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  • Airports authority of india,kolkata

    1. 1. Engineering Excellence Award 2013 by Engineering Watch on 07 October at New Delhi
    3. 3. AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF INIDA MISSION “To achieve highest standards of safety and quality in air traffic services and airport management by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for total customer satisfaction, contributing to economic growth and prosperity of the nation.”
    4. 4. AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF INIDA VISION “To be world-class organization providing leadership in air traffic services and airport management & making India a major hub in Asia Pacific Region by 2016.”
    5. 5. AIRPORT TERMINAL BUILDING IS AN AMALGAMATION OF •Infrastructure development •Building Construction •Transportation •Tourism •Environment THEREFORE, IT’S ENTRY QUALIFIES IN THE COMPETITION UNDER ALL THESE CATEGORIES
    6. 6. AIRPORT TERMINAL IS AN INTERFACE BETWEEN •Surface and air transport •Rail and air transport •Sea and air transport •Water ways and air transport
    7. 7. AIRPORT TERMINAL BUILDING IS A GATEWAY OF: •The Nation •State •Capital of a State •City
    8. 8. AIRPORT TERMINAL BUILDING SPEAKS ABOUT Development, culture, art and heritage of: • The Nation • State • City • Area
    9. 9. AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA IS COMMITTED FOR •Development of the existing airport as well as construction of new airports keeping in mind all factors stated in the previous slides. •Construction of New Expandable Modular Integrated Terminal Building at Raipur Airport is one such Endeavour by Airports Authority of India.
    11. 11. SALIENT FEATURES • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Project Cost135.72 cr. Date of Inauguration7th November 2012 Date of commissioning11th November 2012 Ground Floor Area 14000 sqm & First Floor Area 4500 sqm. Passengers Capacity – 500 Domestic & 200 International Car Park – 500 Cars and 10 Buses State of the art building consist of steel structure and glazing. Wall Cladding with ACP and SS Vitrified Tiles and granite Flooring Perforated Metal Ceiling System Tensile Structure for Cafeteria in Car Park Hydro-pneumatic water supply system MBBR technology based STP 200 KLD Water harvesting by creating artificial pond. Contd….
    12. 12. SALIENT FEATURES • • • • • • • • • • 100 KWA solar power plant integrated with the main grid. Centralized Air - conditioning with Building Management System. 100 % Standby Power Supply Provision of PBB, (2 at present + 2 in future) Provision of Lifts, Escalators, CCTV etc. Provision of PA system with car calling facility. Flight Information Display System Fire Detection, Alarm & Aspiration System Fire fighting system consists of Hydrants and Sprinklers State-of-art Baggage Handling System Compatible With Inline X-ray Baggage System.
    13. 13. This project is eligible for EEA 2013 because of • • • • • Innovation Operational Excellence Self Reliance Impact Future Readiness
    14. 14. Innovative Project (breakthrough/applied)
    15. 15. •Highly complex geometry of primary roof trusses, having bidirectional curvature, shaped beautifully, with skylight throughout the length provide extremely beautiful view from inside.
    16. 16. The Challenge – A dynamic roof form
    17. 17. The Structure consists of 14500 tubular members The multilayered roof allows good amount of daylight inside the terminal The roof emits light in the sky which makes it visible at night •The curvilinear roof form, spans 120 m. •Maximum clear span of 39 m and a 12 m cantilever at airside creating a unique floating effect The Challenge – A dynamic roof form
    18. 18. The Eye
    19. 19. •Its organic form deriving its genesis from an “avian” is conceived with a sliced dome at the center and multiple wings elevating the roof profile towards the sky give the building a distinct beautiful look.
    20. 20. The form – Genesis from an “Avian”
    22. 22. The Eye Truss
    23. 23. •A green belt with a meanderings water channel lined with glass tiles, flowing water having turbulence created by bubbles, plenty of art pieces around, in the center of building provides the passenger a mood refreshing view.
    24. 24. Bastar Art inside the building
    25. 25. Bastar Art
    26. 26. •Outside greenery, beautiful landscapes, waterfalls and water fountains around the building, in car parking area and along approach roads, provide a perfect blend of beauty of man made structure and nature.
    27. 27. Food Court in Car Park
    28. 28. •Parking cars on green grass, is a unique feature which not only creates a beautiful look but adds to rain water harvesting as well.
