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Ryan khargar, navi mumbai

  1. 1. 1Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbai
  2. 2. Ryan International School,Kharghar, Navi Mumbai“I can, I will and I must be a winner”2Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbai
  3. 3. OBJECTIVEThe objective of this presentation is to bring to thefore front the importance of Future Readiness andValue Centricity in day to day learning curriculum.This method of imparting education is learnercentered and focuses on the potential abilities of thestudents. The various activities showcased in thepresentation render valuable knowledge useful inreal life situations. We believe in creating globalcitizens for a dynamic world ahead.3Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbai
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION• The task of the excellent educator is to stimulate"ordinary" people to unusual effort. The tough problem isnot in identifying winners: it is in making winners out ofordinary people.-K. Patricia CrossScholar, Educational Research• Our school motto – “Excellence in Education” ensures thedeliverance of optimal educational outcomes through useof Best Practices in STEM education, Future Readiness andValue Centricity. The aim is to create a “whole child”; achild with “All Round Development” .4Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbai
  5. 5. Footprints on Future Readiness“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involveme and I understand. “- a Chinese proverbContrary to popular belief that sound knowledge inacademics is the sole objective of schooling, I wouldnow like to show how a student learns throughexperiential training. The pedagogy emphasizes on theindividuals forming their own ideas and assessing theworth of these insights through immediate lifeexperiences. This enables the student to be FutureReady.5Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbai
  6. 6. Leaders in the MakingIndian Model UnitedNations (INMUN)organized by the RyanInternational Group ofInstitutions gives thestudents an opportunityto display theirleadership qualities. TheINMUN opens horizonsfor teamwork, co-operation and mutualunderstanding.6Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbaiATTENDING INMUN 2012 IN NEW DELHI
  7. 7. A World of Scholar’s and Leaders• The World Scholars Cup is aninternational team academictournament.• It attracts what it calls "a globalcommunity of future scholars andleaders."• It promotes in the participantsability to "discover strengths andskills “you never knew you had.“• The World Scholars Cup focuseson bringing students from differentcultures together to discuss issuesand ideas relevant to today and thefuture.• The team events include TeamDebate, Scholar’s Bowl, Collaborativewriting & Scholar’s challenge.7Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbaiWORLD SCHOLAR’S CUP MEET (INDIA ROUND) ATHYATT REGENCY, NEW DELHI
  8. 8. PASSPORT TO EXPLORE SPACE• The Students of our school visited the Space Mission at the Challenger LearningCenter of the Kennedy Space Center at Orlando, Florida .• They learnt to make robots.• They experienced zero gravity.• They also witnessed the launching of the space shuttle.8Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbaiVISIT TO KENNEDY SPACE CENTRE, FLORIDA
  9. 9. Aero space Modeling• The students participatedin the Space-ScienceCompetition organized bythe Student Chapter ofthe Astronautical Societyof India, (ASI_SC).• The students designedRocket Models with detailand intricacies.9Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbaiSELF DESIGNED ROCKET MODELS
  10. 10. Learn Science the Exciting Way• Making Science Make Sense(MSMS) is a worldwide program initiated andsponsored by Bayer India.• Moving away from the traditional chalk and talk method , it’s objective is to makeScience fun for children through experiments which give real life experience.10Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbaiWhat is rotation? Students try to find out…
  11. 11. Health is Wealth• As part of creatingawareness about theimportance of healthcare, medical professionalsvisit the school to interactwith the students.• Dr. Atul Kharat, anOrthopedic byprofession, explained aboutthe various kinds of bonesand joints.• He also explained aboutthe importance of dailyintake of balanced diet, milkand milk products.11Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbaiINTERACTION WITH Dr. Atul Kharat, Orthopedic
  12. 12. Social Service Camp• The students of Std. X attend a SUPW camp every year.• The Social Service Camp brings to the forefront the hidden talents and performing abilities of allthe students.• At the camp, the students learn about team work, co-ordination and mutual understanding, timemanagement and inter personal skills.• Through this platform students overcome their inhibitions and gain confidence.Visit to Aurangabad12Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbai
