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Ppt Smart Card

  1. 1. Smart Card Technology By: Deepali Gupta Himani Chandra Divya Shrivastava Jamshed Ali
  2. 2. What is a Smart Card? Standard credit card-sized with microchip embedded on it Two types  Memory-only chips  Microprocessor chips
  3. 3. What is a Smart Card? Can hold up to 32,000 bytes Newer smart cards have math co-processors  Perform complex encryption routines quickly
  4. 4. Introduction In 1968 German inventors patent combination of plastic cards with micro chips.
  5. 5. Construction of Smart Cards
  6. 6. Construction of Smart Cards GND Vcc Vpp RST I/O CLK RFU RFU
  7. 7. Examples of Smart Cards
  8. 8. Examples of Smart Cards
  9. 9. Examples of Smart Cards
  10. 10. Current Applications Payphones Mobile Communications Banking & Retail Electronic Purse Health Care ID Verification and Access Control
  11. 11. Interfaces of Smart Cards Antenna
  12. 12. Interfaces of Smart Cards
  13. 13. Different Smart Card Readers
  14. 14. Advantages Flexibility Security Portability Increasing data storage capacity Reliability.
  15. 15. Disadvantages Security
  16. 16. Why Smart Cards Improve the convenience and security of any transaction. Provide tamper-proof storage of user and account identity. Provide vital components of system security. Protect against a full range of security threats
  17. 17. Future •Health Services •Education •Transportation •Tele-communications