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Digital Kids Conference ’13 David Baszucki ROBLOX


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Digital Kids Conference ’13 David Baszucki ROBLOX

  1. 1. There‟s no greaterpower in the world thanthe ability to create theworld yourself…
  2. 2. Welcome to the new sandbox
  3. 3. is whereImagination Creativity andExplorationcome to play
  4. 4. The biggest entertainment website for kids isn’t the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. It’s ROBLOX.“With ROBLOX, kids are the “…a staggering array ofarchitects of their own content that would takegames and learn software years to explore fully.”coding abilities that canhelp them later in life.” “…Offers a chance to be unlimited with your creativity.”
  5. 5. ROBLOX is like the doorwaybetween the real world andyour imagination, simplyanything is possible. Justspotting things while walkingto school or going somewheremakes me think, „I wonder if Icould build that on ROBLOX.‟
  6. 6. We have a lot more games than…. 6.9M 120,000 18,000 ROBLOX AppStore Facebook
  7. 7. In 2012• The four top places drew 10+ million plays – The creators included teenagers from Illinois, Massachusetts, and Hong Kong• 149 places had at least 1 million plays• The top 1000 places all had at least 123,000 plays• There are nearly 10 million places on ROBLOX
  8. 8. ROBLOX is #1 in Kids for: Average Daily Visitors Total Visits Total Minutes Total Page Views ComScore
  9. 9. 40 million play hours11 million unique visitors 1.8 billion page views …every month
  10. 10. Building is like a key put intothe lock that holds my ideas.
  11. 11. Since 2003… • Every toy supercategory except construction is flat or in decline SUPERCATEGORY 2011 2003 Action Figures, Accessories & Role Play $1.3 B $1.3 B Arts & Crafts $2.7 B $2.6 B Building Sets $1.6 B $0.6 B Dolls $2.7 B $2.9 B Games/Puzzles $2.1 B $2.9 B Infant/Preschool Toys $3.2 B $3.1 B Youth Electronics $525 MM $0.8 B Outdoor & Sports Toys $2.8 B $2.9 B Plush $1.3 B $1.7 B Vehicles $1.6 B $2.2 B All Other Toys $1.3 B $2.1 B TOTAL TRADITIONAL TOY INDUSTRY* $21.2 B $22.9 BCopyright 2012. The NPD Group, Inc. All rights Reserved.
  12. 12. What‟s so great about building?• Kids want to create worlds, not just pictures• Imagination will not be constrained• Digital building also taps into cooperative play, engineering, physics, and broad creativity in a way not possible with “real world” construction
  13. 13. Digital play is outpacing physical• Building toys +23%• ROBLOX +60%
  14. 14. Digital play is (broad) social play• Physical building is “micro-social”• Digital building is “macro-social”• Digital play moves expands the borders of imagination
  15. 15. Worldwide Playtime per Month (millions of hours) Only 10x to go… 400M 40M LEGO Bricks ROBLOX
  16. 16. … and we‟re getting there fast• “Convergence play” is growing fast -- online branded properties, mobile gaming, online/console videogames, and home entertainment subscription services• Almost 4X the traditional toy market @ $80 billion (2011)
  17. 17. We‟re creating the best virtual building toy…• Collaborative, multiplayer, multiplatform• Hybrid voxel/distributed physics game engine – what you build is what you get• is a social network and user asset marketplace• Fully moderated
  18. 18. …together.• We give our community the tools… they bring the inspiration and imagination. Together, we‟re building something incredible.