    29. 29. Green Grass Pavers at Car Parking
    30. 30. Operational Excellence (time, cost, others)
    31. 31. •The project cost has been maintained within estimated cost by continuous monitoring and taking timely cost cutting measures but without compromising aesthetics and functional requirements. •Lot of space and short travel distance for circulation for the passengers.
    32. 32. View from City side
    34. 34. Efficient use of Daylighting
    35. 35. •All required facilities for physically challenged passengers & mothers with small babies and World class mechanical and electrical equipment. •Use of sturdy and maintenance free materials.
    36. 36. •Power saving by provision of skylight and glazed walls.
    37. 37. Daylighting = Innovative design features
    38. 38. 1 2 2 3 3 Efficient Daylighting 3
    39. 39. Efficient use of Daylighting
    40. 40. Raipur Airport Material Application Glass MAXIMISES DAYLIGHT WHILE MINIMIZING HEAT GAIN AND GLARE Structural Glazing with 24 mm thick double insulated glazing unit of approved make comprising of two glass panel of 6 mm thick toughened NANO SKN 154 (Double silvered, highly neutral)+ 12 mm air gap by a metal spacer and hermetically sealed + 6 mm clear float toughened glass on the inside as per drawing in clear vision areas complete in all respect including periphery sealing, providing smoke seals at floor termination level. Structural Glazing
    41. 41. Self reliance in the chosen sector
    42. 42. •Materials pallet has been optimized to use mostly locally available materials. •An Indian firm has executed the work with Indian expertise. •The consultant is an Indian firm. •Successful completion of marvelous building with most of Indian materials and technologies will generate self confidence in Indian organizations associated in such project in various ways. Even the Indian manufacturers will be inspired to produce indigenous materials which had to be imported. •Display of local Indian arts inside terminal building will generate interest among domestic / international tourists about Indian handicrafts, which will boost local handicraft industry.
    43. 43. CITY SIDE VIEW
    44. 44. View from City side
    45. 45. Bastar Art in Departure Lounge
    46. 46. Art Work in Arrival Lounge
    47. 47. Bastar Art in Departure Lounge
    48. 48. Impacts
    49. 49. •It will add to development of economy of the region, improve connectivity and promote tourism. •It is a beautiful and intelligent building with lot of greenery / plantation inside and outside. It will inspire others also to promote greenery around man made structures. •It is a green building using solar light through glazed walls and skylights to keep the building lighted in day time. A solar power plant of 100 KW has been established on roof of service block to generate solar power. Augmented the natural depression of the site into a natural pond to collect rainwater for rain water harvesting. Sewerage treatment plant for recycling treated water for horticulture purpose has been established. All of these efforts contribute to use of nonconventional means of power and preservation of water resources. Other organizations also will be inspired to adopt such provisions. •The terminal building has come up nicely and inspired State Govt. to make additional land available for future expansion and focus on development of airports in other cities of the state. Successful completion of this project has highlighted the capacity of AAI as an organization to deliver world class airport terminal at competitive cost.
    50. 50. The new expansion plan shall facilitate an area of 25,000 sq.m and four gates catering to the future expanding needs by 2020. New Integrated Terminal Old Terminal Building The Site
    51. 51. Named as the Swami Vivekananda airport, the terminal currently, is in a position to accommodate 1 million domestic and international passengers annually The city side development includes elaborate plans for areas specifically dedicated to a surface car park for 350 cars, 150 taxis,10 buses, 28 V.IP. cars at a distance of 100m from the terminal. On arrival the terminal flaunts a picturesque panoramic lush green city side The Site
    53. 53. Future Readiness
    54. 54. •It is a spacious building with about 26.5 sqm. plinth area per passenger in peak hours. It provides scope to deal with increasing traffic demand for next 10 -12 years or so. •Currently there is no international operation but provisions have been made to start the same without problem whenever demand arises. •Expansion possibilities through modular design. •It is a structure with contemporary urban form. This will ensure that building doesn’t look old fashioned in coming years. •Generation of solar power, rain water harvesting, and use of recycled sewage will help to tackle future needs of energy and water.
    55. 55. Ground floor plan N
    56. 56. First floor plan N
    57. 57. THANK YOU