  13. 13. Visit to the Times of India …• The students of the school visited the Times ofIndia Mumbai office.• Mr. Ryan Pinto, CEO, RIGI along with the luckyRyanites formed the team of guest editors.• The students learned about the media and thepublishing industry.• On micro films, they saw a copy of the firstTimes of India publication (1938).• The students interacted with industryprofessionals and voiced the changes they wouldlike to see incorporated in the newspaper.13Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbaiA DAY AT THE TIMES OF INDIA , MUMBAI
  14. 14. Experiential Learning• “Experience and Learn”, was the aim of this factory visit.• Students were introduced to the functioning , packaging and marketing ofbeverages at Parle Frooti factory.• The students learnt about the food production technology.14Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbai
  15. 15. Stories with musical instruments• In collaboration with the British Council, the school invited Mr. Dave Arthur toconduct an hour long story telling session.• He narrated interesting stories using puppets, musical instruments and soundeffects produced by his mouth, hands and legs.• He encouraged the children to play simple music instruments – likespoons, ribs, and maracas.• Language learnt through such methods has a profound impact on learning andmemorising skills15Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbai
  16. 16. VALUE CENTRICITY“The curriculum is so much necessary rawmaterial, but warmth is the vital elementfor the growing plant and for the soul ofthe child.”Carl Gustav Jung16Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbai
  17. 17. Ethics and Morals• The values(Golden Rulesof life) aredisplayed in theassembly area.• Schoolassemblies areconductedbased on thetheme of themonth17Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbai
  18. 18. Inculcating Values• The students performtheme based skitswhich highlightessential moral values.• The students are thustrained in publicspeaking and dramatics.• Through performancethe students internalisethe moral values.18Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbaiA SKIT BASED ON THE THEME OF THEMONTH
  19. 19. Grooming and PersonalityDevelopment• Students conducting a special prayer on the occasion of Christmas Day celebrations.• Celebrating the spirit of such occasions teach the students to be humble, benevolent, kind and caring.• Confident Montessori students posing with a gesture of Victory after participating in sports day events.• Students learn to accept victory and defeat with a sporting spirit.19Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbaiSTUDENTS PERFORMING IN A SPECIALCHRISTMAS ASSEMBLYV for VICTORY
  20. 20. Language through Dramatisation• The above photograph depicts role play in teaching English through Drama.• This exercise involves the giving over of “power” in the language learning process to the learnersthemselves.• Students are encouraged to explore English through their imagination and creativity.• The students, in the process, critically analyse the drama and are able to relate and comprehendextensively.“Three Witches” in Shakespeare’s Macbeth”20Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbaiParticipants of the Drama Workshop
  21. 21. ALTERNATIVE CAREER OPTIONS• The students have actively participated in a “cooking without flame” activity.• Students learn about new career opportunities in the hotel and catering industry.• The activity enhances skills in cookery along with strengthening the areas of teamwork, presentation skills and creative display.• Students also learn to appreciate the effort that goes into the “art of cookery”.21Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbaiHEALTHY SALADS AND FRUIT JUICES THE TANGY CHAT CORNER
  22. 22. Closer to nature… theGurukul Way• Students go for a naturewalks in a green and friendlyenvironment.• This nature friendlyenvironment without anyexternal distractionsinculcates positive attitudeand channelises mentalenergies effectively.• Students learn todiscover their own potentialsand nurture them creatively.22Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbai
  23. 23. CELEBRATING THE ENVIRONMENT WEEK“Green Earth”• Students learn about the value of planting more and more trees.• Around 2000 saplings have been planted (direct and indirect) to make the surrounding greener, healthierand pollution free.• Tree plantation being done by the students in and around the school premises to create a green wallwith a view to reduce the noise and air pollution.• The Green Initiative of the school is implemented with the motto of “Each one Plant one”.23Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbai
