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EFS Wellbeing Thought and Action Group Update


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At this year's Engage for Success Volunteer Open Event our Wellbeing Thought and Action Group gave an update on the work that they have been doing this year. Here are the slides. Get in touch if you'd like to get involved.

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EFS Wellbeing Thought and Action Group Update

  1. 1. Wellbeing Thought & Action Group Charlotte Crowther Co-Chair Natasha Wallace Chair
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Social Wellbeing When I am socially well, I have a sense of belonging and feel connected to those around me. I take the time to communicate, to stay connected and to contribute to the groups I am a part of. I act with kindness and compassion and I appreciate and respect both the differences and similarities between myself and others. MY ROLE
  4. 4. Physical Wellbeing When I am physically well and thriving, I move regularly and manage my energy by taking care of my nutrition, rest and sleep. I understand the importance of physical wellness on my overall wellbeing and take care of my whole body to ensure my performance and long-term health is maintained. MY ROLE
  5. 5. Financial Wellbeing When I am financially well, I have the skills and resources to effectively manage my own finances. I am confident in my ability to financially plan and to cope with the financial pressures and challenges that I may face. MY ROLE
  6. 6. Digital Wellbeing When I am digitally well, I feel in control of the technology in my personal and professional life. My workplace technology helps me do my job and I don’t feel distracted or overwhelmed by it. I feel confident switching off from work outside of hours and manage screen usage in my personal time, ensuring it doesn’t negatively impact my relationships, wellbeing or sleep. MY ROLE
  7. 7. Mental & Emotional Wellbeing When I am mentally and emotionally well, I can think clearly. I am aware of my feelings and feel able to choose how to respond to them. I have the personal resources and resilience to effectively respond to varying levels of challenge and know when to ask for help. MY ROLE
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  10. 10. Defining Wellbeing in the Workplace Assessment Tool Research Business Case Manager Toolkit Project Speak Up Invitation to be in touch
  11. 11. Defining Wellbeing in the Workplace Jan 2020: Definitions published on
  12. 12. Physical Wellbeing We give people the flexibility to work in a way that suits them and provide the space needed to work well as a team or individually. We enable people to manage their energy, fitness and recovery through reasonable workloads, healthy working practices, time for rest and professional support. ORGANISATIONAL ROLE
  13. 13. ORGANISATIONAL ROLE Financial Wellbeing We recognise that most people experience financial stress from time to time. We help to remove the stigma and provide employees with education, tools and support to effectively manage their finances and build their financial resilience.
  14. 14. Assessment Tool Currently: Testing & Developing Prototype 1.0 with an Agile approach
  15. 15. Research What would make the biggest difference to you and your organisation in terms of the link between employee engagement, workplace culture, mental health and wellbeing? [244 open-ended responses]
  16. 16. Business Case Currently: Building a journey where organisations can plot themselves and understand where they need to invest 1. Basic things organisations can/ should be offering e.g. flexible working 2. Advanced/ progressive things forward thinking organisation can be offering e.g. proactive personalised support End of Jan 2020: Test Prototype 1.0 with HR professionals
  17. 17. Manager Toolkit Currently: Reviewing organisations and literature looking at: ● Wellbeing of managers as leaders ● Manager knowledge and education to enhance wellbeing in their team and organisation
  18. 18. Project Speak Up Currently: Getting under the skin of individuals lived experience of work Nationwide survey Academic interest
  19. 19. Invitation To Be In Touch Please email us if you would like to: ● Offer feedback on our prototypes ● Test our outputs with your company / a company you know ● Contribute to our literature reviews ● Learn about our TAG activities and outputs ● Have an idea / suggestion / thought!