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English central rubric


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A rubric you can edit and use for assessing student achievement on EnglishCentral.

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English central rubric

  1. 1. General Assessment Rubric Student goals and expectations Does Not Meet Partially Meets Full Meets Exceeds 4 6 8 10 Watched some videos and spoke Watched and spoke many Watched and spoke many videos. Also,Participation Watched some videos some videos videos watched and spoke many unassigned videos.Vocabulary Completed all the quizzes and mastered all Partly completed the word mastery Fully completed word Didn’t master many words the vocabulary. In addition, learned new and quizzes mastery and quizzes vocabulary through other videos Consistently worked on their Didn’t work on theirPronunciation Somewhat worked on their weaknesses and aware of A great attention to their pronunciation pronunciation weaknesses. No weaknesses and a little awareness. their pronunciation weakenesses and a lot of practice on this. awareness of their weakness challenges. The effort was mixed. Not Very motivated and put in a Didn’t put much effort into theEffort consistently interested or good effort at learning Excellent high level of effort and motivation. online video component. motivated. online.Points / Very high ranking and point level Low ranking and point level Fair ranking and point level High ranking and point levelranking accumulated.