  24. 24. You, Me and the Wild Life• An advertisement campaign titled “Save the Tiger” was conducted as part of theschool’s responsibility to create an awareness about the critical issues of bio-diversity andecological balance.• This pedagogical method was particularly used to establish an enhanced role for pupildiscussion and participation in environmental action.• The need to improve the situation and promote the balanced development ofenvironmental consciousness at the school level is stressed through such initiatives.24Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbaiSAVE THE TIGER
  25. 25. Our World… Our Imagination• The students of the school participate in the International Children’s Festival of Performing Arts.• This platform gives the students an opportunity to express ideas and emotions that they cannot express inlanguage alone ; to exchange cultural notes with participants from other nations like Finland, Germany, Estonia,Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Bangladesh.• This platform allows the students to make connections among the arts, with other disciplines within the corecurriculum, and with arts resources in the community which could be indigenous or folklore.25Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbaiSTUDENTS PERFORMING IN THE ICFPA 2012
  26. 26. “Experience is the Teacher of all things.”Julius Caesar• As part of a cultural exchange program, our students went to Russia with a view to develop a greaterunderstanding of diversity.• These exchange programs assist students to develop positive relationships with others, understand abroader range of perspectives, and develop the knowledge and skills needed for participation in ourmulticultural society.• The participating students performed various Indian folk dances in different cities of Tatarstan likeZelenodolsk city and Buinsk city.26Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbaiCULTURAL EXCHANGE PROGRAM AT RUSSIA
  27. 27. International Connections:LATVIAN STUDENTS COME TO SCHOOL…• Latvian Students visited the school as part of a cultural exchange program.• The students lived with Indian host families where they learnt about Indian culture, cuisine and lifestyle.• They performed traditional East European dances for the school students.• During the stay, students of the school and the Latvian students engaged in brain storming sessionsand group discussions.• The motive behind such exchange programs is to give the students a global platform to exchangeideas and opinions pertaining to global issues..27Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbai
  28. 28. Being a good Samaritan… Save Lives• Ms. Saliee Patil, a student of STD IX made an innovative project onRoad Safety.• The project received acclamation and was displayed in the road safetyexhibition held in Navi Mumbai.• The pioneering work by the student is being explained to HonourableMinister Mr. R.R. Patil for possible implementation in the future.28Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbaiROAD SAFETY for ALL
  29. 29. WORLD FIRST AID DAY• First Aid Box makingActivity was conductedto mark the “WorldFirst Aid Day”.• Students understoodthe vital importance ofadministering first aid inemergency situations.29Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbaiCELEBRATING WORLD FIRST AID DAY
  30. 30. Graduation day• The Children of Montessori III walkedthe stage in their Graduation Gowns andhats to receive their Graduationcertificate.• This transition event brings them tothe Primary section.• The event highlights the studentachievements and hard work during thecourse of the year.• Outstanding students receive specialtitles such as Ryan Prince and Princessfor their remarkable All RoundDevelopment.• The Graduation Day helps thechildren to get exposure to the stage atan early age. It enables them toovercome stage fear and anxiety.• Performing in front of the their ownparents nurtures an immense sense ofpride in the students.30Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbaiWITH THE GRADUATIONCERTIFICATESAN ENTHRALLING DANCEPERFORMANCE
  31. 31. Christmas Carnival“The family is one of natures masterpieces.”George Santayana• The Christmas Family Fun Fiesta was organized in the school ground.• The carnival was organised to provide the students, parents and theinstitution a common platform to interact, spend quality time and revel in thespirit of Christmas.• The carnival staged puppet & magic shows, games, delectable foodcounters and soothing music.31Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbaiENJOYING WITH THE SCHOOL AND THEFAMILY
  32. 32. Thank YouPresentation by:Ms. Sanchayeeta C. MitraRyan International SchoolKharghar, Navi Mumbai32Ryan International School, Kharghar, NaviMumbai