Children can see wrong examples on TV / the Net Wrong company. Parents are not interested in their children Bad company, bad influence of TV and Internet, parents devote too litle time for their children, easy access to these substances, children want to show of in front of peers
  8. 8. How can we prevent them from these addictions?  Prevention, more hobbies and interests Lots of education meetings eg. in school More lessons about it Meetings Help them to feel more boosted confidence Adults should help them to develope their interests, they should talk to their children Make them responsible for their acts provide supporting of close friends and family Change the style of life, more projects like this one
  9. 9. Do you think that nowadays parents devote their children enough time?  Too little time, too much work – they are not able to do it No They work too much – unfortunately work is more important for them then their children No - Too much work No – they devote too little time They devote rather too little time Too little time Parents are interested too much in themselves not in children Too big attention to work Of course no. They should spend much more time with their children and talk about their problems with them
  10. 10. Does school give their students good training before adult life?  I don’t know how it looks like at school. The 6th class is not adult enough to decide about their life in my opinion No In most cases - yes Partly yes I’m not sure but yes Good The previous system at school was better (8 levels of primary school not 6 ) Good Start to the adult life should be controled mostly by parents not by school
  11. 11. The end