EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENTTHE EVIDENCE            A high-level task force of some of the UK’s                                    ...
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Employee Engagement - The Evidence - Infographic


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  • I loved the idea of creating your own ted-x event. I also recommend making your own employee engagement app as tool to share knowledge and pushing a lot of content. there are platforms like http://dronamobile.com available to do that bit.
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Employee Engagement - The Evidence - Infographic

  1. 1. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENTTHE EVIDENCE A high-level task force of some of the UK’s Analysis of the evidence shows that: most recognisable organisations is calling for every leader and manager across the Only around a third of UK employees economy to play their part in tackling the say they are actively engaged at work. UK’s employee engagement deficit. 20 million workers are not delivering their full capability or realising their potential at work. 64 CEOs call on UK to deliver % of people said they have £26bn GDP growth more to offer in skills and talent than they are currently being asked to by better engaging demonstrate at work. employees at work. UK productivity was 20% lower than the rest of the G7 in 2011. STATISTICS AND CASE STUDIES 2.5 12% TWICE NET REVENUE CUSTOMERPROFIT PROFIT GROWTH SATISFACTIONCompanies with Organisations in the top Companies with topengagement scores in the quartile of engagement scores quartile engagementtop quartile had twice the demonstrated revenue growth scores averageannual net profit of those 2.5 times greater than those in 12% higher customerin the bottom quartile. the bottom quartile. advocacy. 18% higher productivity 40% lower 59% INNOVATIONPRODUCTIVITY 59% of engagedOrganisations in the top employees said that theirquartile of employee engagement job brings out their most EMPLOYEE TURNOVERscores had 18% higher productivity creative ideas against 3% Companies with high levels of engagement show turnover ratethan those in the bottom quartile. of those less engaged. 40% lower than companies with low levels of engagement. EFFICIENCY 35% An insurance company found that teams with higher engagement had 35% less down time between calls – equivalent to one ‘free of charge’ employee to every HEALTH & SAFETY eight engaged employees. Organisations with engagement in the bottom quartile average 62% more accidents than those in the top. Full report with references available here