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Brain drain Causes and Solutions

Presentation about Brain drain Causes and Solutions for BUET English lab

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Brain drain Causes and Solutions

  1. 1. Done by KHAYRUL 201308022 BUET
  2. 2. Introduction: I- Definition II- Push factors III- Consequences Brain drain in Bangladesh Solutions
  3. 3. I- Definition: According to Dictionary.Com: a loss of trained professional personnel to another company, nation etc. that offers greater opportunity. Also known as human capital flight
  4. 4. HISTORY OF BRAIN DRAIN  The term originated about 1960.  In 1960, many British scientists and intellectuals emigrated to the United States for a better working climate.  Its meaning has broadened into: the departure of educated or professional people from one country. Neil Bohr Albert Einstein
  5. 5. Economical factors Cultural factors II- Push factors: Political factors
  6. 6. 1-Economical factors: Average wage in European countries is much more higher than our country Less scope for research
  7. 7.  2-Politic factors: There is no political stability in our country favoritism in appointment and promotion
  8. 8.  3- Social factors: An engineer or a doctor get less respect than so called educated political leaders
  9. 9.  In most cases our engineers or doctors have to look for BCS  And after gaining a vast knowledge about IC Engine, Gear Box and intigrated circuit he has to study about when Karl Markx died, What had been done by Ikhtiyar Khilji riding on horse?  So student feel it more comfortable to appear in GRE test
  10. 10. PULL FACTORS OF BRAIN DRAIN :-  Better economic prospects.  Higher salary and income.  Better level of living and way of life.  Better research facilities.  Modern educational system and better opportunity for higher qualifications.  Prestige of foreign training.  Intellectual freedom.  Better working condition and better employment opportunities.  Relative political stability.  Presence of a rich, scientific and cultural tradition.  Attraction of urban centre.  Availability of experience/supporting staff.  Frequent chances of a lucky break in life.  Allocation of substantial funds for research.
  11. 11. III- Consequences: On rich countries On poor countries
  12. 12. Searching a replacement training him 1- On poor countries: Leaving the Getting New skills local company Exploring other opportunities abroad
  13. 13. 2- on rich countries: Developed country becomes more developed
  14. 14. IV- Brain drain in Bangladesh: Every year 5000 Bangladeshi Students go abroad And 80% or 4000 of them never return and serve there 4 thousand information technologists, doctors, engineers, teachers, researchers, accountants, etc. are leaving Bangladesh as immigrants
  15. 15. V- Solutions: Education Environment • Improved educational system • Creating scope for scientific research • High salaries, equivalent to their specialities • Security, political stability
  16. 16. Conclusion:
  17. 17. Thank you for your attention