L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 2
Introduction ...
L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 3
Amazing Power...
L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 4
will generate...
L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 5
Why Facebook?...
L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 6
How to Setup ...
L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 7
selected one ...
L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 8
STEP 5: Edit ...
L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 9
you'll see al...
L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 10
Ways to Prom...
L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 11
Engaging Bra...
Let's Connect - A Small Business Guide to Facebook
Let's Connect - A Small Business Guide to Facebook
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Let's Connect - A Small Business Guide to Facebook


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A introduction to marketing on Facebook and benefits for small businesses. We discuss the questions of what, why, when, and how to utilise Facebook as a low-cost, high-visibility, and customer-engaging marketing channel.

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Let's Connect - A Small Business Guide to Facebook

  1. 1. L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 2 www.engage365.com.au Introduction to Social Media To begin with, what is Social Media? Social Media is a set of tools that promote interaction, discussion and community, allowing people to share information and build relationships. The information world is changing at a speed we could never have imagined before. Let us welcome the Social Media Revolution. People use social media to help shape the world's events, culture and brands. Facebook has taught us new ways to communicate and collaborate through features like feeds, profiles and groups. At the same time, smartphones and tablets provide mobile and instantaneous access to information from any location. Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and many more social network sites have redefined business by adding many dollars’ worth of brand equity by spending only a handful of dollars. Let's stop here for a moment to see how the power of social media (in particular Facebook and Twitter) is used across in Australia. The above statistics tells organisations where people are online so that they will be able to engage with them in an effective way to build up business. These statistics are a revelation for all business analysts and decision makers to allow them to find out where the next big thing or hottest trend will come from. This knowledge can be used intelligently to offer organisations the most up to date and innovative solutions. This is the exact theme of our series of guides on social media. We will slowly enter into practical aspects of social media sites by explaining the actual user tools of three popular sites - Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  2. 2. L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 3 www.engage365.com.au Amazing Power of Social Media We don't have a choice on whether we welcome social media; the most relevant question of the day is how well we do it. There are still many organisations that do not approve the use of Facebook and Twitter - networks for engaging with their fans, and are unable to appreciate the astonishing opportunities in these social networks. Social media has become a game changer for almost all organisations and has changed the advertising and marketing landscape forever. Organisations that were quick to jump into social marketing have made enormous gains. This is only the beginning and the returns are continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Those on the sidelines are unknowingly losing. Which Platform should be utilised and why? We have discovered that social media is popular in the industry because of the exposure that it can bring to an organisation. However, not every social networking platform can complement a brand’s online marketing campaign. You have to select the right platform for your business. You have to take a good look at goals, audience, and capabilities. The 5 Point Selection Norm Stage 1: Set Your Goals You have to define your social media marketing goals, and make sure that it is exact, action oriented, and practical. From your goals, you can select which social network can deliver most of your needs, as well as help you meet your demand for business development. Stage 2: Know Your Traffic Management Capacity: Find out the quantum of traffic that your business is likely to generate. Your selected social media should be able to generate this traffic on your website. You should never be over burdened by huge traffic. Huge traffic
  3. 3. L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 4 www.engage365.com.au will generate more incoming messages than your handling capacity. Wisely select the social media which will bring just the required amount of traffic that you can handle. Stage 3: Find Your Visitor's Online Habits Your visitor's online habits are the key factors in selecting the right social media platform. Visitor's online habits will determine the source of traffic, which will depend on his or her interests. This will also influence the type of content that they’ll read or share. Thus, pick the social network that the majority of your audience use, and to where you can deliver your content for higher traffic. Stage 4: Write Appropriate Content Content matter selection is actually the difficult part of social media marketing. Since the platform you’re trying to use requires interaction, you need to create and find the right content that you can share online. That way, visitors will be compelled to read it, which could boost your website’s traffic. Stage 5: Find Your Best Time of Interaction Social media will bring huge traffic to your business. With many people possibly reaching out to you for inquiries and business interactions, it can be a difficult task for you to respond to each enquiry or messages. You have to establish a time wherein you won’t do anything but interact with your fans, followers, visitors as well as draft press releases or official announcements regarding a new product launch. Now that you are ready with your selection guidelines, which social networks should you use? Facebook and Twitter are the two most often referred to and the statistics we showed earlier show that Facebook in particular is the social network of choice for most people. Working in conjunction with social media, YouTube has become one of the most important advertising tools in small business today. Millions of people visit YouTube every day. To date, there are more YouTube videos watched each month (10 billion) in the US than there are searches on Google. This exposure and speed attract many sales people to uploading small business promotional videos on YouTube. YouTube is the fastest growing site in Internet history, streaming more than 100 million videos a day.
