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Solarpanels in pakistan

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  • Add-on toolboxes, which are collections of task- and application-specific MATLAB functions, add to the MATLAB environment to solve particular classes of problems in these application areas.
  • Solar panels

    1. 1. Each cell=0.5 volts.
    2. 2. Pakistan is building solar power plants in Azad Kashmir, Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan. The program is under development by the International Renewable Energy AgencyChina, and Pakistani private sector energy companies. On May 29, 2012 Pakistan has stepped ahead by inaugurating the first ever solar power on-grid power plant in Islamabad. The Project titled "Introduction of Clean Energy by Solar Electricity Generation System" is a special grant aid project of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). This project includes the installation of 178.08 kW Photovoltaic(PV) Solar Systems each at the premises of Planning Commission and Pakistan Engineering Council, Islamabad.
    3. 3. A photovoltaic system typically includes a panel or an array of solar modules, an inverter, and sometimes a battery and/or solar tracker and interconnection wiring.
    4. 4. Solar panels are available in the 100 watt and higher range. Solar panels come in many sizes, up 350+ watts. ------------------------------------------------------------------Smaller panels are easier to handle and usually cheaper to shift, while larger panels might be cheaper to wire up and install. ------------------------------------------------------------------Panels in the 100 watt to 140 watt range are the most popular for PV solar systems. ------------------------------------------------------------------Few solar panels over 140 watts are available in 12 volt versions. Most are intended for grid-tie applications, with panel voltages between 22 and 75 volts. Not suitable for battery charging.
    5. 5. 100 W panel = 10,000 Ruppees/ Panel 100 Ah Baterry = 15,000 Ruppees --------------------------------------------------------TOTAL = 25,000 Rs With a total of only five 100 Watt solar panels this Solar Home runs a refrigerator, computer, 27 inch color tv, microwave, various lights, misc devices, and even an Air Conditioner in the summer which will cost One lac. Though the initial cost is too high but no running cost.
    6. 6. The efficiency of the solar panels used in a photovoltaic system, (in combination with latitude and climate), determines the annual energy output of the system. For example, A solar panel with 20% efficiency and an area of 1m² will produce 200 watts of power, but it can produce more when the sun is high in the sky and will produce less in cloudy conditions and when the sun is low in the sky. Mirror increase the efficiency of solar panels by 75%
    7. 7. In Pakistan, we have an average 1200 to 2200 hours of sunshine per year with solar radiation approx. 2000 kWh/m2. pr. Year to 2400 kWh/m2. per year.
    8. 8. Sunshine hours Karachi Sunshine hours Mirpur
    9. 9. Wiring panels in series for a 24V system
    10. 10. Increasing charging current by wiring panels in parallel
    11. 11. Wiring solar panels and wind turbines together in the same system
    12. 12. Angle of inclination of Solar Panels
    13. 13. Heating water Inspecting Camera Powers control
    14. 14. Dishes Tube Wells
    15. 15. Solar II plant, near Barstow California