A novel drip irrigation system


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A novel drip irrigation system

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A novel drip irrigation system

  1. 1. A Novel Drip Irrigation System  What is ‘A Novel Drip Irrigation System’?  What is the purpose to adopt this system?  Is it applicable to the current Indian agriculture scenario?  What are the advantages?
  2. 2. Current Irrigation Scenario In India      In India most of the irrigation depends upon ‘Rain’. Rain is the main source of Irrigation in India, even in this current era of Advanced Technologies. Farmers do not have sufficient facilities for the Irrigation. Some remote rural areas in the country are totally depended on the rain. They don’t have the irrigation equipment to irrigate their farm. continued…
  3. 3. Current Irrigation Scenario In India     Those who can afford such irrigation techniques, are not provided sufficient ‘Electrical Power’ to run those Irrigation equipment. Thus the one who can afford to set up the ‘costly’ irrigation system once at a time, but can’t afford to ‘Run those irrigation equipment’. So the farmers are made to use ‘Diesel’ as a fuel to run the Pumps, Motors and other Mechanical devices. Nowadays prices of crude oil is going higher and higher. continued…
  4. 4. Current Irrigation Scenario In India  Now the govt. has allowed the Petroleum companies to hike the ‘diesel price’ Rs. 0.5/month.  And as the prices of oil in the global market rises, even for the very short period of time, oil companies immediately increase the price of ‘Petrol’ and ‘Diesel’.  Secondly the discrimination of Indian rupee value against dollar also causes the hike in the diesel prices.  The chart of hike in diesel prices in Delhi from 2002 to 2013 is shown. continued…
  5. 5. Raised Diesel prices in Delhi from June 2002 to July 2013
  6. 6. What is required to be done to overcome the difficulties of Irrigation in India?  The methods of Irrigation must be implemented with the technology advancements to make them more effective, cheaper and within the range of each and every farmer.  Methods of irrigation should be simple to use but must be effective enough that the purpose of Irrigation of the farm can be executed.  New techniques of irrigation should not be running on the major ‘Power Sources’ like Oil and Natural Gas, due to their high prices. continued…
  7. 7. Irrigation Methods used in India A farmer setting up the Pump and Generator for the Irrigation Ancient Indian method of Irrigation called as ‘Rahat’
  8. 8. What is required to be done to overcome the difficulties of Irrigation in India?  The Irrigation technique should be suitable to the all fields of the entire region of the nation.  It should be within the reach of the common farmer.  The set up cost, running cost and maintenance cost should be as low as possible.  It should be easy to operate and handle.  It should be designed such that to optimize the use of WATER.  The water should not be wasted in doing Irrigation.
  9. 9. So what is the Solution that matches all those characteristics mentioned on previous slide? Does there any solution exist to incorporate all these mentioned characteristics? The answer is YES. A Novel Drip Irrigation System
  10. 10. A Novel Drip Irrigation System
  11. 11. Working: A Novel Drip Irrigation System  In this ‘Novel Drip Irrigation System’, simple plastic bottles are used.  Each bottle is cut from its bottom and specially designed ‘T –Section’ is attached at its end.  In the cap of the bottle, a small hole is drilled to feed water to the plants and crop. continued…
  12. 12. Working: A Novel Drip Irrigation System  When bottle is cut at its bottom, small plastic ball is inserted in the bottle.  Here this small ball acts as a water regulating valve which does not allow bottle to get over filled.  When water starts flowing through pipes and enters into bottle, but initially plastic ball remains at the cap side of the bottle (i.e. at the bottom from its held position). continued…
  13. 13. Working: A Novel Drip Irrigation System  As the level of water in the bottle rises, ball also comes up with water and when ball reaches to top of the bottle it gets stuck in that ‘Spherical Shaped’ element.  Now bottle is completely filled with water and ball restricts further water entering into the bottle.  The bottle is then held reversely facing its cape to the bottom of the field continued…
  14. 14. Working: A Novel Drip Irrigation System    Using this ‘T Section’ at the opposite end, a number of other bottles made in the same manner can be connected via rubber pipes. Cost to prepare a single bottle is around 9 rupees, but it can surely be reduced if we go for mass production. Hence the entire Irrigation system can be created according to desired manner and one can reach to each and every corner of the field as only rubber tube/pipes are used. continued…
  15. 15. Comparison: A Novel Drip Irrigation Piped Water Drip Irrigation • • • • It’s costly, can’t be afforded by everyone. It has a rigid structure made of metal pipes that can’t be moved easily. • It’s very cheap, everyone can afford it. • For each seasonal crop, appropriate corrections are needed which is difficult High maintenance cost of metal pipes. • It has a flexible structure made of rubber pipes which can be moved easily. Different crop Irrigation can be easily accommodated with different seasonal crops. Very low maintenance cost. •
  16. 16. Advantages: A Novel Drop Irrigation System         A Novel Drip Irrigation is simple to use. It has very low set up and maintenance cost. Running cost is almost zero. It’s suitable for every region farms and crops across the nation. The changes in the position of Drop can be easily accommodated according to the requirement. It is efficient. Water consumption is very low. No mechanical devices are required (except pumps for special purpose to feed water)
  17. 17. Thank You.