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Creating Culture


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In November 2016, seasoned IC experts Gemma McGrattan, Camilla Rigby and Angela Da Silva took to the stage at Bath’s Guildhall to talk about the incredible things engagement can achieve, and how to make it happen.

The second speaker was Camilla Rigby. Her wealth of IC experience at OVO Energy and Dyson made her the perfect person to discuss creating a strong culture when your company is growing fast.

She talked about how OVO – an expanding and particularly innovative energy company – developed their culture as they took a new approach to service. She also talked about the importance of a flexible communications structure and how employee events can reap huge engagement.

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Creating Culture

  1. 1. Camilla Rigby, November 2016 The Power of Engagement
  2. 2. Today I’ll talk about: • How to cultivate a strong company culture • Tailoring your approach • Internal communication when the company is growing 300% YoY • Q&A
  3. 3. Company culture So the role of any internal comms/engagement team is about: 1. Defining the factors that influence the culture (vision, values, purpose, norms, ‘isms’) 2. And then helping people to: a. Understand the company culture and b. Feel part of it
  4. 4. Events
  5. 5. A new way of working Epics Drumbeat Tentpoles
  6. 6. Has it worked?