Digital Kids Summit 2013: Michelle Sullivan, VP Digital, Kids & Family, National Geographic Global Media


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Re-imagining Traditional Brands for Today’s Digital Natives

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  • Re-imagining Traditional Brands for Today’s Digital NativesNational Geographic – 125 year old organizationBrand meaning to a grown up vs. a kid
  • 8 year old brand quote: If NatGeo were a person…. “He would be a happy boy who would bring over a cool animal, like a snake or reptile, and he would tell you about his trips across the world, like to Russia or the beach. He’s be someone I’d want to be friends with. He would be fun and tell me all kinds of new things and have the same interests as me>”RELATABILITYFace the challenge of being a smart brand vs. a “school” brand
  • So this is a visual of the full scope of our various products, experiences and media that National Geographic Kids offers…as you can see, we stay VERY, VERY BUSY![MAGAZINES]We produce the #1 Kids Consumer Magazine in the world… and it’s now in 14 languages worldwide!We also have our magazine for preschoolers – Little Kids.[BOOKS]Our Children’s Books group has been wildly successful – we are everywhere from Barnes and Noble to Walmart to Target to grocery stores.And we’ve been able to develop several franchises such as the Almanac (which spent 4 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller List!) and our Weird But True series.[APPS/EBOOKS]Which you can see how we turned Weird But True into an app – as part of our growing Apps & Ebooks.[SOCIAL MEDIA] [GAMES] [WEBSITE]We’ve got an award-winning website, a robust parent community on Facebook and Twitter and you can’t talk Kids without Games…. Our virtual world, Animal Jam more than 10 MILLION players.[LICENSED PRODUCTS]We license National Geographic Kids products… like this cool anteater vacuum toy that sucks up bugs![VIDEO]And of course, we continue to create video – lots and lots of video[LARGE-FORMAT FILMS]Large-format IMAX films[EVENTS]And events like our Giant Traveling Maps and Geo Bee.
  • Success of print – how to keep thtt momentum and translate into digital – for these kids…And how to make a BIG world relevant to each kid?
  • These are all the platforms we want to be accessible on to kids and families.Our goal as the #1 kids global nonfiction content provider is to be THE destination brand for kids and families who are curious about the world, and to give them fun, engaging, educational content that’s available anywhere, anytime all along the learning life cycle: Wonder, Explore, Record and Share
  • Remember – we are scientists and explorers at our core.Innovating.We’re already doing that with a lot of our digital products.
  • Simplify and focus.Working on a new mobile site…Just Joking app, WBTFocus on franchises
  • YouTube Channel LaunchAs a brand, we know we’re not the first to arrive at the party – but we’re pretty confident we’ve got a good idea where the best after party is gonna be – and that’s video – video on non-traditional platforms – in an on demand, ,over the top format
  • MyShotKids as storytellers – making brand connection – by empowering them to be content creators\
  • What do we look like as a total?This is a big promise we’re making – we know that – and it inspires us to action.Next year – hopefully, I’ll be back here sharing some of our successesQuestions?
  • Digital Kids Summit 2013: Michelle Sullivan, VP Digital, Kids & Family, National Geographic Global Media

    1. 1. Re-Imagining Traditional Brands for Today’s Digital Natives Michelle Sullivan, @MSullygal
    3. 3. Mission MISSION To be the #1 global kids brand for entertainment with substance VISION Excite and inspire a new generation of explorers
    4. 4. Learning Life Cycle: Engagement Everywhere!NGK Everywhere
    5. 5. Weird But True FranchiseFranchise Apps
    6. 6. Weird But True FranchiseYouTube Channel
    7. 7. Weird But True FranchiseMy Shot
    8. 8. Sizzle Reel