  4. 4. L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 5 www.engage365.com.au Why Facebook? Facebook is the world’s biggest social network. With its 1 billion+ users, Facebook has become the world’s meeting place. But, while everyone knows about Facebook and some small and medium size businesses have taken the first step by creating a business page, many are still challenged by how to maximize Facebook’s potential to build brand loyalty and drive revenues higher. They know that Fortune 500 firms, like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, attract millions of Facebook fans, but beyond posting a status update or asking people to Like them on this mother of all social media, they are confused and frustrated as to how to make the most of this 21st Century marketing phenomenon. Facebook can be a very useful tool for marketers in connecting people to others and brands they are interested in. Brands can use Facebook to directly connect with customers and prospects. It can be difficult to figure out how to use Facebook for business activities. It can also be difficult to convince your CEO to let you incorporate Facebook or a larger social media strategy into your marketing plan. With the right knowledge and metrics, you can prove that it is highly beneficial. The above shows some incredible statistics about the number of Facebook users worldwide not to mention the growth predictions for future years.
  5. 5. L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 6 www.engage365.com.au How to Setup a Business Page Your Facebook business page is essential to your inbound marketing strategy. Here you will share Photos, Blogs, Product Descriptions / Features, Product News, Business Strategies, Business Tips, Your Company's Manpower strengths, and many more ideas to establish a strong relationship with your customers and fans. Your interaction on the social network gives customers the sense that they know you and your business, which can increase loyalty and make them more likely to recommend your products or services. The potential reach of a Facebook page is huge. Facebook studies show that people interact with their favorite brands on Facebook more than on any other social network, are more likely to recommend a brand after becoming a fan of it on Facebook, and are more likely to purchase a product after becoming a fan. Before creating your Facebook Business page, you must establish a personal Facebook profile. The individual in that profile is the creator of the business page. As a result, the subsequent business page doesn't have a separate login from that of the individual user who created it. If you don't have a Facebook account, you can sign up for one in a few easy steps. After you complete the sign up form, Facebook will send an email to the address you provided. Just click the confirmation link to complete the sign up process. Establish your page administration If you have multiple people working on your Facebook business page, you'll need to select admins. To do this, fill in the appropriate data in the 'Edit Page' section under 'Manage Admins. The admins either must be Facebook friends of yours, must currently Like the page or must be identified by the email address they use for Facebook. STEP 1: Create Your Page From your Facebook profile page, click the Pages header in the left-side navigation. Next, click the Create a Page button, and select the type of page from the following six options. • Local business or place • Artist, band, or public figure • Company, organization, or institution • Entertainment • Brand or product • Cause of community This classification will help you rank for more relevant searches and provide relevant information fields on your page. After selecting one of the six, choose the category you're in and fill out your business name (or if you
  6. 6. L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 7 www.engage365.com.au selected one of the other options, your brand or company name). The business option also asks for further location information. STEP 2: Upload Profile Picture Facebook will now prompt you to upload a Profile Picture for your page. This image will appear as your icon every time you comment on a post or appear in news feeds. For Business pages, it is recommended that this be your Company Logo. The ideal dimensions of your profile picture should be 180 x 180 pixels. STEP 3: Upload Cover Photo With the introduction of the Facebook Timeline came the introduction of your best visual advertisement opportunity on your business page, the cover photo. The exact dimensions of this cover photo are 851 x 315 pixels. Be sure to select or design a creative horizontal image that will appeal to users who land on your page. STEP 4: Complete About Section Next, you need to write your Company's 'About' information. This should be a 2-3 sentence description of your Company. It will be on your main page, so make it descriptive and informative. Be sure to include a link to your company website here. Ensure that this information differentiates your brand, making your page even more appealing to potential Facebook followers.
