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Teachers Promotional Flyer


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Flyer telling teachings what's available on EnglishCentral

Published in: Education
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Teachers Promotional Flyer

  1. 1. EnglishCentral Introduce your students to a fun and motivating way to improve their spoken English. Watch. Learn. Speak.Choose from our lirary of thousands of Learn the video vocabulary using our Record and compare your speech teacher approved videos. trademark spaced recognition system. to the original. Get a mark. Learn more and try it yourself for free at
  2. 2. EnglishCentralTeachers get VIP treatment with our free teacher tools. Come join the video teaching revolution!Curriculum Classes Reporting Choose from our professionally Design your own class page. Set goals and track your students’designed courses or build your own Enroll and manage your students. learning. Get detailed reports. course with our videos. “Listen in” to student. Learn more and try it yourself for free at