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Android Project Presentation


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Description of Android News App Project

  • In today’s Era data security is one of the major concerns while transferring the data through wireless media.Due to the popularity of computer and Internet technology, network communication has penetrated into all aspects of society. Information security issues get more and more attention. Data encryption is the core in data confidentiality, integrity, effectiveness, and network security [1]. There are different algorithm and protocols available to address this issue. Encryption is the one of the best and highly used technology to secure the data. Encryption is the process of encoding a message or information in such a way that only authorized parties can access it. There are many Encryption algorithms available to encrypt the data. Symmetric key algorithms and Asymmetric key algorithms are two types of an encryption algorithm. In Symmetric key algorithms, both sender and recipient use the same private key to encrypt and decrypt the data. In another hand, Asymmetric key algorithms use different but related keys to encrypt and decrypt the message.
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Android Project Presentation

  1. 1. Project Mentor: Mr. Nikhil Debbarma Assistant Prof. CSE Dept. NIT,Agartala Team Members: Akash Bhargava Ashok Kumar Laxmi Kant Yadav Vijay Kumar Gupta
  2. 2.        Project Objective What we learnt? Software Requirements End Users? Context Diagram Future enhancement Reference
  3. 3.  To develop an Interactive Android app which provides :  Latest news updates.  News in different – different languages like English, Hindi Languages.  Watch TV and Play Games option  Using the simple and cheaper android based platform.
  4. 4.   An online newspaper also known as a web newspaper which exists on the world wide web or internet either separately or as an online version of a printed periodical. Online newspapers are much like hard copy news papers and have the same legal boundaries such as laws regarding privacy and copyright.
  5. 5. Technical Learning       Android Programming Fragmentation. Android Web-viewer. Android Canvas Slide Menu SDLC General Learning • Team Work
  6. 6.  Make an Android Package Named- com.example.indianews
  7. 7.  First of all we made a class named- and its xml file splash.xml  Main task of this file is to give startup image.  Made an Java class  According to class we made an android xml file Named- activity_main.xml
  8. 8.  Under we added five buttons which consists of English News,More News,Tv,Free Games and Disclaimer.
  9. 9.  After clicking English News Button it gives us many English newspaper.  After clicking More news button it gives us different language news paper except english.
  10. 10.  After clicking TV Button we got
  11. 11.  After click on Free Game button we got …..
  12. 12.    Professional Office Worker. Android Users Students
  13. 13.     Android version 2.2 and Higher version. Standard Development Kit(SDK) Eclipse,JDK Permissions:  INTERNET  ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE  WAKE_LOCK
  14. 14. Context Diagram
  15. 15. TOI News App Language Supported The Hindu English News BBC More news TV Game Category of News Paper
  16. 16. TOI EnglishNews News App MoreNews BBC Dainik Bhaskar NavJyoti TV Games
  17. 17.  Designing our own Web-viewer instead of using Android provided web-viewer.  listen to the latest news headlines
  18. 18.   