  7. 7. L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 8 www.engage365.com.au STEP 5: Edit Page The 'Edit Page' option in the upper right provides various options. The first option, 'Update Info,' allows you to update the basic information you provided earlier. This will also allow you to enter a description, which is an extended version of the 'About' information you entered earlier. You can also manage the roles of your page administrators, which we have described earlier. The other options under 'Edit Page' allow you to manage your notifications and add page permissions. STEP 6: Build Audience Often, marketers get so excited they started a Facebook page that they invite users right away. But challenge yourself to think about a more strategic method for inviting users. First, you want your page filled with content. Then invite your brand advocates to start engaging with that content. Once your page has some interactions, invite more fans and contacts, and they'll be more interested to like the page when they see the buzzing hub it is. From that point, it's at your discretion if you'd like to use Facebook's advertising tools to further promote the page. STEP 7: Custom Tabs Facebook also allows you to have an endless amount of tabs on your page, although only four are shown automatically by default. Think critically about what you want to display in these four slots, whether it's events, product photos, applications, email newsletters, promotions and contests, product features or on any other subject matters relevant to your Company's marketing venture. STEP 8: Build Content Now you want to populate your page with existing content be it photos, milestones and other links. When posting on your page, use a diversity of content. What images would your audience like to enjoy? What statistical data would they like to read? What links would they like to click? You can also click the little star to the upper right of any post to highlight it horizontally across your entire page. Use this feature for product announcements, business anniversaries, and other major events significant to your brand. Step 9: Monitor Once your page has been up and running for a while and you have accumulated a number of fans, ensure that you're monitoring how they are interacting with your page. To the upper right of your Admin panel,
  8. 8. L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 9 www.engage365.com.au you'll see all the private messages users are sending to your page. Meanwhile, the upper left and centre of the panel shows all the posts users like and are commenting on. Be sure to respond to comments and messages to ensure your fans know you not only care about them, but to avoid the detrimental impact of ignoring them. STEP 10: Measure Your Efforts At this point, you've built and shared a Facebook business page that accurately represents your business. Now you need to measure your efforts to ensure you're making valuable marketing decisions on Facebook. Click on the 'View Insights' option to the bottom-center of your Admin panel. You'll be able to monitor reach, engagement, and the like in order to help you grow and adapt your Facebook marketing efforts around what's working and what's not. Congratulations! You now have a wonderful Facebook business page. Now go post interesting content and build up a dedicated base of your Company fans!
  9. 9. L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 10 www.engage365.com.au Ways to Promote on Facebook You're up the ladder one-step after creating a Business Page on Facebook. Remember, Social Media is a learning process that can grow your business exponentially with a bit of effort. Now is the time to grow your fan base. Before you do however, make your goals clear. What do you want the fan page to carry out for your business? Collecting a large number of fans is not a difficult task, but you have to decide whether you're happy with contacts, or if you want your fans to become customers. Do you want your Facebook page to help you sell more products and services? Having a lot of fans may not boost sales immediately, but it should at least improve the strength of your brand through reputation management, realistic customer support, and the conversion of fans into promoters. Your goal should be to spread out your reach, provide relevant information about your business, influence budding customers, demonstrate that you have the power in your field, and engage fans. Ways to Engage on Facebook If you can engage Facebook fans by getting them involved and talking about your brand, that engagement gets relayed to their friends feeds, so you can actually build more presence in the news feed by engaging your nucleus fans. Engaged fans comment on your updates and photos, tag your Page in their own updates, and visit your blog or website to find out more about you. Everyone wants to be clever and entertaining on Facebook – so give your followers what they want. Post genuinely unique, compelling content that is relevant to your brand or business. Your fans will like it, comment on it, share it – and love you for making them look good. Each time they share your content, their friends will have the opportunity to like your page too. Use Facebook as a means to build relationships, not to promote your product. If your fans like you, business will follow. Make interaction the goal, and don’t underestimate your followers – they like being marketed to about as much as you do. If you’re genuine and give with no expectation of getting, your fans will respond. Here are some ways to engage your fans to your Facebook Business Page.
  10. 10. L e t ’ s C o n n e c t – A S m a l l B u s i n e s s G u i d e t o F a c e b o o k | 11 www.engage365.com.au Engaging Brands and Fans The new world of Social Media may sound scary…but we’re here to help! This guide is designed to help small businesses make their own start on Facebook, but if you prefer someone to do the work for you, we can assist. We specialise in working with sporting and entertainment brands across social media, website design, brand management as well as design and branding. We’re Client-Focussed We understand that every brand is different, so we listen and understand what your goals and objectives are to enable us to find the right solution for your business. You name the budget Big or small, we can tailor our services according to your budget and spread the cost through monthly plans to help ease your business cash flow. Take our FREE Online Health Check Want a no obligation assessment on your current online infrastructure? We can conduct an analysis of your existing online channels and provide you key results and advice…all for FREE! Visit engage365.com.au/freeonlinehealthcheck Contact Us: PO Box 577 Richmond VIC 3121 http://www.engage365.com.au engage365 @engage_365