Renewable energy leadership condensed


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Renewable energy leadership condensed

  1. 1. The Journey toRenewable Energy Leadership Presented by: Tier One David Miller, JD, MBA Vice Chancellor Spring 2010 Commercialization & Economic Development From here, it’s possible.
  2. 2. Renewable Energy Leadership Texas Tech University has been a leader in wind science engineering for 40 years • Currently, the only Ph.D. program available in the U.S. is that offered by Texas Tech • The Wind Science and Engineering (WISE) researchers developed the Enhanced Fujita scale utilized by the National Weather Service • Texas Tech has the only university owned 200 meter instrumented tower • Texas Tech has partnered in the development and licensing of one of the most robust work force development curriculums in the U.S. NIRE is committed to: • Developing & operating renewable research facilities • Creating an industry-wide renewable energy consortium in partnership with the Wind Alliance • Providing prototyping and certification services • R&D focus is on introduction of new technologies, reducing the cost of wind energy and developing viable energy storage technologies Primary goals of the NWRC include: • Develop & educate the workforce for the budding wind energy sector • Resolve key scientific issues, including such topics as the impact of wake dynamics and turbulence • Develop new technologies to enhance the American wind energy industry (Storage and enhance performance and reliability) Confidential & Proprietary
  3. 3. Organizational Structure Contract for Research Services/Funding and Industry SLA Consortium Equity Partner Bond holder’s Wind Farm/Facility Operations Academic National Other Fed. Trade Ground (For-Profit) Partners Laboratories Agencies Organizations Leases Power Purchase Services Agreements (For-Profit) Technology CommercializationNIRE by-laws provide for an independent Board and likely include members from organizations such as Innovate Texas Foundation, The Wind Alliance and AWEA. (Members are pre-competitive) NWRC formed under TX law and in compliance with GASB 14 Confidential & Proprietary
  4. 4. Funding & Sustainability PlanInitial Funding Vehicles Annual Wind Farm Gross Revenue• Texas Emerging TechnologyFund (ETF)• Texas Tech University• Industry• Private Development Annual Gross Revenue Annual Consortium from Services to Membership Fees Industry Partners Confidential & Proprietary
  5. 5. Funding Summary and Leverage Initiative TTU ETF Private Initiative TotalResearch Superiority $6.4M $6M $8.4M $20.8MStart-up capital $0 $1M $0 $1MEquipment $0 $.4M $0 $.4MWind Farm (31MW) $0 $1M $47M $48MWind Farm (150MW) $0 $0 $297M $297MBuildings/Campus $0 $0 $142M $142MSource Total $6.4M $8.4M $494.4M $509.2M Confidential & Proprietary
  6. 6. Initiative Supporters and PartnersGovernment & Trade Academia Industry Confidential & Proprietary
  7. 7. The National Institute for RenewableEnergy Confidential & Proprietary
  8. 8. The National Wind Resource Center Confidential & Proprietary