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Creating a Helpdesk Where None Exists


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Creating a Helpdesk Where None Exists

  1. 1. March 16, 2012
  2. 2. Elizabeth NesiusWriting Center CoordinatorPassaic County Community CollegeCreating a Helpdesk Where None Exists
  3. 3. Creating a Helpdesk Where None ExistsPCCC has found that one of the best uses for lecturecapture software is not to record class sessions but tocreate supplemental videos.This presentation looks at ways to address thegrowing need for technology training through theuse of lecture capture software to create shorttraining videos on specific topics.
  4. 4. About PCCC 4 campus locations  Paterson  Wanaque Academic Center  Wayne Fire Academy  Passaic Academic Center Student population: 9,500 Online enrollment: 2,604 (AY 2009)
  5. 5. About the Writing Initiative 5 Year, Dept of Education Title V Grant to improve writing  Build college-level writing center  Design 20 writing intensive GenEd courses across disciplines (40 course sections)  Incorporate writing, critical thinking & information literacy  Develop and provide online resources for technology and writing  Use ePortfolios 2007-2012
  6. 6. Technology for Students CampusCruiser Portal Web CT/Blackboard Library Databases Online books eTutoring ePortfolios WC Online
  7. 7. Current Means of Tech Support Online Learning Department  Help with Portal, Blackboard, and eFolio  Very small  Open weekdays, 8:30-4:30 PCCC Writing Center  Help with eTutoring, eFolio, WC Online  Mostly part-time writing consultants  Not technology experts  Limited administrative access (for changing passwords, adding accounts, etc.)
  8. 8. Current Means of Tech Support Library  Help with online database and e-book use  6 full-time librarians  The College Experience  First-yearexperience course that includes an introduction to library research  80-90 sections per semester  Composition I and II  Both include required research paper  ≈ 80 sections per semester
  9. 9. What is Lecture Capture? Allows instructors to record classes and make them available to others digitally. Can be very simple to very sophisticated  iPod/iPad recording of a class  Screen capture software with audio  Classroom setup including microphones and cameras to film the class and software that ties into presentation computer  Specialized setup in a dedicated studio
  10. 10. Simple Capture SoftwareBenefits Drawbacks iPad-Style Recordings  iPad-Style Recordings  Portable  Must own separate software  Cheap to edit.  Instant access to video  Gives one view only Screen Capture  Screen Capture  Cheap or free  Shows only what is on your  Jing is free. screen  $50 for Snagit  Not good for in-class capture  Can be annotated  Free versions have time limits  Good for short for video length demonstrations  Can be shared easily
  11. 11. More Sophisticated Capture SoftwareBenefits Drawbacks Store recordings in a  Expensive database  Recording capability not  Can be accessed by anyone portable—can be used only with an account in designated rooms  Share with colleagues without publishing video  Editing limited by what the online product includes Easily embedded anywhere  Usually just cutting of sections Easy to edit  Not able to be annotated Excellent quality  Video not available immediately Has Closed Captioning ability
  12. 12. Echo360 at PCCC Purchased as part of the Title V Writing Initiative  Had funding to purchase several units  6 classrooms (2 on satellite campuses) set up  1 studio, attached to the Writing Center  1 portable unit Some use to capture classes, but far more for short videos  Used for both classes and college-wide training
  13. 13. College Tech Support Videos Using the Portal eTutoring Finding classes Online Registration Online Class Information  Logging in to Blackboard  Using various tools
  14. 14. Program Videos 1st Year Experience research project ePortfolios  Logging in  Adding artifacts  Troubleshooting WC Online  Logging in  Making appointments Individual instructor videos
  15. 15. Saving Time Allows faculty to spend less class time troubleshooting technology issues. Faculty don’t have to know how to use all of the technology their students use for courses. Video needs to be made only once Education Technology Department spends less time training faculty and students Customize to your school, class, etc.
  16. 16. Saving Money Shorten helpdesk hours Less staff Frees up resources Can be used to train those who do provide tech support Do not have to use product company training
  17. 17. Capture Software From TechSmith ( Jing  Snagit  Free  $50  Screen capture with  Screen capture with audio audio  Can be annotated  Can be annotated  Easily shared  No limit on video length  5 minute limit on videos  Storage and tagging  Easy to use options  Easy to use
  18. 18. Other Free Capture Software Camstudio  Open source screen capture  Windows only Screencast-O-Matic  Java based  No downloads required  PC or Mac Blog post discussing many products: g-video-tutorials/
  19. 19. Purchasable Capture Software From TechSmith ( Camtasia Studio  $299  Screen capture, but can capture PowerPoint presentations as well  Can use webcam with it Camtasia Relay  $9,995 for 3 simultaneous encodings, and annual renewal at 25% off  Complete lecture capture software  For use by schools and businesses
  20. 20. Lecture Capture Software Sonic Foundry: Mediasite (  Pricing not published  Setup in a dedicated studio  Live webcast capability Echo360 (  Pricing not published  Setup in classroom, dedicated studio, or cart  Must purchase their hardware  Fairly easy to use
  21. 21. Closed Captioning Institution-level capture software  Contain closed captioning capabilities.  Automatic with video creation SubPLY (  Free closed captioning software  Added onto a completed video  Can also order transcripts
  22. 22. Thank you! Elizabeth NesiusPassaic County Community College